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theEguarantee:  hey girl! i have totally totally been there!! 🙂 there’s hope my dear. 

–purge your fridge/pantry. if it’s not there, you’ll be less likely to eat it

–you can still have something sweet but you need to change your idea of what that sweet should be. my favorite go to dessert when i just have to have something or i will die omg is to make ice cream. what!? ice cream!? get out of here with that sorcery! but seriously: take 1-2 ripe bananas, PLAIN greek yogurt, and 2 tbs of PB2 (powdered peanut butter). mix together with a blender, or a stick blender, and put in the freezer for 30-45 minutes…or eat it right then if you can’t wait. it’s so yummy! and it will actually keep you full too. plus even if you eat the entire bowl, all you’ve consumed is (at most) 2 bananas [200 cals], 2 tbs of PB2 [45 cals] and 1/2 cup of greek yogurt [less than 100 cals]. plus it’s all protein and filling ingredients which means you won’t be reaching for more in an hour.

–cut out as much processed sugar and added sugar as you can. that’s probably part of the reason you can’t stop. sugar is an addiction; trust me, it happened to me too. once you cut it out, it will feel like a hangover at first. it sucks. but once you make it through a couple of days you will feel so much better, and can start moving forward. 

–read your labels; if you don’t know what half the stuff is, skip it. if it’s marked as diet ANYTHING skip it. shop the edges of your grocery store. fruits, veggies, whole grains, good dairy. shop with a list! don’t buy anything that’s not on that list. meal plan for the week so that you know exactly what you’re having for dinner and can get excited about it, and only put those things you’ll need for your meal plan on your grocery list. if you’re ever at a loss for recipes please pm me; i will be happy to send you my weekly meal plans and/or recipes. i promise i don’t eat boring meals!!

–don’t try to convince yourself that you can’t have it. you obviously can have it, since you end up eating it anyway. all you need to do is remind yourself that even though you could have it, you’re making the choice to skip it. put the power in your own hands.

–for holiday parties, bring your own dessert! make enough to where others could share, but make something you could eat. maybe a tray of chocolate covered strawberries? or fruit-kabobs with red and green items on it? something like that will be festive, easy to prep, and guilt free. 

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What are your favorite treats that are the major problems? 

I think your best bet would be to try to replace them with healthy options.

Like MrsHalpert mentioned. You can make ice cream from frozen bananas (i usually do just the bananas and dont add anything but maybe a splash of milk if i’m having trouble blending it). 

Apple pie? Cut up an apple, put cinnamon on it, and microwave it for 1-2 minutes. (If you need some crunch to it, make some homemade low-sugar granola to put on it. Super easy.) 

Replace milk chocolate with dark chocolate. Lindt 70% Dark is good! 

You can make cookies from a smashed banana & oats. (Search for 2 ingredient cookies)

Make healthy substitions when cooking. You can swap all kinds of things… like a banana or avacado instead of using butter.  Greek yogurt instead of oil. Unsweetened apple sauce instead of sugar/oil. 

One tip i try to follow at holiday parties is to skip anything that isn’t homemade. Don’t eat a store bought pie/cookie/etc. Don’t eat powdered mashed potatos. There’s nothing special about them. You can get them any time. 

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amberback:  i love those 2 ingredient cookies!! 

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You’ve gotten some fantastic suggestions that I completely agree with. here’s what I would add:

1. Eat a high protein, high fat, low carb breakfast. Think bacon and eggs, or a sausage scramble with mushrooms and zucchini (just 2 of my favorite ways to start the day). Try it for 2 weeks and see if it helps curb your hunger and cravings throughout the day. If it doesn’t work after you try it, ignore the suggestion. But for me, this is my secret weapon. If I eat cereal, potatoes, yogurt, apples, etc. for breakfast, then I will be hungry all day long and my willpower will be non-existant. But if I start my day with protein and fat, I feel so much better and it’s so much easier to make healthy choices.

2. To build off a PP’s comment, sugar is an addiction for some of us. Mr. LK and I went through really crappy withdrawl from it, but it was worth it. Go 1 month without eating anything with added sugar and get rid of all of the grains in your diet. This sounds exterme, but it will help you break the addiction. Make sure you still eat carbs from whole foods (fruit and veggies). The goal isn’t to be “carb free” and carbs are not the devil. Rather, the goal is to break your sugar addiction.

3. Get a buddy. Mr. LK and I are succeeding because we have each other to rely on. He is my strength when I want to give in to a craving, and I am his. We make it a joint effort to eat healthy foods.

4. Make it your goal to get in all of the nurtients your body needs every single day. When you focus on intentionally eating nutrient dense foods, there’s simply no room left in your stomach for junk. Be full on the good stuff so that you don’t have room for the not good stuff.


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Have you ever thought about Overeaters Anonymous? Might be something to try, as it addresses the reasons why we compulsively eat, and group support from people that can identify.

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theEguarantee:  I love what all the above ladies have to say! I personally never did cold turkey sugar withdrawl, but I did slowly cut it out of my diet.  Have you ever looked into IIFYM (if it fits your macros). I follow it and <3 it. Its not a fad diet, its a style of eating that you continue forever. Your personal trainer might know a little bit about it, but may be against it because of the way people have twisted this style of eating.  So I personally do IIFYM but stick to clean eating items (no chemical or artifical additives, lean proteins, min processed foods – no it’s not a paleo diet). 


Best website to look at is iifym.com 

Any questions, just message me =)

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theEguarantee:  Maybe you could do some reading about delayed gratification and people who struggle with delayed gratification. For me, if I understand the science/psychology behind my actions, it becomes easier to change. 

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