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My SO got an engagement watch from me, but we are getting matching wedding bands.  In my work industry though, men not wearing rings is a big thing, so it’s never seemed odd to me.  My Dad hasn’t worn a ring my entire life either (neither does my Mom), since they are both nurses.

I do understand about not being a jewelry person like your SO, it took me a long time to get used to wearing my e-ring, and I still don’t wear it at home, it comes off as soon as I walk in the door.  Maybe your SO could do something simliar?  It would just be something to wear out? 

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There was a thread here a bit ago about this same topic, and a lot of women didn’t have an issue with it. Unless SO really hated wearing one or it was physically uncomfortable for him, I personally would be upset if he chose not to. I know it doesn’t really matter, but I want every other woman to know he’s taken right away. I think he will want to though. 

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@HappyHannah1980:  My FH also never wears jewelry. The only ring I ever saw him wear was his class ring on graduation night. I never really expected him to wear a ring because he doesn’t like the way it feels and he’s never been into any jewelry at all. Since we’ve purchased his ring though, he wears it around the house sometimes to get used to it, but I don’t think he’ll wear it that much. He’s a welder so it’s not very logical for him to wear one. I think he’ll wear it if we go out somewhere, but I don’t see him wearing it at home or anything.

My stepdad never wears his wedding band at home and the only time Future Father-In-Law wore his wedding band was to go to church on Sunday. 

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My husband lost his…luckily it was only $40. He’s not a jewelry guy. He’s a rock climber and engineer. His hobbies and profession make wearing a ring difficult.

I’m okay with him not wearing it. We have a back up ring but I would like him to find the original but that’s because he’s always losing things. Like his headphones so then he buys a new pair. We now have 3 or 4 sets of headphones…they weren’t lost. He just didn’t look hard enough or long enough. Sheesh.

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@HappyHannah1980:  Darling Husband refuses to wear any kind of jewelry. I asked him to wear a cheapo one time ring for the ceremony and he still said no. Eh, sometimes you just have to choose your battles. People tell me I should get on his case and force him to wear a ring, just because it’s traditional, but I wouldn’t want him telling me to wear something I didn’t feel comfortable in either. 

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@HappyHannah1980:   My Fiance initially didn’t want to wear a ring.  He wears a watch and is not a fan of jewelry.   So I asked him how he would feel if I did not wear a ring either.  He said he would want very much to buy me a nice wedding band and for me to wear it, and how much pleasure it would give him to see me wearing a ring.  So I said, he was taking that pleasure away from me, because I felt the same.  He gave it some thought and now plans to wear a ring.  🙂  

Has your SO tried on a wedding band?  When mine did he was surprised that he could get a nicely shaped thin one which he barely felt.  

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My Darling Husband doesn’t wear any jewellery. Never has and really would prefer his views to be respected. It doesn’t bother me at all that he doesn’t have a wedding ring because I don’t feel any less secure not having him labelled as “taken”! Also, he’s losing weight rapidly because of a medical condition and any ring he might have had wouldn’t fit him either. But even without his illness, I’d never have expected him to want to have a wedding ring.

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My fiancé doesn’t wear jewellery, even a watch, but he knows that it is important to me so he is  having a ring. I’m not really a jewellery wearer either and I’ve gotten used to wearing my engagement ring. I think, if you find the correct one that fits properly then you will barely notice it. 

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@FromA2B2013:  ditto. My Fiance doesn’t wear jewelry ever but he’s actually excited to wear his band (to my surprise.) I hope he gets used to the feeling of it being on!

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I am an Encore Bride (over 50) and Mr TTR an Encore Groom (over 60)

He has never been one for jewellery (partly because of his job)

So I knew that he wasn’t going to wear a Wedding Ring.

He does however wear a watch, so we compromised.

He agreed that for our Wedding I could buy him a nice watch… hey another “band” just a different kind.  And a decent symbol if you ask me… still an unbroken circle made of metal (didn’t go with a leather strap kind… went with metal links)… and what better item to represent Forever, and Always, and the passage of time ?

He liked the idea sooo much that he got me a Wedding Watch as well.  Nice Groom to Bride gift.

However, I have to admit that not giving him a Ring in the Wedding Ceremony did bug me a bit, so I found away around that too.

I bought a second WBand… that was the “stand in” ring during the Ceremony for him.

Except, guess what… it fit me.

It is a plain 14 K WGold ring… and matches my “Sparkly” WBand.

So during the Ceremony we told the Officiant that we wanted to switch up the Vows so I went first… I placed the Plain Band onto his Wedding Finger (well up to the knuckle) said my Vow… and then when it was my turn, he took that Ring and my sparkly WBand, and placed both of them onto my Wedding Finger and said his Vow.

So BOTH the WBands that I have were used in the Ceremony and blessed.

The nice thing is I now have 3 Rings in total (ERing & 2 WBands).  I can mix & match them as I wish… 1, 2, or 3 Rings at a time.  So lots of options, which is nice in that stacking rings is such an IN thing right now.

BUT it also means that I am never without a ring… no matter what I am doing.  So never have “empty finger” syndrom to deal with

I rarely take off my Sparkly Rings… but I do if I feel I need to protect the Diamonds in one way or another.  So off they come for Home Renovations – Painting – Gardening – Deep Cleaning – Cooking & Baking (where my hands will get messy) – Working Out / Going to the Gym – Water Sports (like Snorkelling & Scuba) – or if we are travelling to sketchy places (Mr TTR & I are semi-retired and LOVE to travel… and not everywhere in the world is a place I want to be sporting a lot of diamonds in that it would attract inappropriate attention.  A plain WBand which is the norm throughout the world… is perfect in these situations).

AND the other BONUS is I can ALWAYS look down at my hand and see that beautiful plain ring and think of my Hubby… as it is the WBand that I made my Vow to him with as well.  He literally is with me 24/7×365 forever.

Here are some pics…

PHOTO # 1 – My putting the Plain Band on his Ring Finger during the Ceremony

PHOTO # 2 – My 3 Rings on all at once on our Wedding Day

Hope this helps,


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@HappyHannah1980:  My husband loves his ring but he’s not comfortable wearing it all the time.  He is a machinist so he can’t wear it at work & doesn’t want to leave it in his pocket & lose it. it’s worth a lot more than he ever would have paid for it because the materials for our rings were all gifted to us by his family, so I don’t want him to lose it either.

Since he’s a machinist, he’s made a few titanium rings for friends so he’s thinking of making one that he can wear without freaking out about losing it or something happening to it.  And then he’d just wear the fancier one on special occasions.  

Maybe your husband can get an inexpensive one that he can wear for events & things when you would really want him to wear it.  I know I feel a little funny when he doesn’t wear it to a family event or a party or something, especially since we just got married.  And maybe he’ll get comfortable with that one eventually.

My Dad also doesn’t wear a ring.  He has really weird sensitivity issues to metals and I think he just isn’t comfortable wearing one.  My Mom has never said anything about it and I don’t think she’s bothered at all at this point.

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Darling Husband never wore jewelry prior to getting married (he doesn’t even wear a watch). He told me multiple times that he didn’t want to wear a ring and would just get a chain or something. We agreed that he would try it out for a month and if it was really that terrible then we would come up with another solution. He is still wearing it almost two months after so I think he just had to get used to it. 

Does your SO think it will be uncomfortable or can he not wear it for work reasons? If he just thinks it would be uncomfortable it would bother me if he didn’t at least give it a try. 

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