Medication to stop breast feeding?

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If you’ve been breastfeeding for a year you won’t need anything to stop the milk production (though the pill can dry you up) 

im assuming you’re only feeding a few times a day, drop feeds one by one and you’ll be fine. After so long your risk of mastitis is low as you won’t be producing as much.

i stopped at 13 months by which time my son was just feeding morning and night. I stopped morning first, then a week later the night. No discomfort or pain and no issue. We’d already moved son onto soya milk for his day time milk drink so he managed it well too 

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Ah, that’s unlikely to help. I had to night wean at 10 months as I realised feeding back to sleep wasn’t working anymore. I did cry it out which worked for me and took about a week. He still occasionally wakes in the night now, but all he needs is a quick ‘there there’ and either of us can do that. motherbee33 :  

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motherbee33 :  You’re going to need to set limits. If you want to stop, you have a right to tell your son no. He is going to be upset either way.

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Night weaning might make more sense and as you cut back on day time feeds your milk will dry up. You can help it along by drinking peppermint tea every day. Can you get his dad to go to him at night when he wakes?

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Just something to be aware of but might weaning doesn’t always guarantee better night sleep, have you thought about trying Dr Jay Gordon’s night weaning method?

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My baby is 10 months and the frequent night nursing was making me crazy, tired and my back was killing me. My husband started comforting her at night and getting her back to sleep with no boob. After 5 days she was sleeping 7:30 pm – 5 am. I still feed her at 5am then back down until 7am. Can your partner take over for a week? 

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motherbee33 :  how old is he? My daughter is 17 months and at her birthday I weaned her down to just morning/bedtime sessions. I did that by redirecting her to a bottle anytime she asked to nurse during the day. Now I’m getting ready to drop the morning feed (the eventual goal is to be done altogether around her 2nd birthday) and so I’ve started putting limits on the morning session – she likes to switch nurse back and forth and so just this morning actually I said “we’re only having 2 boobs this morning so make sure you drink enough before moving over because after that we’re reading books and getting dressed for school”. She nodded that she understood but still asked to go back for a third time later and I just reminded her about our conversation and distracted like crazy. I have found distraction to be the key to managing the weaning process, but talking to her about it has really helped. Toddlers understand more than we often give them credit for and saying “ok this is the last one for this morning” has helped her mentally prepare for it.

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My second would wake up 2-5x a night until 18mo.  We finally went out of town for 4-5 nights and he started sleeping all night.  Occasionally he will still wake up but I don’t get him out of bed typically. He’ just never been a good sleeper.  He still nurses at wakeup and bedtime and he would nurse dry for an hour or more if I let him.  So even if your milk dries up, you may be still tackling some sleep training.  Sometimes I would send my husband in and he would take him around the house saying “mommy isn’t here” while I hid.  That worked sometime.  It worked even better when we were out of town and my mom did it.  I would try that first because just drying up some isn’t going to mean that baby wants to nurse less.  Like I said, I don’t make much milk at all but my kid would happily nurse anyway for an hour or more at night if I let him.  He is insanely stubborn.  He would throw epic fits if we went in just to pat him or “soothe” him that would work him up even more.  So for the most part it had to be extinction.  But like I said, being out of town really helped me lol.

However, if you want to try to reduce your supply you can try peppermint tea, cabbage leaves in your bra, combination BCP, or pseudoephedrine (sudafed).

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Ugh, been there! I decided enough was enough when I knew for sure she was eating plenty of food in the day thus was waking out of habit as opposed to hunger.

when she was waking I sent my husband in to comfort her and after a few nights of this she was more settled and waking less frequently and now she sleeps through the night.

you need to knock the habit on the head and that should hopefully ensure you all get a decent nights sleep! Good luck!

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