Measuring 1 week behind in first trimester

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I know exactly when I ovulated and conceived (temping/tracking) and my daughter still measured about a week behind almost my entire pregnancy. She was born healthy and fine, she’s just on the petite side even at 10months. 

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soontobemrsx :  I’m 32 weeks pregnant now, first ultrasound at around 7 weeks baby was measuring I think 5 or 6 days behind. I had a MC right before this pregnancy so I was super worried. At 8 weeks baby was measuring 4 or 5 days behind. At 20 weeks baby was measuring a day ahead and now is growing just fine. Good luck!

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Blushing bee

soontobemrsx :  Totally possible that you ovulated a bit later! I wouldn’t worry if I was you. 

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LMP is only accurate if your cycle is regular and you ovulate 14 days after the start of your cycle.

I got pregnant the same cycle as my best friend. We started our cycle the same day but she’s 5 days behind me because she ovulated 5 days after me.

If you generally have longer cycles then I would expect your pregnancy to be further behind than LMP would predict and your date isn’t that far away from what she measured.

Also, I had bleeding in early pregnancy and had a scan every week from 6 weeks. The dates I was given varied by up to 4 days and I’m 15 weeks now and baby is developing fine. The ultrasounds tech said they won’t confirm a due date until after 10 weeks because it’s much more accurate. This was correct for me as the due date I got at my 12 week scan matched the date I knew I ovulated.

However, if you’re worried I would ask for a follow up ultrasound next week because the waiting is the worst part of pregnancy and they should be able to tell if it’s developing. 

Sorry, you’re going through this worry. Hope everything turns out ok.   

soontobemrsx :  

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I didn’t know until I started temping that I ovulate late, it’s totally possible you ovulate later than 14 days after your LMP which would make you later than expected. FWIW I hadn’t heard of an abdominal u/s being done this early on. I’m 13w and my doctor still does transvaginal. Fingers crossed for you!! 

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That happened with my first. I think we had 3 ultrasounds (the first too early for a heartbeat, the second, too early to give a due date, and then finally the real deal) before we actually knew a due date -which if I had based on my LMP would have been way off. Agree with others- it’s more about ovulation- which can be all over the place. Good luck! 

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I got pregnant by IUI so I knew my ovulation date for sure, and my first ultrasound at 7.5 weeks I measured 4-5 days behind, but they did tell me there was a heartbeat and it was a good rate so they weren’t too worried (I was…) They made me come back in a week later and baby measured right on track for 8.5 weeks. He is now a healthy (huge) 10 month old. 

The transvaginal ultrasound makes sense for your time so don’t worry about that. Surprised she tried abdominal first. Also, based on ovulation tests I ovulated between day 15-17 most cycles so if I were counting off LMP I would have been 1-4 days off the assumption of day 14 on any month. 

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I had my first ultrasound at 9 weeks and they did a transvaganal. Not unusual at all that as early pregnant as you are they used it. 

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LMP calculation can totally be off. I know people who have done IVF and they measured ahead/behind, when obviously with IVF you know the exact timing of everything. It doesn’t necessarily mean anything, so I wouldn’t worry if your doctor isn’t worried. 

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LMP is based on averages but is not particular to you and your cycle. Without knowing when you ovulated it doesn’t mean much.

For ex: I have regular 30 day cycles but don’t ovulate until around the 20th (short LP) so LMP would put me a week behind. Try not to worry about it too much if the doctor doesn’t seem concerned 🙂 

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I am so sorry. I hope you get clarity soon ♥️

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I don’t want to make you sad or even more anxious but I also want to be fair and realistic with you. It’s very normal to measure a bit behind at times. The thing that would concern me is that you only measured a day more from Friday to today. 

I’m speaking from a very raw perspective right now. Two fridays ago, I went in for ultrasound and measured a week behind. Baby looked to be 6 weeks and 3 days not 7 weeks and 2 days. And I knew exactly when I ovulated. I was concerned but they said it’s ok and they saw a heartbeat though it looked like it just started. I left a ball of nerves. Came back this Monday thinking all was well because I’ve had no issues. Unfortunately I was still only measuring 6 weeks and 3 days. Gestational sac grew but baby didn’t and there was no heartbeat anymore. I’m crushed. It’s  my second loss in a row. Tried cytotec and it didn’t work so I had a d&c today. 

My gut was right and I think as mothers sometimes our guts are telling us what our heart and mind don’t want to face. It sucks. I pray SO hard that your sweet babe is just growing a bit behind and catches up at the next ultrasound. But if not please know you’re not alone. There is still hope. You’re allowed to grieve and be angry. Everything you’re feeling now and in the future is 100% valid. 

Crossing my fingers and and toes for you. 

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