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  • poll: Do you regret your tattoos?
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    I have a "decorative" tattoo and I love it : (62 votes)
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    I have a "decorative" tattoo and I regret it : (30 votes)
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    I have a "meaningful" tattoo and I love it : (120 votes)
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    I have a "meaningful" tattoo and I regret it : (20 votes)
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    @kgirl91:  I don’t “regret” any of my tattoos. My FH (who is a tattoo artist) fixed 2 of mine and covered one. I just wanted better artwork, and my FH is INCREDIBLE. My tattoos are both decorative and meaningful. My sister and I have matching tattoos. We have “my sister, my friend” in Gaelic. I also have a rose and a sparrow on my back and stars on my hips. I will definitely be adding more, starting with a sleeve after the wedding 🙂

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    I wish I could get a tattoo but I have a lot of skin allergies, and most of them developed over time with repeated contact with the substances, so I am pretty sure that even if I wasn’t allergic to the ink when I got the tattoo, I would be in a year or two!

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    @kgirl91:  hey lady! I have ten large and visible tattoos and they all fall somewhere between decorative and meaningful. I think it depends a lot on how into tattoos you are. For instance, I know for a fact that not all of my tattoos hold the same relevance for me now that they once did. That does not mean I regret them or that I would take any of them back. For me, my tattoos all represent different interests or stages of my life, and while my very first tattoo isn’t totally relevant anymore to who I am now, it was once and will always represent a past stage of my life. I have a wide variety of tattoos, with four different script tattoos, and even a large scale portrait that takes up one side of my rib cage. I also think some people take tattoos way too seriously. Yes, all of my tattoos mean something to me, but it’s such a personal thing and I am sure that looking at them, other people might not understand or approve of their significance to me. At the same time, I just love the way they can look, and you only live once. i don’t worry every time I get a new tattoo that it might not mean the same thing in ten years, because I know it won’t. It doesn’t stop me from getting it and enjoying the way it looks. I also don’t worry about getting old, which people always ask me about, especially being a woman. I’m gonna be wrinkly and covered up like every other grandma out there and the only person who will see my wrinkly tattoos will be my husband, who will have wrinkly tattoos of his own!

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    No pic since I’m at work, but I’ve got a back piece that’s very meaningful to me.  It’s a dragon on the lower left corner of my back, crouched and breathing fire.  The fire goes across and up the right side of my back and becomes a phoenix on my right shoulder.  The dragon was always a reminder of strength for me, and the phoenix was because I’ve screwed up a fair amount when I was younger, and I keep getting back up and fighting, even when I’m getting kicked while I’m down.  So together it’s a combination of meanings – strength to stand.  It’s a good reminder for me.  I got the dragon when I was 16, finished the piece about 5 years ago.  I’m 31 now, and I don’t regret a thing!

    I’m adding more after the wedding, still finalizing details though.

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    I only have one and it was a spur of the moment the day I turned 18. Done by an apprentice. And he sucked. Its pretty awful. I’m hoping to get it covered up for my birthday.


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    I love mine! It is small, and meaningful, but also in a place where not everyone gets to see it (my right hip). I had it done when I was about 21 and don’t regret it at all 😉

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    @kgirl91:  I am a tattooed individual (hands, arms, back, chest, neck, throat, sides, etc) and I can say, without a doubt, zero of my tattoos have any “meaning” to me other than I liked them and wanted them.


    When I was young, I thought tattoos had have a meaning because other, UNtattooed people told me so.  The first 3 I ever got had some symbolism to them…and after I got each one I HATED it. Why? Sometimes thing sound really great and sweet in your head but don’t translate well artistically at ALL.  I’ve had 2 of my 3 “meaningful” tattoos covered so far with stuff that I just plain like.


    In my opinion, when  you choose things  based purely on how they will look artistically, you will end up with a tattoo that you will be happier with longterm AND that will look better.  If can combine quality art & meaning, go for it, but in my experience I’ve been far happier with my pieces I selected simply because they look great.

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    This is mine. It’s a wrap around my left wrist – says “Lord, what fools these mortals be” from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Since it’s a play about fairies, there are fairy wings.

    I didn’t get it until I was 33. I have never regreted it. I’m an English teacher. It’s my favorite play.

    It makes me the coolest English teacher on the block 🙂

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    I don’t have any tattoos but I want one (many!) so badly. The primary reasons I haven’t gotten any yet are because I DO want my tattoo to be both beautiful and meaningful— and I have a hard time deciding what would be meaningful for me long-term; and also because I want to get a really big piece on my back and I’d like to lose weight before I do that.

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    I have one decorative tattoo that I totally regret, and two meaningfull ones that I love.

    The one I regret is like a my little pony, I was VERY young, and I just wanted a tattoo cause i thought it was cool. It wasn’t. 

    The ones I love are; A) a symbol that says sister and my brother has one that says brother, we got them together. And B) a gecko for when I went skydiving, there was a gecko on the side of the plane and I loved it. 


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    I have one tattoo that I semi-regret (It was a spur of the moment thing when i was 18)

    But I have one that I absolutely love.  It’s a note my mom wrote me when I was little.  She used to work a job that required her to travel for a week or so at a time and she would write me notes for my dad to give to me every night.  She passed away three years ago.  I got this last year

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    I have a decorative one on my ankle and I love it. 

    And I also have a meaningful one on my back and I love it.

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    I have a small tattoo that I got when I was 19 and I don’t totally regret it, but I wish I didn’t get it.  It means nothing to me and I am now going thru laser tattoo removal and it hurts 100000% more than getting the damn thing and costs 6x more.  My advice if you’re thinking about getting a tattoo… don’t.

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    This is my tattoo, my favorite! It’s on my forearm. I have two others on my back that no one ever sees. They are meaningful, I don’t really regret them but sometimes I wish they weren’t there lol. 

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