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That review was hilarious!!

I have the one she was reviewing, the larger Diva cup.  It was a little tough to get in the first time, but I’ve used it for 2 cycles now and only had it leak once.  The time that it did leak, I could tell that I didn’t insert it right and it didn’t open completely.  I dont do the weird twist all the way around, that is really hard to do as she says.  It should be able to turn just slightly with ease though, and you can tell (feel and sometimes sound) when it opens it.  It sucks the air through one of the 4 little holes at the top.  I sooo glad I finally took the plunge and decided to try this, and wish I had YEARS ago!  I don’t feel it in there at all and its like I’m not even having a period except for the 2 or 3 times a day I empty it.  Morning, after work and before bed on the first 2 or 3 heavy days.  And just twice a day on light days, morning and before bed.  Getting it out hasn’t been bad for me.  The ‘bearing down’ method works for me, just push in on one side to break the suction and pull it out. It’s a little uncomfortable coming out, but not too bad. 

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I’ve never heard of this…. googling now! Lol

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I have the Diva Cup Level 1. I love it! It rarely leaks and when it does I know I didn’t put it in properly. It’s awesome because you don’t have to think about it nearly as often. I’ve hiked with it in. My period started at the end of our honeymoon (3 weeks) which was not ideal but I apparently miscalculated when I was due to start…anyway…I thought to pack my diva cup and a few pantyliners. This was my saving grace! I would put the Diva cup in the morning and go about my day like normal. HUGE FAN!

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Double post!

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There is a really good livejournal ( http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/tag/buying%20decisions&nbspπŸ˜‰ which has reviews an comparisons of all the different cup sizes, their capacities, price, softness etc. I found it very helpful, although there can be a lot to sft through. They also have a lot of info for women who are petit in that area. 

Personally I purchased a Fleurcup from France because it was cheap (20euro for two) and you can get a pack with both a large and small. Which I did. They are also very soft cups (which is good for my IUD) and my comfort. I’ve used both and not hand trouble with either – no leaking, no discomfort and minimal awkwardness with insertion – but I could just have been lucky!

In saying that there are so many brands to consider in some ways just buying one is easier than searching for your goldilocks cup (as they say in the above community πŸ˜‰ )

Good luck in your search – feel free to PM me for more info if needed. 


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I use soft cup because it’s sits nice and high.  The only time I’ve ever had a leak was when (***Possible Too Much Information ALERT***) I was bleeding clots the size of my fist.

Edit:  You can also get disposable ones for if you’re camping or in a place where you can’t really clean one, which is nice because you don’t have to switch back to pads/tampons.

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I use the smaller diva cup and have for over a year. I love it, most due to the incredibly low maintenance of it all. I can go all day, eexcept for the first day of my period (I have to empty it at lunch time) and I can almost forget about the whole experience all together. I highly recommend it. 

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@BlondeMissMolly:  I use the smaller diva cup also and LOVE it… like other users, I’ve only had it leak once and because I didn’t insert it properly. I literally don’t have to worry about it all day and it’s lovely when I am at work all day and don’t have to run to the bathroom! Just be aware that anything you try will probably take some getting used to because it is new to you. Don’t give up if you have a leak the first time, just supplement with a pantyliner or something until you get used to inserting it πŸ™‚ 

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I LOVE the Instead Softcup (http://www.amazon.com/Instead-Softcups-Feminine-Protection-Count/dp/B000X29GY6).

It took me a couple days to get the hang of proper insertion, but by the end of my first period, I could do so quickly and have no leaking. Now it’s not a problem at all (but you can wear a pantyliner just in case).

Once it is in, you cannot feel it at all. There is also no risk of toxic shock, so you can leave it in all day. If you have a heavier flow then you may need to change it within 6-10 hours, but on my light days I can easily go a full 12 without a problem. I just change mine when I wake up and when I go to bed. Makes me feel like I’m not even on my period!

Cost wise it is also great. I use the same cup for the whole period (even though that is not how it’s advertised). I simply take mine out and rinse it with warm water and soap in the sink, pat it dry, and reinsert. So a single pack will last me a year.

You do need to be comfortable with your body and your fluids though, as you will likely get blood on you. I don’t mind this when I’m home, but some are bothered by this. Also, when you are out somewhere else, a trick I use is to take a plastic sugical glove and use that to take it out. Then, if I want to throw it away (because you’re using a public restroom and can’t rinse it), I just roll the glove up over it, flipping the glove inside out, to contain the cup and the mess. Easy! Then simply insert a new cup and go on with your day.

Also, bonus – you can have sex with the cup in, which is quite unique. It’s not completely mess free, as your partner will likely get a little bit of blood on him, but there is no need to lay down a towel or anything. Very little mess, and neither my partner nor I could feel it.

Anyway, that is my review! I love this thing since I hardly have to change it, I only need one per period, it doesn’t hinder sex, there is no risk of toxic shock, and it just plain feels good (meaning I can’t feel it at all)! I tried tampons again once since I started using the cups, and omg, it was painful. I could feel how much it dried me out. That solidified my decision to use softcups.

ETA: The only drawback I see with the Instead softcups is that it isn’t advised for ladies with an IUD. The softcup sits against the cervix, so it can knock an IUD out of place.

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Love my Divacup! I admit,I saw it first years ago and it grossed me out but after realizing I was going to be on my period for my first half-marathon(which also ended up being the day of my proposal,awww),I bought one and haven’t looked back. Its really not as bad or gross as it may seem. It seriously seems huge but babies come outta there,it’ll fit.lil. No ihave heard people say that it wouldn’t fit for them and I guess that’s just trial and error. They do have shorter brands. I,like many other ladies, found that cutting the stem helps with comfort,like tremendously! I cut it all the way off. I say go for it! The first day I was super nervous but I haven’t had a leak yet and I wear a panty liner just in case.better safe than sorry πŸ˜‰

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I just want to comment so I can remember to come back and read through all of this!  Very interesting!

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I used the instead cup once.  I thought i was going to have to go to the dr to have it removed.  I couldn’t get my finger to grip on the lip of the cup even when I beared down.  I was so exhausted and sore when I finally did get it out that I thought I would pass out.  I never used it again.   

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I love my DivaCup (not as much as I love not having a period while being pregnant, though :P).  I have the first size and it fits perfectly (of course, it took a couple sessions to get the hang out how to make it so that it was fitting correctly).  I’m not happy about having to buy a new one once I have this baby, though 😐  I pair the Diva Cup with cloth pads (I use the Luna Pads brand), also.

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