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Bumble Beekeeper
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We got rid of the cat. I know that’s not what you want to hear, but watching her be tortured was worse.

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Busy bee
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Since it has been so long, I would look into hiring a trainer/behaviorist to come into the house to work with you and your dog.  I definitely think things can change – don’t give up!

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Blushing bee
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when me & FH got our house his dog came with him.  I have two cats – one that I’ve had forever and the other I’d had about 6 months.  The youngest one had never really seen a dog and the older one didn’t really mind much (living at my parents she was always around dogs).  The dog had never seen/been around cats so she was super curious. We’d keep the cats in the room during the work day and let the dog roam around and then the next day we’d keep the dog in the kennel and let the cats roam around so each could sniff around, etc. I seriously thought they would NEVER get along, but low and behold, they did and they are perfectly fine around each other. My older cat is somewhat stubborn and likes to be left alone so if the dog gets in her face she may swat the dog in the face but the dog doesn’t care – she’ll just walk off.  They all live in harmony now.

It will happen eventually.  Try what we did and let the cat roam around the house one day while the dog stays out and switch it back and forth every day/every other day (dog roam while cat is put up). When ya’ll are home have all the animals out in the house and pet them each so they see that everything is okay.

Good luck!

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Helper bee
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yep, we had the same problem.  I have two cats (one is 13 and the other is 7, getting rid of them WAS NOT an option since I’ve had them so long and they’re my children!)

And it’s been 3 years and they still don’t get along.  🙁  I totally had visions of family Christmas cards with all the animals…never gonna happen!  But here are some things we tried that may work for you:

We got a dog trainer when she was a puppy to work on her “manners.”  It worked when our dog was around people but she still gets super excited and crazy around cats.  But our dog is very high energy; maybe a different dog/breed would respond better.

Luckily we live in a two story house so we put a pet gate at the top of the stairs (the cats live upstairs) and at the bottom.  We introduced them through the safety of the gates, still didn’t work.  Cats hissing and not happy.  We also put our dog in her crate and let the cats out and they were happy but they dog wasn’t.  We also let the cats roam around and and kept the dog on a very short leash and held on to her the whole time.  This actually worked the best.  You would continue to do it until you don’t need the leash anymore. 

As our dog trainer told us, it is going to take a LOT of work on your part.  We eventually just gave up!  Better luck to you! 

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Helper bee
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Terriers were bred to chase prey and that instinct is activated by small fuzzy things with a tendency to bolt. I knew this and would not have gotten a terrier because of our older cats, but Satie was mis-identified by the place that we got her. She chases our cats. She’ll stop when she’s asked, and when she catches them nothing happens except her getting swatted on the nose and then skulking off with her tail between her legs.  Making sure the cat has a safe place to be away from the dogs and making sure they are never left alone together without being physically seperated may be how things have to be.

It took two years for us to reach this stage of “calm” in our household.  And not ten minutes ago I heard what sounded like a herd of elephants running through the house and, sure enough, it was one of the cats running through the house, hopping across chair backs and the whole bit with two dogs following him!

And I have to say, sometimes the cats instigate.  I’ve seen them go up to a sleeping dog and beat them about the face or pace back in forth in front of the dog until the dog hops up (probably thinking it’s a game) and the cat runs off.

But in all honesty we have had much more problem blending the two cats together than any issues with the dogs! I even knew a couple that for about 15 years had “upstairs cat” and “downstairs cat” because they could never be together!

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Honey bee
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i have a terrier mix and he LOVES our cat. we got him as a puppy though, so it might have been easier for our cat to adjust since he was smaller than him. she was scared and hid under the bed for a few weeks, but they’re seriously best friends now. it’s heart-meltingly adorable. he chases her around; she bops him on the head. he gives her kisses, and she rubs up against him.

we tried things like each of you sits on the couch and holds one pet in your lap. that way they’re near each other and get exposure, but still have the comfort of you holding them. let them both in the same room when you’re home, and watch them closely. some play looks like aggression, but is really just harmless play.

i second having a trainer come to your house. it will probably take a long times since your pets are older, but they can definitely come to love each other!

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Helper bee
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@snuggielove: Lol I suppose I should have mentioned that in our pre-dog days I collected antique glass?  Now most of that is packed away!

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Honey bee

Another trick to try is to lock one up in a room during the day and let the other one roam and put their food on either side of the door (or the crate door?) so that when they eat they have to smell the other animal and be near them (if using a crate), but with the saftey of a barrier.

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@mwitter80: Why not get rid of the new pet, the dog? Anyway, how about spaying/nuetereing the dog? spray bottle with vinegar? spray the dog each time he misbehaves. Create a “time out” area for the dog and put it in there each time he misbehaves. That’s what we did with my husband’s dog-put her in the half bath, and now all we have to say it “time-out” and she stops whatever she’s doing wrong.

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Bumble bee
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My parents Pug is terrified of our cats. He wants to play with the SO BADLY but is afraid. We think it is because we used to have a cat that had babies and freaked out whenever he or anybody else came near. Her sister did the same when she had a litter. We got rid of them both but poor guy is terrified of the cats now. Poor baby. He just cries because he wants to play. 

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