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There has been a lot of bad things in the press lately about Mexico. However, the parts of Mexico that are experiencing issues are hundreds of miles away from Cozumel, Riveria Maya, and other tourist hotspots.

We have clients in Riviera Maya year round, and none have experience anything worse than a bad sunburn. The press would have you believe that all of Mexico is a war zone. However that’s just not the case. We wouldn’t send our clients there if it were not safe, as our liability insurance wouldn’t allow it.

Here’s a map that shows the distance between the touristy parts, and the parts that are experiencing trouble.

You do need to be smart when you travel, and exercise good judgement just as you would in the parts of your own city that aren’t as desirable.

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Where in Mexico are you going?  My FH and I have been to Cozumel three times in the last three years and are having our wedding there this July.  We LOVE it there.  Super friendly people who are fiercely proud of their heritage and take great pride in their island.  Not once have I felt unsafe there.  Unless you count the time FH thought it would be a good idea to rent a scooter to ride out to the Mayan ruins and I thought I was going to fall off and do a face plant on the pavement! 

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We are going to Zihua on our honeymoon and it will be my fourth trip to Mexico.  I have traveled to Cancun, the Mayan Riveria and Cabo in the past.

As scary as those headlines might seem, please keep in perspective that violent crime occurs on a regular basis in major cities in the USA.  These kidnappings hit the headline because they grab a reader’s attention.  What they also do is scare people away from what is a relatively safe destination by most tourist’s accounts.  I say this because I was in Mexico last year after some issues in Juarez and right before the whole Swine Flu bit hit the news really hard; it was heart breaking to see how many Mexican nationals were being impacted by the lack of tourism.

Mexico is as safe as you want it to be.  Is your ring overly flashy or expensive?  Consider wearing only your wedding band or a fake.  Are you planning to be out late at night?  Be aware of your surroundings.  Will you be drinking?  Stay in control of yourself and don’t wander when leaving a bar.  If you use the same common sense you would in a major US city as a tourist, the majority of people will be perfectly fine in Mexico.  🙂  Also, be careful about posting these types of comments on Trip Advisor.  The people over there get REALLY sick of comments asking whether or not Mexico is safe.

I will say that as an experienced traveler of Mexico, I love it there and vow to return many times over.  The dollar is almost always strong, the locals are kind, and your tourism is greatly appreciated.  🙂

Have a pina colada for me!

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Mexico’s drug war is far more violent than anything taking place in even the worst US cities.

Yes, the nice places are a long way from the war zone but the big drug money in Mexico holds a lot of property in those resort locations. They are safe so far but drug wars know no bounds.

Under current conditions, I would never drive to Mexico, visit Mexico City and I would not travel outside of a resort as I used to.

I would rather support the US economy and the beaches of the US Gulf Coast. Probably some great bargians in FL this fall and winter.

Just one person’s opinion.

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While I haven’t heard anything about bride-napping, I do want to point out (and this is the reason we are not going to Mexico) that the mayor of cancun was recently charged for harboring some of the most brutal gangs in Mexico.

FYI here is the new article from earlier this month if anyone is interested: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/37452536/ns/world_news-americas/

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Oh man.  Everyone’s got an opinion, including me.  🙂

I really think it is up to you, FinbergToBe, as to how comfortable YOU are going there.  Have you ever been outside the US?  Every visited a place that wasn’t considered first world?  If not, maybe you should consider Hawaii.  Or the Gulf Coast, provided you are alright with the impacts of the oil situation down there and whether or not those things affect your enjoyment of the area.

Mexican safety is a hotly debated topic (i.e. bachelor parties, strippers, cash bars and the use of the word ‘tacky’ – lol) so despite my comments above and first hand experience, I would say you need to feel comfortable going there.  It IS your honeymoon after all…

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Eh, I live outside Baltimore.  Far more murders there.  If I was from another country and read an article on crime in Baltimore, Philadelphia, or NYC, I’d probably be pretty freaked out.

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We’re pretty regular visitors to Mexico, but we’re also well-traveled generally. We never stay in resorts, but we do follow certain rules:

– don’t get trashed in public

– don’t buy drugs!

– don’t carry too much cash or bling

– walk away from anything that makes you uncomfortable

– look confident no matter what

– don’t travel alone in the dark, but if you have to, stay in the open on main roads as much as possible

Pretty simple. I follow these rules in the US, in Mexico, in Africa, in Vietnam, etc. The worst thing that has ever happened to me in a foreign country was actually minor sexual assault in Egypt. The last one helped because a group of US Marines (no joke) who were on their first base excursion came along and chased the guys off (we had a group of men grabbing our boobs and trying to kiss us). We showed them a good time that night as a thank you. Tongue out

But I have experienced plenty of shady stuff: people taking me to the wrong hotel and demanding cash, kind of scary harassment, someone tried to rob me, a fight broke out about me (!!) at a night club. And I am fine. My point is that you’ll be fine pretty much anywhere if you keep a cool head and trust yourself.

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We just got back from our honeymoon in Cancun two weeks ago and we had an amazing time.  I never felt unsafe, but I second the guidelines monitajb laid out – good advice.  We were in Cancun (took city buses all around town) and then at a resort south of there.  We also rented a car and drove to Playa Del Carmen and took the fairy to Cozumel.  It was wonderful and we can’t wait to go back!

We have a trip to Cabo planned for October.  I say it’s ok, just be smart about it!

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Great safety tips from previous posters! 

I also wanted to add that the vast majority of murders you hear about happening in Mexico are of people who worked with the drug cartels.  Every once in a while you hear about an innocent bystander being caught in the crossfire of a drug cartel shootout, but those firefights are up north in the border towns.  There is no evidence anywhere that tourists, especially in resort destinations, are being targeted for these murders.

I do understand that the headlines are terrifying, especially if you haven’t been there yourself.  But there is no way I’d hold my wedding with my most beloved family members and friends in a place that I felt was unsafe.

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As long as you stay away from the border town and some parts in Souther MX are bad, too, so stick tou your tourist location. Where abouts are you visiting. I have lots of family over there that say its safe where they are at but at the same time they do not go looking for trouble. I havent been there for over 10 yrs but even when my family use to visit we never dressed “flashy” or flaunted ourselves.

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