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Sugar bee
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I have a combination memory foam coil bed. I love it! I will never go back. I can finally sleep with out pain. It still have a ton of support but the cloud like feeling.

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Sugar bee
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@MrsLongcoatPeacoat:I don’t watch TV in bed, but I can read in bed.

I love my tempurpedic bed. LOVE it. I actually found I can function on less sleep and feel more rested. If I go to bed at a reasonable time, I don’t even need my alarm every day.


1.  Does memory foam ever squish down and not come back?  Does it take a couple of years, less time, more time?

If you buy a tempurpedic, they have a 20 year warranty. Ours is relatively new, so we have no problems with it, but if we do, we can return it.

2.  Is it weird to sit down on a memory foam bed and watch TV for a prolonged period of time–do you have to hoist yourself out of a giant ditch after concentrating all of your weight on your butt and legs?

No ditch! Also, my hubby can roll around all night without waking me up. Awesome!

3.  After a while of laying on the memory foam, I felt all of my pressure points go away and I felt like I was sort of sleeping on a cloud–is this what you’re trying to achieve?  I’ve never felt that way on a bed before!

Yes. It rocks. No back pain!



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Helper bee
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I’ve never owned a memory-foam bed (I have a pocket-coil one), but one of my best friends worked for a furniture store that sold beds as well, and said that memory-foam mattresses had the highest return rate because people just did not like them after a while.

I have another coworker who had a memory foam top on her bed, and said she hates it. They got a new one just recently.

I think of the people who don’t like it, it’s because they feel suffocated, especially during the summer, and because they feel like they can’t move out of a position at night– if you don’t move much when you sleep, maybe this would be less of a problem.

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Sugar bee
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Tempur-pedic is just pure heaven. No problems, no ditches, no sinking down and not coming back up. No getting disturbed by hubby rolling around or the dog jumping on!

Just a beautiful weightless sleep on a cloud!

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Sugar bee
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@Double_rainbow:Actually I used to toss and turn a lot. Now I am much more comfortable and only move a few times per night now, but I know everyone is different.

We got a firm model, so I don’t sink in much and never feel suffocated. Also, I like it because it helps me stay cool in the summer, but still warms up quickly in the winter.


You know tempurpedic has a money-back guarantee, so you can try it and if you hate it you can return it. I don’t know about the generic brands (if you will) and their memory foam deals.


Also, my parents have a fabulous Duxiana mattress (not foam) and it is also FANTASTIC. I think with mattresses there is really a price point below which you will not be comfortable if you are sensitive; and a price point above which (if you do your research correctly) you will be comfortable regardless of coil/foam/other.

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Busy bee
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I have a 5″ memory foam topper and memory foam pillows for about 5 years now. I agree wtih many of the PPs, it’s the best night sleep I’ve ever had. In fact 5″ topper is way more foam that what I need, could have probably gotten a 3″ topper. The cons are (and I guess it would depend on what part of the country you live in) when it’s warm out/summer time, they tend to retain heat when you’re sleeping and become uncomfortable. I sometimes wake up feeling like i’ve been sweating all night. This is reduced somewhat by doubling up on fitted sheets. I don’t know why, and it’s not 100% better, but that seems to kind of work for me. Same with the pillows, I end up tossing them off the bed and using my favorite down pillow instead.

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Honey Beekeeper
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I don’t own a Tempurpedic yet but there is one at my physical therapists and I love laying in it when I get my stim!

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Bee Keeper

We have a Tempurpedic. I think it’s okay (it would probably be better if we had a different bed frame) but I don’t really get the hype. Fiance, however, LOVES it. He has a really hard time sleeping on anything else. My main complaint is that it doesn’t disperse heat at all so it can get really toasty in bed.

As far as it squishing and not coming back, Fiance has had this mattress for about 10 years and it still pops right back up. They’re supposed to last for 20 years. We only have a queen and we sleep fairly close together, but there is a noticible ditch in the bed when we’re both laying on it. I don’t really have a problem with sitting and watching TV though.

Fiance also LOVES the Tempurpedic pillows. I like them well enough, but I like really firm pillows and it’s hard to keep the Tempurpedic ones fluffed up, if you will. We will probably get another Tempurpedic after this one because Fiance feels so strongly about it, but if it were up to me alone I would probably just purchase a nice coil mattress.


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Bumble bee
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We have one. I love my bed now but I can see why @Double_rainbow said it is the most returned mattress.  First of all, to be able to return it, you have to buy this plastic cover so that you don’t wreck the matress. 

When we got our bed we had the cover, and we were sweating so much but we thought it was because of the nasty plastic matress cover.  We removed the cover and we were still so hot.  I had NEVER had such a sweaty, hot sleep.  Too Much Information: I also didn’t iike the feeling of all the movement absorbed for sex….made things feel more difficult.  But since we had taken off the matress cover, we couldn’t return it, so we were stuck with our hot, sweaty sleeps.

We HATED the matress and resented how we paid so much money for something we hated.  But we are/were poor, so we had to just keep with it.  Fast forward 4 years, and now I can’t live without it.  When I go away to a hotel, I always feel like my spine is not well supported and I miss my matress.  We don’t sleep hot and sweaty anymore at all. (Maybe what helps is that we aren’t in an apartment where we couldnt’ control the temperature….or maybe our bodies just adjusted.)

Good luck making your decision!

To answer your questions:

1. There is a guarantee that the foam always comes back.  The guarantee is pretty sticky, as in, it has to be a certain amount or they won’t take it back. I’ve had no trouble with this on my bed, but for one of us who sleeps close to the edge, there has been a bit of shifting just at the edge of the bed, so it has a bit of a ‘lip’ on the one side now. Not a big deal. 

2. I watch tv in bed, but I usually start sitting and then slowly wiggle down until I am laying down.  I have no ‘ditch’ problems. It shifts with you. I think the big thing is that you are so supported. 

3. No pressure points: you got it!  I also love the way it supports my curves when I sleep on my side. 

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Busy bee
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We bought a tempurpedic a few months ago and so far love it.  We haven’t had the overheating problem at all, and we sleep with a heavy duvet as well.  We no longer wake up with sore backs/necks either.  Fiance is still a bit hesitant since it was quite expensive (we bought a “high-end” model), but it was definitely worth it.

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Buzzing bee
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We debated this when purchasing our bed.  Before buying it, we found out that Mother-In-Law had actually bought us a memory foam topper, so we got a regular mattress and use that on top.  I absolutely LOVE it!!!  I feel so supported and get much better sleep.  Darling Husband has trouble with his back muscles tensing up sometimes, and he doesn’t have that problem with the memory foam.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the pillows.  They are nice to use if I am relaxing in bed on my computer, but they are too high for my tastes when sleeping.  I like my head level with my body and my neck supported, and it just keeps my neck/head elevated too much.  But, other than that, memory foam all the way!!

ETA:  We also had the trouble with the heat retention, but got used to it after awhile.  I still sweat a lot in my sleep, but it’s become normal (although really gross…) and doesn’t really bother me anymore.

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Blushing bee
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Okay, memory foam feels great for sleeping…(you just sink into sleepy bliss)…but not so great for, ahem, other bed activities. Again, you just sink in and it’s not versatile. I totally agree with cvbee. No one ever mentions this stuff on mattress commercials, we know a mattress is for more than sleeping.

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Bumble bee
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Hmmm, I have a memory foam pillow–does that count? 😉

It’s very squishy when you lay down and it molds to your neck/head. It’s a little stiff for my taste because it’s really thick (I am looking for a thinner pillow), but because I was in a car accident I have some nerve damage still and it really really helps keep my neck comfortable and in a healthy position at night.

My mother and stepfather have a tempurpedic bed and it’s awesome. It feels stiff, but in a soft kind of way. I hear it’s great for those with back problems…

Well, hope it helps!

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