Meanest thing your kid has said to you?

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I remember saying I hate you to my mum as a child and I still feel horrible about it! 

Recently my nephew started saying I don’t like you, and saying no to doing activities together 🙁 makes me sad lol

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I used to teach swim lessons and lifeguard as a teenager and in my early 20’s and on several occasions kids have asked me, “Are you a boy or a girl?” 

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When I first moved in with SO and his DS (6) it would really bother me that he would tell me so-and-so was better at X than me (like grandma crochets faster than you, or my dad is stronger than you, or whatever). They were never really anything big, but it just wore on my nerves to listen all day to how everyone was so much better at things than me, even if I knew in fact they weren’t. One night I almost lost it because we were playing an arcade style video game called Peggle and taking turns, and the whole time he kept criticizing me even though he wasn’t playing any better than me. I stopped playing and left the room. He has a lot of rude behaviors that I’m told he gets from him mother, and I try to combat them as best as I can, but sometimes they just suck and it takes a lot to not stoop to a 6 year old level. 

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Kings7911 :  maybe she was being silly. Anyway, she will “go to the dark side”, but she’ll be back 🙂 I know it’s not super helpful, but it’s the age. I don’t have kids so I can’t answer your question from that perspective, but I can tell you the meanest thing I ever said to my mom. I was older than your SD, like high school age. She was talking about how pretty she used to be and I just very flippantly pointed out that those days were gone. It was vicious of me, and we weren’t even fighting or arguing. Why did I do it? Because I was annoyed by my mother. I was annoyed by everything she was in that moment. I was annoyed that she didn’t work harder to maintain her appearance like other mothers. Stupid, I know, but that was my bratty teenage girl logic. I thought she deserved it. So back to you– your SD is learning how to exist in the world, that’s what a kid is. Someone learning how to exist. She is learning social graces, it doesn’t come easily to anyone. I personally don’t think she was annoyed with you as a person the same way I was annoyed with my mom, I think she just has yet to learn that it’s a bad idea to say nasty things to someone. She’ll learn one way or another. 

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Oh god I still cringe when I think of this moment when I was a child. I was about 8 or 9. I knew at that age that calling somebody “fat” is an insult, but I understood fat to mean large/round on the body I guess. So it completely didn’t register with me as inappropriate when I said to our dinner lady with complete wonder “You have a double chin – oh no wait you have a TRIPPLE chin!!” She told me that wasn’t nice to say and I genuinely didn’t understand why because to me I was just pointing out a feature like ‘you’ve had a haircut’ or ‘you have red hair’. Poor woman. She must have been mortified 😟

Also my mum said that when my sister was really little they went to my mum’s friend’s house and my sister walked in, took one look around and turned to my mum’s friend and went “why’s your house so small?” I imagine my mum wanted to melt into the ground…

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When I was 5 my mom took me to see Pocahontas at the cinema as a treat. Apparently as soon as I the movie ended I told her I wanted to see it again RIGHT NOW. When she said no I told her hated her. 

She still tells me the story and I’m almost 27. Poor momma got her heart broken by me! More than once cos I was the biggest ass hole as a teen… 

I look forward to hopefully having a daughter with sass like mine one day. Not. 

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Yes half the things they say aren’t meant to be horrible  at all, just  honest,  before they understand that  naked honesty is alway socially  acceptable . As in  “your face looks as if its melting”   whilst gently stroking jowls etc .

Once on a bus,  a child in my care said to an obviously  pregnant woman  ” I know what you’ve been doing ” in that carrying 5 year old voice. She meant eating too much , but my explanations were not really taken well…..

And also on a bus with my father at the same age I asked  – in that same ringing tone  -“is that the church  that mummy goes to ? ”   Pointing at a pub.

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When my mom was very young (earlier than school-age), she was throwing a tantrum and my grandmother lightly tapped her on the arm in a cut-it-out sort of way.

But my mom–being the ever so melodramatic tot–cursed my grandmother, saying out loud that she hopes that “the hand that you hit me with gets broken!”

Sure enough, right then the dheki (traditional rice grinding machine) that my grandmother was using came crashing down on her hand and crushing it.

My grandmother died a few years ago at an old age. Even though my mom was little back then and cried, apologized, and blamed herself (my grandmother forgave her of course), my mom still remembers this incident from time to time and cries.

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chrissybee :  That is terrible. And it reminded me of a time a colleague at work confided in a few of us whilst out for a meal that she actually should have had a twin sister, but sadly the twin had died in her mothers womb. She explained that there wasnt enough nutrients for the two of them to survive, then one of our colleagues (who was 25 at the time) declared “so you basically killed your twin”. It was incredibly awkward.

I still to this day can’t understand what possessed her to say it. She wasn’t drunk and she is actually a really intelligent girl. It just seemed to come out then she instantly realised how terrible it sounded but it was too late!

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I was queuing in a shop and a little girl tried to get in front of me. Her Mum said “Come back, this lady was here before us” to which the little girl said “That’s not a lady it’s a girl”.

I’m 30 years old.

I knew I looked young but seriously!!

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At a summer job a decade ago, a kiddo told one of my fellow camp counselors that she had a “booty-do.” She asked him what that meant and he told us it’s “when your stomach sticks out further than your booty do.”

I laughed out loud, couldn’t help it, and then felt bad. I wasn’t a great camp counselor.

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spontoise :  

OMG that’s so funny but so bad. Catchy though lol. Kids say the weirdest things …..


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The twins I nanny for once told me that their night time baby sitter was fun, and then said, “But you are not very fun…” I’ve been their nanny since they were infants and they’re now 4. Granted, I was 8 months pregnant so I probably wasn’t very much fun…haha! But dang those pregnancy hormones made it hard! I told them those words hurt my feelings and we should only say nice things to one another! 

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We were eating at a restaurant and my exboyfriend’s sister’s kid (probably 4 years old at the time) told the waitress she was ugly to her face. The most appalling thing was his parents just sat there and didn’t reprimand him or anything.

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“ugh. you’re not cool.”

-my stepdaughter


“You’re the number one prettiest, mom is number 2 prettiest.” -my stepdaughter, in front of her mother and grandmother at a child’s soccer game. 


“you don’t make ramen noodles right.'” (not mean… but mildy insulting! haha. For the record, he makes them wrong… doesn’t wait for the water to boil.)

-my stepson


“YOUR HAIR IS TURNING WHITE” -my friend’s daughter, upon seeing a gray hair in my 31 year old head.


“I hope I never have those eyebrow hairs like you” -my friend’s daughter, when I was trying to get my brows to fill in.


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