(Closed) Men vs. Women: "Readiness for Marriage"

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  • poll: In your opinion, what is the age of "readiness for marriage" for men and women?
    Men: 18 and under : (0 votes)
    Men: Between 19-24 : (5 votes)
    4 %
    Men: Between 25-30 : (37 votes)
    30 %
    Men: 30 and over : (20 votes)
    16 %
    Women: 18 and under : (0 votes)
    Women: Between 19-24 : (16 votes)
    13 %
    Women: Between 25-30 : (37 votes)
    30 %
    Women: 30 and over : (6 votes)
    5 %
    Other (explain below) : (4 votes)
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    I don’t think it matters what age they are. I was super responsible and ran my own household since I left for college at 18. We were 25 when we got married and no one batted an eye because we were very responsible.

    Darling Husband said when we were engaged though that he had never dreamed of getting married before 30 and couldn’t believe it was happening so young.

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    If I had to generalize, I’d say most men are ready later than women. But Darling Husband and I were ready around the same time (yay!) and we were younger than most people I know.

    I think men and women want to be financially stable and independent before getting married.

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    I think “readiness” for marriage has less to do with age and more to do with maturity.  On average, I’d say most people are mature enough and ready at 25+.  But of course there are plenty of people younger than 25 who are mature enough for marriage and plenty of people older than 25 who are not.

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    I’d in the most part agree with the marriage correlating with maturity idea – but for me and my SO, it’s the complete opposite. We’re the same age, but I’m much more responsible than him and lightyears more mature. He’s the one desperate to get married, and I’m terrified of the idea and keep second guessing everything (apart from the fact I love him, of course). Maybe it’s also a touch to do with personality?

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    @Petite_Fraise:  I said for men over 30, and women 25-30. This though is just a generalization. Of course there are exceptions and it varies from region to region.

    I think women typically are ready sooner because they don’t necessarily want all their financial ducks in a row before marriage. Men often like to have the career established and/or just don’t feel ready to settle down until they’re at least in their late 20s. Women often worry that they’ll be left on the shelf/be an old maid… even while they’re in their 20s. I don’t think guys worry about that as much.


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    I can only really speak to my own experience and that of close friends, which tends to be women 25-30 and men 30+.

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    Here’s a really interesting article on the topic: Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others

    • Most men who graduate from high school start thinking of marriage as a real possibility when they are twenty-three or twenty-four.


    • Most men who graduate from college don’t start considering marriage as a real possibility until age twenty-six.


    • When men go to graduate school, it takes them longer to get into the working world, and they’re not ready to get married until a few years after that.


    • Ninety percent of men who have graduated from college are ready for the next step between ages twenty-six and thirty-three; this is when they are most likely to consider marriage. But this window of opportunity stays open only for four to five years, and then the chances a man will marry start to decline.


    • A majority of college graduates between twenty-eight and thirty-three are in their high-commitment years and likely to propose.


    • This period for well-educated men lasts just a bit over five years. The chances men will commit are sightly less when they are thirty-one or thirty-two than when they were between twenty-eight and thirty, but they’re still in a high-commitment phase.


    • Once men reach thirty-three or thirty-four, the chances they’ll commit start to diminish, but only slightly. Until men reach thirty-seven, they remain very good prospects.

    • After age thirty-eight, the chances they will ever marry drop dramatically.


    • The chances that a man will marry for the first time diminish even more once he reaches forty-two or forty-three. At this point, many men become confirmed bachelors.


    • Once men reach age forty-seven to fifty without marrying, the chances they will marry do not disappear, but they drop dramatically.

    Definitely rings true with my experiences.

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    Sugar bee

    Women mature faster than Men.  Women tend to have (of course, there are some exceptions but generally speaking) different pressures than men from society and we do have a biological clock that obviously limits us more than men.  As a result, I think women tend to be much more ready a bit younger.  I think men are best at being ready from 30 years old (but only in the West).  I think the more ‘advanced’ the country and the more ‘opportunities’, the longer people should wait.

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    @NAvery:  I would agree with that.

    I think its a fair statement to say that generally men are ready for marriage later in life then women. In my case this wasn’t true, as we were 100% on the same page, in fact he would of proposed sooner if I wouldn’t of told him that I wanted to wait longer. However, looking at the population as a whole, I do think women are generally ready before the man. 

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    @NAvery:  Interesting article!  I find many aspects of it true, both for men I know and for me! Smile


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