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aribanana:  I’ve had one friend that got addicted to meth and we’re no longer friends.  He actually had an incredibly bright future (was in school to get his pharmacy degree), was tall, athletic and an all around great guy.  Unfortunately, he started dating a girl that got him into it.  He ended up dropping out of his program and losing a ton of weight (I didn’t recognize him a year later).  I don’t think he ever got in trouble with the law, but I stopped being friends with him (major personality change) so I’m not sure what happened after that.  This is the only case that I know about personally, so I wouldn’t say that it was “particularly bad” in area I grew up (southern Orange County, CA); although, I’ve heard that many rural towns struggle with the problem.

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It’s funny… I can remember years ago there were a series of news articles about meth because people believed it would come to the UK and cause a hige problem here. The newspapers ran articles about how to spot a meth lab, and who to call, and they printed US photos of meth addicts, showing their deterioration.

The epidemic never came. One theory is that cocaine, speed, and cannabis are so cheap and easy to obtain here that people didn’t want to bother with a drug which was so dangerous to synthesise. Another theory was that Britain doesn’t have these large, spread out rural communities in the same way as Australia and the US do, and that there are various reasons why synthesising meth is far less practical for these communities.

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I don’t know anyone personally who has been/is addicted to meth, but I grew up in a rural area, and according to those who still live there, it’s become a huge problem in recent years, so I can attest to the rural town aspect, anyway.


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I worked at the police department for 9 months last year. I had no idea how bad the drug problem was in the city and surrounding area I live in. It the source of most of the crime happening here right now. Cocaine is the big drug here but there is meth as well. Rumor has it that the Hells Angels control the supply (I live on an island). Bike gangs in general are becoming much more visible now which is scary too.

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I live in Kentucky and Ohio in the US. I don’t think that I know anyone, personally, who has used meth, but I do certainly hear about it. My aunt and uncle live in a very rural, very poor part of KY and it’s a huge problem there. It is insanely addictive. My only real life experience is that I have a friend who has an old family farm with a farm house on it. Over the years the whole family has moved into town, but they don’t want to give up the fmaily land, so they rent the farm house. My friend had a whole string of awful renters. She was constantly having to go out there to bug them because the rent was late. They broke things that she had to send a repairman to fix. It was just a real pain. Then they got this wonderful couple in and they were great. They always paid on time. Never had any repairs that needed fixing. They were the easiest tenents in the world. Until they got busted for cooking meth! 

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It’s just not a problem here (UK) in the same way. Like, if you went in a pub/club you could probably find loads of people think who’d taken coke. And a lot of the big drug problems involve heroine. But you just don’t hear of people taking meth here, like you seem to in other places 

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I’ve never known anyone, even “friend of a friend” stories who took it. I have always lived in cities though – I grew up in Raleigh, NC and now I live in Manhattan. It’s just not something I’ve ever been around. Of course, I don’t know of anyone who has used hard drugs either. Obviously there are people here using hard drugs, I just don’t know any of them.

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I grew up in US Suburbia, right outside a big city, so I wasn’t in the “typical” meth areas of the country. I have no experience with meth or know of people doing meth (I’m positive there’s been at least a few people I didn’t realize it was going on wtih, because that’s how most drugs work).  

Up until college, the only drug I knew being used was pot, and at college is when coke, snorting pills, Mushrooms, acid, ecstacy/ Molly all started popping up around me (acid probably the least of the group, snorting pills the highest after pot). I would say the majority of people around me were NOT doing all of those drugs but defeinitely have seen them all done at least a few times.

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I went to college in a podunk rural town that was consumed by meth users. It used to be a factory town but since has joined the rust belt, and many many many townies were meth heads. 

When I moved there, I made friends with a lot of kids my age from the town. I can’t tell you the number of times I got offered meth. Hell, once the VP’s daughter of my very prestigious school offered it to me when she picked me up on campus. She eventually ended up getting a bunch of back to back arrests, lived in a half way house for 6 months, and has now finally gotten her shit together. Her full ride to college went straight out the window…

I’ve never tried it because I saw it ruin so many people’s lives. The first time my old roommate tried it, she ended up getting raped, and that’s how she lost her virginity. It’s a horrible story.

I even had a college house party once where someone showed up and smoked in it my basement. He was asked to leave and got pretty upset and I thought things were going to escalate really quickly…but he ended up getting out of there before things got really ugly.

Another friend of mine used to secretly do it with her mom. Her mom died..

Another friend of mine got hooked from this loser guy she was dating. He convinced her to rob the salon she worked at. Her poor grandparents paid it all back so they wouldn’t press charges on her. She’s since cleaned up her life.

Living in that town really opened my eyes to how horrible that drug is. I’ve seen it ruin so so so many lives and families.

Oh, and my former best friend moved out to Maricopa AZ where she now lives in a “Tent City” in the desert full of homeless people and drug addicts. She’s addicted to heroin and meth. I check the blotters regularly because the only time I know she’s safe is when she’s in jail.



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My hometown (small town, slightly rural) had a very rampant meth problem. My cousin and her husband did and cooked meth, were arrested and did jail time for it. I guess now it’s gotten so expensive to make meth that heroin is the new drug choice there because it’s so cheap.

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I grew up in west Virginia so I know lots of people who got addicted to meth and either ended dead or in jail.  One of my best friends from high school ended up getting hooked on it really bad and both of her babies came out addicted with LOTS of health problems from it. She ended up going to jail & eventually dying. It was sad because she so young & such a sweet caring person before the drugs took hold.  She could have done so much more with her life.

 I lived in a small town, where everyone knows everyone- so every time you see a paper from back there at least a couple people you knew arrested for meth or riding around with one of those shake n bake meth labs in their car. It’s really tragic, but there isn’t much else to do in the country to keep people occupied. 

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It’s not a problem in my town, but it is a LARGE problem in a few towns over. There have been many meth houses shut down, but they keep popping up. I did have a friend who was on it [we are no longer friends] and it really messed up her life. It’s such a sad story, and she was so young.

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aribanana:  I used be a court appointed attorney representing people whom are suspected of being addicted to substances (including meth, marijuana, alcohol, heroin, prescription pills, etc…) that are being court ordered into treatment for their addiction.

In my area (central Florida) the most abuse seemed to be with prescription pills and the excuse i hear dover and over was that they didn’t think it was a problem because their doctor prescribed it for them.  I’m sure none of them went to the doctor fully medicated with glassy eyes and slurred speech though.  And if they did I find it deeply disturbing that doctors would continue to precribe such a high amount of painkillers (we’re talking 300+ oxycodone pills per month in some cases.)

The sad part is that many of my clients had mental health disorders or were victims of violence/rape when they were younger.  Instead of getting help (which few can actually afford anyway), they just load up on painkillers to make everything go away.  It doesn’t help that this path in many cases leads to selling prescriptions pills to others to fund their own habit since few are able to hold down jobs in their medicated condition.  It’s creates this never ending cycle where the addiction is all-consuming and nothing else matters aside from getting that next pill.

I am glad to see that doctors and pharmacies and state entities are finally paying attention and trying to stop the addictions before they start but I think there should be more done on the mental health side of the equation.  I think it’s too easy to criminalize behavior rather than investing resources in long term prevention and treatment.

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I live in Southern Oregon and we have a huge meth problem here. I work in an intensive care unit, so we really see it up close. But, usually it’s not the only problem we see. There is a huge number of alcoholics in this community, so usually we see people addicted to both meth and alcohol. There is also a large homeless community here, it makes me wonder which problem came first. Did these people become homeless because of substance abuse or did they become drug users because they were homeless?

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