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    I have 5- only 1 of which is meaningfull to me…. I had 3 that meant something to me- one large maori symbol for protection with orchids in between my shoulder blades (went on a student exchange program & stayed with the maori for a few nights) & one on each wrist that said “Easy” “Company” (was the name of a friends clothing company our store strated with). I had the wrist ones for 3 years recently got the easy co. wrist ones covered up with a design I picked only bc it was pretty- red bows with orange flowers in the middle. I love it so much more than the meaningfull one that was there. I didn’t hate the script “Easy Company” but more the situation it brought back everytime I looked at it. The tatoo atist was fine, but my Fiance went back a few weeks later to get another piece & some random visiting artist fucked his shit up bad. The shop owner apologized, offered 3-6 free visits to fix it plus a $100 giftcard- then when he takes him up on the offer and goes to get it fixed the owner curses him out in front of customers and threatens to take it outside to fist fight him…. So ya, the bows are soo much better than the memory of that asshole! 



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    I have 9 and I don’t regret any of them. Here’s a quick mash up (sorry for the awful blurry/shiny pictures:

    2 aren’t pictured. I have the nautical star on both of my shoulders. I also have a clover on my foot.

    3 of mine are decorative- the nautical stars and the cat chasing the butterfly. I got the star on my right shoulder on my 18th birthday, I got the other one a couple years later to match. I got the cat because I just love cats…I guess that could be meaningful? lol

    All the rest are meaningful. They represent different stages of my life and things I have been through. The “love” and “hope” are reminders. And the paw print is a memorial. My Fiance and I got matching clovers. We wanted to get tattoos together (he has a sleeve) but we didn’t want our names.

    I don’t regret a single one. There are a few that I wish were a little better, but I would never consider covering them up or getting rid of them.

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    I have one, but I’ve been wanting more, just haven’t forked out the cash for them yet!

    The one I have is a simple butterfly on the back of my neck.  It has meaning to me, but I guess it could be classified as decorative too.  I’ve had it for years and the only thing I regret was the color choices, because the colors I chose tend to fade easily.  I will end up having it redone, but honestly, half the time I forget I even have it until I wear my hair up and someone comments about it. LOL


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    I have four tattoos, and I love every single one. Each of them are a combo of meaningful/decorative. My first three were all based around important times of my life and range from African symbols (translated for me from a dear friend who grew up in Congo), to a symbolic animal, to script in another language. My fourth one started as a small, decorative piece that I got on the beach with Fiance (then SO), and has now turned into a tradition we have: getting tattooed together on every vacation. We’re now at two apiece… his are a part of one of his sleeves and mine are a part of my “charm bracelet” that starts low on my hip and… who knows where it’ll end up?!

    We will continue our tradition on our honeymoon. It’s going to be extra special, because we’re honeymooning in French Polynesia and tattoos are incredibly important in that culture.

    Bottom line is, don’t worry about what other people think about your tattoos, but think loooong and hard about what you want so that you, yourself don’t end up regretting it. 

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    If you aren’t sure- wait six months, or a year, or three years. Don’t rush into a decision that can be very permanent. And DO get something you think is pretty, a friend of mine has (an exceedingly ugly) permanent tattoo of her own initials in big block script across her back. Think about it, wait on it, think long and hard about how it’ll look in 5, 20, 35 years down the road.

    Placement of tattoos: Consider whether or not you want to get pregnant at some point in the future. Those cute little stars on your hip bone? Don’t look like much of anything anymore. Skin (and other things) can get seriously stretched out.

    Finally: Do your reasearch. Go somewhere reputable and make sure you see pictures of their ACTUAL previous work. If they don’t have a portfolio don’t be someone’s practice piece. Make sure they use a brand new needle for you- no one wants hepatitis.

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    I have 3 and I love them all! Technically it’s 4 but one was an add-on to my 2nd one. I have a red heart behind my ear (decorative and 100% spontaneous & I adore it!), my zodiac sign with flowers on my lower back (he only thing I would change about that one is where I got it done. He did a good job but the guy was an asshole and it was also way too small of a tattoo for my lower back), flowers added around the zodiac sign which really completed the tattoo, and a dove with song lyrics on my shoulder. The one on my shoulder is really the only “meaningful” piece and the song lyrics are perfect for the time in my life I got the tattoo and also something that will continue to be true for all of my life. The dove & lyrics are in black & white and the other 2 are in color. I’ve contemplated MANY MANY MANY ideas over the last 5 years so my biggest suggestion is sleep on it. Give it a month or two or three with the idea and see if the excitement wears off. I wanted a cross when I was younger, I wanted the gaelic words “serenity, courage, and wisdom” (still considering this but giving it more time), I wanted a cardinal, “live laugh love”….soooo many different things and the majority of them I am glad I did not get.

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    @Miss Jackrabbit:  That’s so funny because I am the opposite! For me, I didn’t want something just because I liked how it looked. I wanted something that had meaning behind it. I felt like my taste in design changes over the years but the meaning behind something doesn’t. Very interesting!

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    I have one. I got it a week after I turned 18. It’s a more feminine version of the cherubs in the Sistine Chapel. For me, it represents my great grandma because she believed in guardian angels, and now I think she’s mine Laughing What’s also great about it is that it’s on my side so I forget that I have a tattoo all the time lol. I’ve toyed with the idea of getting “I love you” in my SO’s handwriting (after the wedding!) similar to PP above, possibly on my collarbone. 

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    Deinitely don’t regret mine. I got it for my mom when she was still with us- she died of colon cancer this past summer. I would definitely get a ‘decorative’ tattoo as well, just haven’t found one I like yet. 

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    @Brideonabudgetlauren:  Your tattoo is beautiful, what a lovely way to remember your mother. I don’t have any tattoos at this point, but if I got one it would be something very meaningful like yours 🙂

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    I have three tattoos. I love them all and they are all meaningful in a way. I have a quote on my leg which is the most outwardly “meaningful” just because of that the quote is and because it actually says something about me as a person. The other two probably look  like meaningless pictures but they both speak to my passions and interests and anyone who knows me will know why I have them. 

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    I love my tattoos. I have five, two of which I just picked up last weekend. I’m planning on two more pre-wedding. Like PPs have mentioned, think about what you want for a while. I’d always wanted a tattoo but didn’t get my first one until I was 26. It took another three years before I committed to tatts 2 and 3, and now (two years after that) I have 4 and 5. Placement is equally as important as the image you’re getting– my very first tattoo is on my thigh, but it’s larger than it really should have been. I still love it and I’ll be adding to it eventually, I just wish the artist had either suggested better placement or listened to what I wanted in the first place.

    Okay, so, um, image, placement, and make sure you go to a good artist who listens. 😉

    These are my latest beauties, sorry if the pics are ginourmous:

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    @TattedNYBride:  lol perfect response! Love!

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    Am I a weirdo/perv? I was watching a show and this woman got a tattoo of her toddler’s face on her stomach/side. I instantly thought, “What if a man cums on your stomach? He’d cum on the tattoo of your kid!” Since then, I have see women with meaningful tattoos on their stomachs and backs, and that thought always creeps up. Am I a perv or has someone else had that thought? Lol.

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