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I use the size 2 Divacup and love it.

Also, I’ve never had any infections and my OB/GYN has never mentioned anything negative about menstrual cups, nor have my doula and midwife friends.

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@Lady_4Eyes:  I know about TSS. I guess that I consider myself fortunate to not have to use any of them anymore. I had a partial hystrectomy when I was 22. But 
I would def have an issue with putting something like that that is reused into my body. The disposable ones, perhaps. Like I said, I’m not knocking it though, just skeptical of the sanitation of it that’s all.  I have heard from several docs about this. I am glad to hear that none of you have had issues. And if it works for you, then great.








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@BlondeMissMolly:  I use SoftCup! It only comes in one size, and it’s disposable.

The cleaning/reusing thing was a little skeevy for me… I’m just not that fast!

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I use the Diva Cup and it has changed my life for the better (sounds like an exaggeration, but seriously this thing has made my period SO much more bearable).

I have the smaller size (for under 30 or pre-kids) and it fits fine.  It is very flexible so I think that even if you were smaller, it just wouldn’t open all the way and it wouldn’t hurt at all.  I think it is supposed to be bigger than your canal so that it applies some pressure to the walls to get a good suction. 

It is super easy to use and is basically the best thing ever.  I recommend it to everyone.

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Just wanted to add that the reason I love it so it the “Insert it and forget it” feature.  My periods are heavy enough that I would have to change a tampon multiple times during a workday and I’m a teacher so it’s hard to get out of my classroom to do that.  I would have leaking episodes frequently and it was just super annoying.  The diva cup lasts me the entire workday, except for on my heaviest day when I only have to empty it once at lunchtime.  It’s also great for overnight.  I would leak while sleeping all the time but with the diva cup it lasts me all night and I don’t have to worry about those horrendous “overnight” pads.

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I used the small diva cup & hated it. I followed all the directions, and tried several attempts, but it was painful & leaked like crazy.

I would never recommend one after my experience.

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@bowsergirl:  +1


I love, love, love Instead Softcups. I currently have a mirena IUD (and haven’t menstrated for 5 years!), but previously these were the only things I’d use. I never liked tampons (I found they irritated my delicate insides) and no one wants to wear a diaper… Softcups are super comfy, you can do all sorts of athletic activities with no problems, they can stay in all day, I would rinse and reuse them, and you can even wear them for intercourse. Perfect all around.

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I used the Lunette cup for about 6 months (I’m pregnant now,) and I LOVED it! I ended up going with the larger size even though I’ve never given birth, since when I looked at the actual measurements they seemed very similar, and it has worked out fine for me. I often have to use some ky lube to help insert, but I have heard coconut oil is also really helpful for that.

I got it on sale online, I’m not sure it would be cost-effective to pay full price compared to tampons, since technically you’re only supposed to use it for a year. 

My absolute favorite thing about it is being able to keep it in longer than a tampon. I HATE having to change tampons in a public bathroom in the middle of the day when I’ve had them in for 8 hours, but with being able to wear a cup for 12 hours I can always manage to change it at home. I boil mine every other time I take it out, otherwise I just rinse it really well and I’ve never had a problem.

I’ve also never had a problem being uncomfortable with putting it in or anything; but I’m pretty comfortable with myself “up there” as I’ve been checking my cervix as a part of charting for a long time. and I’ve never had leaking or anything, but I dont have a particularly heavy period; I can wear a super tampon for 8 hours even on my heaviest day.

I did use a Instead softcup once or twice, as I wanted to try out the claim that you can use it during sex. 😉  That didn’t go over super well, but that’s the best option if you like the idea of a cup but want a disposable one, or just want to try out the idea without committing to buying a permanent one, but keep in mind that the softcup is meant to fit VERY differently from the other kin of “plunger” type cups. 

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I’m over 30 and have not had a child, and I bought the Divacup small out of concern about my small anatomy.  I love it!  It fits perfectly.  I just had to trim the stem.  I’ve never had a problem with it, and I boil it before every cycle.

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I have the small Divacup as well and I LOVE it!  The first month I had a few problems trying to remove it (I just couldn’t seem to get it out a few times) but after a few tries I figured it out after that and I’ve never had a problem removing it since.  I had one or two leaks in the beginning because I didn’t get it fully opened.  I rarely ever get any leaks now.

It looks kind of big (compared to tampons) but I can’t feel it at all.

I used tampons before and I think they are so much better than tampons.  After my period I would also feel really dry down there because of the tampons.  I don’t have that issue at all any more.  And I can leave them in waaaay longer.  I don’t have heavy periods so I leave mine in the maximum amount of time.

I’ve never made a mess removing mine and emptying it. Unless you drop it I don’t see how you could spill it everywhere.

I boil it in water at the end of every period.  Otherwise I just rinse it out really well (water only) before I re-insert it during my period.

Oh, and I never have to spend $ on tampons!

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I’m a small person (under 30, no kids) using a small Diva, too. It took about 2 cycles to really be comfortable with it, but now I’m hooked. The width hasn’t been a problem, but I was definitely worried about it. I’d like to maybe try one in the future that’s a bit softer and shorter, and I had to totally cut off the stem, but otherwise I have no complaints. I’d just second the suggestion to avoid anti-bacterial soap, as it kills off good bacteria in your system, which can leads to yeast infections, etc.




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I’ve never heard of these before, so I’m commenting to be able to come back and read everything later.

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i can’t wait to buy my Diva cup 🙂 just my last cycle I tried the soft cups. I had a few issues trying to make it work- but I love the concept and I’m not giving up on menstrual cups! Hooray for no tampons, being able to leave it in so long, no odor, saving money, and being environmentally friendly! I am so sad I never heard of these before recently. 

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Diva cup 2 (I’m over 30).

I’m going into my 4th cycle on it and I love it to death.  My periods are very heavy and I normally use a super tampon and pad together. I do have to empty it a bit more often during cycle days 1 and 2 but its waaay better than having to deal with pads and tampons, worrying about leaks, ruined clothes and bed sheets, etc. 

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