(Closed) Measuring big but not showing at all…? Where is the baby???

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Melithehoneybee:  Tons of people don’t really show until 6 months (24 weeks+) or later… 

I didn’t have any round belly at 18 weeks, I didn’t even look pregnant to outsiders.  A lot of it depends on your body, genetics, etc.  I wouldn’t worry.  Baby’s fine.

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Are you tall or especially fit? Either could be the culprit

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I am 15 wks pregnant and just started showing.  Others haven’t noticed yet.  I think with first time mommas, it typically takes longer to show because their ab muscles are tighter, and you do look very fit. I wouldn’t worry though, if the Dr. isn’t worried, it’s all good!  

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I am built like you, and didn’t show until about 28 weeks. I never got huge and round. I gained a whopping 14lbs. This is not a bad thing you’re experiencing. Baby is there and soon enough you will miss your “old” body. 

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urchin:  I agree, OP, if you’re really 18 weeks it is because you got pregnant earlier than you think you did (and baby isn’t measuring big, you were just off on the dates).  At least, it is my understanding that babies don’t measure big (or small) until after 20 weeks (right?).  So I am guessing you ovulated earlier.

I went in at what I thought was 12.5 weeks and it turns out I was practically 16 weeks…because I had gotten pregnant earlier than we thought.  But baby wasn’t measuring big, baby was normal size for 16 weeks.

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The first time around, it can be quite a while until you start showing. I am short, but I didn’t really start too look pregnant unti I was in the 20-week range.

Also, it might be possible that baby is positioned more towards your back than your front. I had an aquantance that didn’t know she was pregnant (and she’s a tiny girl!) until 8 weeks before she had her baby. She always carries to the back and hardly gets a bump!

Have you had any other earlier ultrasounds that showed baby’s size? Is this the first time you’ve measured so far ahead?

Measuring 4 weeks ahead this early on is kind of odd. Is there any possibility you might actually have gotten pregnant the cyle previous to the one you think?

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I’m no doctor, but I figure everyone’s insides are different. You might just have a lot more room in there for the uterus to expand than other mommies, or your baby might curl up into a tighter ball than other babies who like to spread out, your placenta might be smaller, etc. As long as the doctors say everything is fine, I wouldn’t worry. I understand the belly envy, though, I definitely had it too! You will get there–I am 27 weeks now and nice and round. 🙂

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Melithehoneybee:  I am built like you and didnt start showing until I was 29 weeks and even then I just looked a bit bloated. At the time I was immensely worried thinking that their was a problem but these were the reasons:

1. it was my first pregnancy so my stomach muscles were tighter

2. I was slim anyway and definitely didnt eat for two

3. My skeleton… apparantly my bone was longer or there was a biggish distance beteen a couple of my bones (really cant remember now) so my baby grew downwards rather than outwards

I was really worried at the time but after having my son I was immensely happy that I didnt have hardly any weight to lose, within a couple of months I was back in a bikini with no real effort and no stretch marks… You really cant tell that I ever had a baby and people are always shocked when I say. So just think about the positives, you are really lucky to have a healthy baby and also you may retain your figure well. Good luck



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Hmmmm….strange. I’m similar in size to you and was always measuring small. I didn’t really start showing until 24w. Did ultrasounds collaborate an early due date? Fundal height is really not very accurate, especially for those of us who have tighter abs or longer torsos. 

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Melithehoneybee:  I am 21 weeks tomorrow and I still get accused of being thick but not pregnant. I am more too many burritos and not enough baby at this point. I am definitely not showing the typical baby bump that I see on other lovely ladies. So don’t stress! It will pop one day and then you will wish you could still see your feet. 🙂

ETA: After doing a little reading I found a couple of reasons why some pop later than others. One is if you have a longer torso there is more room for the baby to “spread” so it won’t pop out as fast. Also, if you have  stronger core muscles (through exercise and fitness or just in general) then they will also take longer to pop.

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16weeks here and I’m not showing at all. It IS my first. so it’s a combination of being a FTM and I guess the build of my body. 

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I didn’t really SHOW show until I was about 22 weeks. Everyone shows at different stages. And as other’s said, if you are taller, have a long torso, particularly fit, or have an anterior placenta, those all may be hiding the baby.

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It’s pretty common not to show too early.  I didn’t look pregnant until 24-26 weeks, although I definitely felt it.  As long as your doctor says the baby is healthy I wouldn’t worry too much about it.  I was also very physically fit and somewhat underweight at the time I got pregnant, even though I more than made up for that later, lol.

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Melithehoneybee:  First pregnancies take a while to “show.”I started showing around 4 weeks ago and I’m 24 weeks now. They are not kidding when they say you just “pop.” Everyone is different. Don’t worry. You will show soon enough and then you will have difficulty shaving and tying your shoes and you will rue the day you ever complained about not showing  I know I do!

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