"Men Prefer Debt Free Virgins Without Tattoos"

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    Helper bee
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    I haven’t read it, but I’m just jumping in to say that I am the Complete. Opposite. Of. That. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 

    And I still found a man who adores me. πŸ˜‰

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    Bumble bee

    I mean the irony is that assortive mating is stronger in the current generation in any previous generations, which increases income inequality. 

    If you want to marry a college-educated man, your odds are way better if you have a college education than if you don’t.  By avoiding college, a woman narrows her dating pool to mostly men without college degrees, which is not an inherently bad thing, but is a shaky economic position in our future economy. 

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    Her blog is some The Handmaid’s Tale type BS. Scary. Stopeed after the post about women preachers and submissiveness.

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    And women prefer neurosurgeons who look like George Clooney and have giant vibrating dicks.  But this is the real world and we have to interact with other real people and not our wank fantasies from when we were 18.

    Also, this woman is a Serena Joy style nutter.  Which is among my least favorite kinds of nutters.

    If there is a God, I feel kinda bad for him that people like this won’t leave him alone.  Dude goes and creates a whole universe and he has people like this texting him at 3am to get him to tell her she’s a good girl.  I’d be smitey as hell by now.

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    Helper bee

    Just wanna say… I’m a Christian, happened to be all those things when I got married. Virgin was on purpose. Low interest in tattoos. Debt free ’cause I didn’t go to college because I didn’t know what I wanted to go to college for.

    HOWEVER! This isn’t a magical formula for finding a guy, and she’s adding a whole lot of nonsense! It’s absurd, and everyone in my fairly-conservative Christian circle agrees. So please don’t judge all Christians by this article!!

    (Also, I know several young ladies who fit this “bill” for reasons OTHER than catching a man, who are still single and not swarmed by well-educated, ready-to-lead Christian men. According to this, they should’ve been snatched up ages ago. πŸ˜• )

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    I feel like somebody told her about “The Cult of True Womanhood”; and then, without even reading the article, she was like, “YASSS! Let’s all live this way.”

    She is bat shit crazy. 

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    I mean, the only part of that I can agree with her on is the ‘debt free’. 

    I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone (man or woman) who has been like “Oh honey, it turns me on so much that you owe thousands of dollars in loans!”

    But the rest she just sounds like an old-fashioned old bat. I think some men like the idea of virgins, but most people I know prefer their partners to be experienced in bed. 

    As for tattoos, I have 5 and I snagged me a husband juuuuust fine. * shrugs* 

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    Some people don’t like tattoos- that’s fine.

    Ideally we would all be debt free. If I had it to do over again I wouldn’t go to college. I will advise my children not to go to college unless they want to do something very specific that ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES a college degree. 

    Also ideally, we’d all get it right the first time and thus all be virgins when we got with our spouses. 


    So, lets say this was an approximation of an ideal woman. Cool, now lets talk about what you can “afford.” You better look like being an ideal man to be demanding an ideal woman. 

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    Busy bee

    Some men also prefer non-virgins with tattoos. 

    And also, lol not going to college to stay debt free… Ahahahahah 

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    Well I guess I’m a lost cause! πŸ˜„

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    Bumble Beekeeper

    Lunatic is putting it nicely. Every single word I read enraged me including “ It greatly offends working mothers to teach women to be keepers at home”  as a working mother I strongly disagree. If a woman wants to be an awesome homemaker more power to her! You do you mama and be proud of it. One of my best friends is a Stay-At-Home Mom with the nicest home and garden I’ve ever seen in real life. Just because that lifestyle isn’t for me doesn’t mean it’s bad. The problem is forcing women into that lifestyle if they dont want it which this whackjob would do!

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    She is working hard to make cutting off women’s choices seem new, original, and edgy, that’s why she tries so hard to pit women against each other and act like evil feminists are trying to destroy her choices. 

    Nope. No one cares if she wants to limit her education choices, use other peoples photos as her own and only approve comments that make her feel good. (Seems super legit thoug!)

    What they care about is how she is so ignorant that she actually thinks this is an original idea. 

    *Keeping women uneducated and out of the work force isn’t exactly fresh, Lori. *

    I don’t care what garbage she chooses to believe in, but I do care that she’s so divisive and hateful and ignorant on top of it. Because as we can see, that stuff flies off the shelf.

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    It’s offensive that she generalizes men and assumes they are all the same.

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    Bumble bee

    impatient1 :  I don’t think you should make a decision on advising your children about whether college is a good idea until you can properly assess the value of a college degree at the time they are seeking to go to college, in combination with an assessment of the child’s interests and skills.

    Economies can change very rapidly, and also very rapidly by geography.  It would be irrational to advise your child on the worth of a college degree based on your personal experience in the 2010s when theoretically your child won’t be considering the decision until the 2030s. 

    A college degree is also not binary. A degree from Harvard is worth more than most. A degree in computer science is on average worth more than a degree in communiations. Many lucrative professions require at least a bachelor’s, if not a professional degree, to entry. This might all be irrelevant, though, if your child has decided she wants to become a pop star, and is already part of a successful girl band at 16. At the same time, if your child is bright, and want to go to your state university, but has no idea what she wants to do, college even in 2018 is still the better bet. 

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