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    Sugar bee

    It depends on what the problem is.

    I have an insanely bad back and for a while I was going to a chiropractor. They’d pop me into place once a week, I’d feel good for a couple days, then go back to being in crippling pain. After an ER visit I started seeing a physical therapist. The physical therapist confirmed that my spine wasn’t sitting in place correctly – just as the chiropractor had said. But it was because my muscles weren’t developed enough to hold my spine in place. Several months of physical therapy later and I’m almost pain free…almost. I still have days but they’re far and few between and nothing like they were. 

    The chiropractor wasn’t doing anything wrong and wasn’t wrong about how my spine positioned. It was just a short term solution for a long term problem and I eventually decided I wanted a long term solution and that involved strengthening my body, not just popping shit back into place once a week.

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    Honey bee
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    My mom is a physical therapist and swears by chiropractors for some things. I started going to one about a year ago and am thrilled I did. Fiance has been going for years. 

    You HAVE to do your research and get someone good and reputable. 

    They DO NOT take the place of a regular doctor or an orthopedic specialist. 

    I have a bad knee and have had two surgeries. This has exasperated the fact that my hips are off kilter – they aren’t even  So my one hip hurts. I started seeing the chiropractor and she wiggles things and stretches them and gets things back in place and I don’t hurt. 

    So I have a regular doctor, an orthopedic doctor for my knees (who recommended seeing a chiropractor BTW) and a chiropractor. They all do different things to keep me from being in pain. 

    ETA: I see my chiropractor once every three weeks or so, depending onhow I feel. When I started seeing her, it was more frequent. Now, I’m feeling good and haven’t been pin 3 months or so (but will likely go in the next few weeks)

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    Helper bee
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    The only part of chirporactic that is valuable is for treatment of back pain.  It has been shown to be as effective (not better) than physiotherapy, but patients tend to report immediate relief vs physiotherapy, which takes some time, and in that sense, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to encourage *some* chiropractic.

    That said, pretty much everything else they do is unscientific and potentially dangerous.  You can not cure diseases by manipulating the spine.

    “But I also know people who swear that the Chiropractor changed their lives.”

    Yeah…  Despite conclusive evidence to the contrary, my Mother-In-Law swears that there is something to acupuncture because her mother tried everything else and then felt better after using it.  You will always have anecdotes of people for whom the treatment supposedly worked.  That doesn’t mean it actually does.

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    Buzzing Beekeeper
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    I’ve heard both sides of the story. I myself have a bad back. It pains me terribly but I am increasingly hesitant to visit a chriopractor only because I don’t trust them. The idea of someone shoving around my bones doesn’t appeal to me, nor do I think it would help my problem at all.

    My husband had his back aligned during a massage once, I wouldn’t imagine it was anything like what a chiro would do, but he said he didn’t really feel much difference. He felt great from the massage, and the masseus kept telling him he looked “straighter” (?) but ultimately no change there.

    I think it depends a lot on mind over matter — if someone wants something to work, it will work (Like magnet therapy for example), but if they’re a skeptic there’s a good chance it won’t.

    I’d consult a doctor before doing anything with a chiro. Maybe a referral to a physical therapist would be more benefitial to some people. Dunno.

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    Sugar bee
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    I took a bad fall on ice covered concrete two years ago. From looking at the x-rays they guessed that i herniated a disc. Over several months my chiropractor worked the disc back into place and I did stretches at home to keep everything from tightening up. I don’t need to go back any more for that injury. A few weeks ago my neck went out for no reason with no warning. The chiropractor was able to unlock it and within two days i  was back to normal. So when your bones jam, chiropractors are awesome. When you have a muscle imbalance they don’t address the root cause of the problem. So I voted for happy medium.

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    Bumble bee
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    My mother went to doctors, and hated them. She started going to a Chiro, then a Gonstead-practitioner Chiro (some method certain ones use, I think), and she swears by them. I am more of a skeptic, and generally don’t bother with either. Now my mother is into ‘reconnective healing’ whatever that is. So, not sure what to suggest. May I ask why you want to see one or the other? Maybe that would shed some light on which to go see? 🙂

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    @howtobeawife:  Like you, I’ve heard both sides of the story. According to my mom, chiros will paralyze you lol.

    I think if it’s something that doesn’t involve a significant injury to the spine, then I would give them a try. My coworker went for her hip, another for her knee, and they’re fine. I know they adjust you in all sorts of strange ways… like they may adjust your back to help a problem in the leg.

    I think I would go, ask a lot of questions, do my due research online (for bad reviews etc.), and then judge how competent the chiro is. If they start doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable, ask them to stop.

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    Sugar bee
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    Like anything else, there are good and bad chiropractors. I have been going to mine for almost my entire adult life! He is excellent and employs the most modern techniques. When I first went to him, I literally could not walk. I saw him AFTER seeing MDs, DOs, orthopedic surgeons – none of them helped me!  I could walk again after just one visit, although I needed more visits to completely correct the problem (disc wedges). Over the years he has treated me when I threw out my SI joint, broke my tailbone, popped ribs, had a subluxating shoulder, neck muscle spasms, and more recently – with the after effects of my car accident. He is da bomb! I consider him to be my primary health provider and because of him I can continue the active lifestle I have grown to love.

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    Busy Beekeeper

    I worked for a chiropractor in college and thought she was a quack.  Then I got into a rear-end accident (on my way to work, no less) and she started adjusting me.  I continued to get adjusted for about 7 months and it was the most amazing thing.  I felt SO healthy.  

    When I went home for the summer, she gave me a referal for a chiro in my area.  He was SO different and had a completely different method.  I hated going to him.  If he was my only chiro experience, I would still believe they are quacks.  There are different methods of chiro, from my limited experience.  

    All that said, I haven’t been back to one, since I finished up the treatments my insurance would allow.  But, a friend of mine sees one every few weeks for chronic pain issues and I’d go to hers in a heartbeat, if I was dealing with any pain issues.

    I don’t think it’s one vs. the other (chiro vs. medical).  I think you have to look at your health concerns and pursue the end result that works for your issues.  I also don’t think one doctor is the end all be all… after all – they call it a medical ‘practice’ … and they are just using what they know from experience and trusting it will work for you.

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    Helper bee
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    I work in health care and have first hand experience of dealing with patients who have been life-threateningly injured by chiropractors. I would never recommend one.

    An old university buddy started seeing one a few years ago for back pain. She loves her chiropractor but has to go basically every month. I don’t like to preach to my friends but I don’t understand how people can think that getting trapped in this cycle (pain relief for a very short period) can be a good thing.

    I think physiotherapy is a better and healthier option, and I have mixed feelings about Osteopaths but would prefer to see an osteo over a chiro.


    Just my 2 cents 🙂

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    Helper bee

    I have been going to a chiropractor since I was a baby. The key is finding a good and trustworthy one. Ours is a family owned business and I would never stop going. I finally convinced Fiance a year or so ago after he had stomach issues for 8-9 months with no relief. He had been to many doctors and none could do anything. Now that he’s started he swears by it and has no regrets. If you find a good one, their priceless.

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    Buzzing bee

    I had bad neck spasms recently leading to inability to turn my neck more than about 15  degrees, pain to the point of nausea, and migraines.  I’m employed in the allopathic medical community so I went with the usual treatments.  I tried muscle relaxants, 2 triptan drugs, stretching to the extent possible, heat/ice without any improvemnt.  I tried several accupuncture treatments without success, I had an anesthesiologist friend to trigger point injections that lasted until the local wore off.  I’d been in pain for about a week and decided to try a chiropractor.  After the first adjustment felt 70% better.    After a couple of visits the pain was gone.   

    I think they have their place. 

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