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We went to the Adventrua Spa Palace resort just south of Playa Del Carmen.  We had so much fun we didn’t want to come back.  As far as the security, as long as you ONLY go with your transportation company and ignore all those people in the airport trying to take you places, you’ll be fine.  We had to go to a few resorts to drop off people between the airport and our resort and each one was very well secured with people at BIG gates.

As far as the stomach viruses, just stick to the resort food and your fine, if you venture out into Playa Del Carmen, just watch what you eat and only drink out of pre-packaged bottles (water, beer, sodas).

Which resort are you going to?

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I know tons of people who have gone to Mexico lately and had NO problems – the resort should tell you if the water is filtered and if it’s not drink bottled -no big deal!

You can get sick when traveling ANYWHERE – the bugs are different and your body isn’t used to them! Don’t let people rain on your parade you will have a BLAST!

There is also this new vaccine which helps prevent travelers diarrhea so you can talk to your doctor about that too to be safe!

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Been there many times and NEVER got sick.  If I did it was usually from overindulging or because I ate a TON of fresh fruit, more than my body was used to.  I think Mexico is a great vacation and you will have a terrific time.  I’ve also heard about areas of unrest but I think those are more in Central or Western Mexico although I’m not sure how current that info really is.  I wouldn’t worry about it- the water and beaches are beautiful, you’ll love it!

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My family has gone to Mexico nearly every summer since 1992. We have stayed in Cancun, Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, and Puerto Vallarta. Sometimes we hang around the resort areas but we have stayed in little motel type places before for a night or two. I would say nearly all of the resorts have filtered water. The place we stayed in Tulum had a big 5 gallon dispenser of water for us because the water wasn’t drinkable.

As far as transportation, we always set up a ride through Cancun Transfers (I think that’s what it’s called). As soon as we get through customs there is someone with our names on a sign waiting on us. They take us to a private car which goes directly to the resort. They also come to pick us up for our return flight. I think this is around $40 roundtrip…but it might be one way.

We used to rent a car (and did last summer) but I don’t think I would suggest that. The police have become increasingly corrupt. We got pulled over for speeding which was a total joke. My mom told the guy that she would give him $20 so that we could go and he said “What about my friend?” It’s just how things are.

I wouldn’t suggest mopeds or parasailing in Cancun. The traffic is sometimes unpredictable and we saw a really awful accident with tourists on a moped. As far as the parasailing, the hotels are very close to the beach and if the winds change you can easily hit the buildings. We were warned not to go by business owners in the area.

We have taken the bus down to snorkel and to Walmart in Cancun before and have always been fine. I think the major risks come in if you want in on the nightlife in Mexico. It has been a LONG time since we took a cab downtown at night so I can’t say how that would be.

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We were just in Cancun in November.

Mexico is safe if you don’t do anything stupid like get involved with the drug crowd, etc…

Do not drink the water. The resorts ALWAYS give you bottled water and they use it when cooking, in drinks, etc… Just make sure when you brush your teeth, that you use a bottle of water to rince the toothbrush.

We ventered out of our resort to the mall across the road and we took a city bus to Walmart. The drivers in Mexico are SCARY. When you cross the road, you RUN. You wait 5+ minutes until it’s clear. No one will stop for you, even at crosswalks. I DO NOT suggest renting a car. Take the bus if you want to go somewhere or take a taxi.

On our way to Walmart… we saw a guy (mexican guy) get hit by a car. It made me SICK to my stomach. He crossed in front of the bus then just kept walking and got hit by a car doing at least 50. He laid there and didn’t move. Our bus kept going but it wouldn’t surprise me if he was dead :-s Which is why I say, wait until it’s completely clear to cross the road… and even if its clear, RUN!

The food in the resort is always safe. Avoid eating out of the resort. We did have a margarita at Margaritaville but we specifically asked if they used bottled water. They have to be becuase it’s just a touristy place.

Take medications like pepto, immodium, advil, cold medication, etc… It came in handy for us. Fiance got a headache, my stomach didn’t feel well a couple days (I think I overate some fruit).

I’ve heard that 99% will end up in the bathroom at least once while in Mexico. It’s just the way it goes. But honestly, Mexico is amazing and they make it pretty damn safe becuase of all the tourists they have.

I could go on and on about tips but this is long enough LOL.

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OH and get the Twinrix shots! They’re for Hep A and B (I THINK). But you have to get a series of 2 or 3 shots so see your doctor soon.

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Water first, that is easier.

People just say that because they don’t know better. You can’t drink the water ANYWHERE, not even first class cities like Paris or Shanghai. Its just too different. In first class places you can eat uncooked things washed in local water, but not in rougher places. If you are in a resort, you can probably eat anything, and they will provide bottled water. Personally, Fiance and I love travel and eat everything, but are careful to not drink the water (which includes when brushing teeth). And we favor spots like Vietnam, India, Zambia, etc. You will be fine.

Danger: I assume you don’t deal drugs, or are involved with Mexican cartels? It is dangerous in Mexico, but really only for the locals. It is a horrible situation with (getting on soapbox) Mexican drug cartels slaughtering police and civilians and eachother in a war to make the most money possible feeding Americans’ recreational drug habits, mostly pot. Yep, that’s right, thousands of people are dying over pot. (stepping off soapbox) You will be fine. The only place where Mexicans have started the kidnapp for ransome thing is in Mexico City and, frankly, neither of us are probably rich enough for them to bother with (I know my family couldn’t come up with $500,000 in a week). Tijuana is dangerous, but that’s mostly because it is gross and full of drunk and drugged teenagers who are just walking targets.

I’ve been all over the world, and the best three pieces of advice that I use from Cairo to my own city: 1) be aware of your surroundings, 2) act with confidence, though usually it is fake, and 3) a forceful “no” translates in all languages.

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Let’s say the murder rate was atrociously high in New York… would that affect someone in, say, Missouri?  No.  Same in Mexico.  Ciudad Juarez and other border towns are very dangerous right now, and Mexico City should be visited with caution, but the touristy areas are really fine.

Going to Cancun is like being in a cross between Orlando, FL and Vegas except that you pay in pesos.  Playa del Carmen is a little less touristy and American-feeling but it still won’t be very exotic.

Stick to bottled water and you should be fine.  The Mexicans (if you happen to meet any amidst the hordes of Americans that frequent the “Mayan Riviera”) will tell you that tequila will cure all your illnesses anyway 🙂

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In regards to the ice cubes… they are made with filtered water but the ones in Cancun always had holes in them if they were filtered (that’s what we were told).

Here is another post about Mexico and sensitive stomaches…


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