(Closed) Mid- to late-20s gals- do you still buy clothes from the Jrs section?

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I’m 25 and still buy all my shirts at Forever 21, they fit and they look amazing, so I don’t plan on straying any time soon. I buy my jeans at Guess, and I often buy dresses from Forever 21 (Mostly Love21 unless they’re maxi dresses, I don’t need any dresses ending at my cheeks!)


Everybody I know is always shocked when I tell them my clothes that they’re complimenting are from Forever 21, I definitely dress my age so I’m not worried about shopping at a “teen” store, if it is that. I love their stuff and I don’t plan on leaving there any time soon!

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@kmaemu:  Thank you. 😀

For the record, I am much more likely to be seen wearing the NastyGal ensemble (esp. since I have shredded shorts and a leather jacket or two). The Talbots one is what I imagine I’d wear when I’m 50/60…or maybe if I had to attend a casual tea with a bunch of conservative older women in a country club.

I think there’s a happy medium, depending on your personality. I don’t think you need to jump from teen/trendy/slubby to polished grandmum in one fell swoop (unless you really want to). There are certain instances when this is required (re: for work), but unless you have no desire to wear certain looks/styles typically associated with juniors clothing, there is little reason to force yourself to stop shopping in those stores/departments.

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I just turned 29 and had the same shopping dilemma when I was in my mid 20s.  I have a professional job, but the dress code is pretty slack.  My style has always been more on the preppy side, and not always on trend (I wear what I like).  I stopped shopping in the juniors not long after I graduated college, primarily because I couldn’t fit into anything (I’m size 4 typically) or it was too short.  I switched to stores like Banana Republic, J Crew, Gap, and now Francesca’s (girly boutique).  I have noticed that major department stores are selling hipper trendier clothes that are not designed for teens or grandmas, like Macy’s and JCP.  I definintely want to look my age, not older or younger.  I also think my wardrobe will transition just fine into mommy-wear.

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I’ve just turned 29 and I wear what makes me look my best, and yes that includes shopping in the juniors section! I’m really slim and clothes from BR, Ann Taylor etc etc do not ever fit me.   I definitely look young for my age.

For those of you in this age range, has your taste in clothing changed over the past few years?  I like to follow the trends but granted will pay attention to things that are definitely more “teens” and stay away from that, but I will still wear stuff like..high waisted cut off shorts but not a tank like the one with the giant lips pictured above!
What type of clothing do you like to wear? At work I dress business casual – my wardrobe consists of high waisted skirts with tucked in blouses, peplum (probably just a passing trend but I hopped on the band wagon), dresses, blazers (with trendy cuts, no collars, gold zippers, etc).  On weekends and evenings, I still wear skirts that perhaps younger 20 somethings would wear (high waisted skater skirts / summer dresses)… skinny jeans, coloured jeans, denim/chambray tops, etc.  I basically like to wear whatever is trendy but looks good and appropriate on me.
What do you think is appropriate for our age?  I’ve never thought about that but I definitely wouldn’t want to wear clothes that make me appear aged and frumpy.
Do you think there is a set age a girl should stop buying clothes from forever 21 and move on to Ann Taylor? NO!  LOL I should hope not as I can’t even picture myself shopping there…When I think of Ann Taylor I think of the stuff I’ve bought my mother for Christmas…but if I MUST put a timeframe on it, perhaps in my late 40s LOL. I’ll be 30 next year but feel like “30 is the new 20”. :S :S  I mostly shop at Zara (if I can find things that fit) and Aritzia – and I feel like Aritzia especially has quite timeless clothes that are both trendy and appropriate for a large range of ages (minus the TNA stuff which is definitely more suited to teens)

As for the MOM CUT… NEVERRRR..my fiance actually has asked me that a few times (my mom is totally sporting the mom cut lol) … and I plan to be a yummy mummy and yummy mummies don’t sport the mom cut :p

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@Glenda_the_good_witch:  +1, I’m 33 and I still shop in the Jr’s section because the clothes fit me better lol.

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i know you posted this on the 20’s board.  i am 31 and shop in the juniors section of nordstrom.  some are work appropriate, most are for weekend wear.

i look for quality, most juniors clothes is made with poorer quality.

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I’m 26 and I still pop into Forever 21 and occasionally will buy stuff from there. I don’t see anything wrong with it. However, I have seen my style change a bit within the past year or so. My go-to these days is J Crew, which has an older, more polished look.

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Wear whatever you like and whatever makes you happy and feel like you! It is really about making sure you get the right size…doesn’t matter if it is juniors as long as it isn’t giving you muffin tops, contouring a bunch of rolls in an unflattering way, showing your butt crack, etc. 

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it totally depends. I’m 31, but I’m fairly small and young-looking. However, I’m an attorney. So for work, I definitely shop at places like Ann Taylor and Banana Republic. I wouldn’t be able to shop for weekday clothes at a juniors store. But when it comes to buying jeans or tops for weekends, I will still sometimes shop at younger places. Sure sometimes I wonder why the shorts are so short or low, but I gotta say, I can still rock a miniskirt. When I went to Macy’s the other day looking for a rehearsal dinner dress I went to the women’s section and couldn’t find anything to even try on. I asked the saleslady and she was like “um, you need to look in juniors.” I was like “but I’m 31!” and she was like “yeah, but you still need to shop in juniors.” So I did. And I was trying on dresses next to a bunch of high schoolers looking for prom dresses. One called me “m’am” and my fiance “sir.” But I ended up with a cute dress.

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I’m 34 and definitely hit the Juniors department in Khols…. They have such cute tops!


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@kmaemu:  Thank you! 🙂

I typically shop for myself. My husband compliments me a lot. I think he likes to see my own style. I try to let my artistic side show. 

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For those of you in this age range, has your taste in clothing changed over the past few years? I’m inching towards 30 and haven’t shopped in the Juniors department since…middle school?  I was never a fan of the thin, cheap fabric and low cuts typical to that style of clothes.  I wore t-shirts and jeans through college and grad school.  After I got a “real job” I started following several fashion blogs to learn how to mix-and-match my wardrobe and look more put together.  In the past few years, I have identified the styles that work on my body, narrowed down my wardrobe to key pieces that I love, and left behind the wear-it-once trendy stuff.  The only thing that hasn’t changed is my understanding of shoes…I’m terrible at matching shoes to an outfit.


What type of clothing do you like to wear? 
Button-ups, A-line and pencil skirts, dresses, cardigans, slim jeans, blazers, and colorful belts.  I don’t really like dress pants.  Most of my wardrobe is shades of red, blue, and neutrals- this helps a lot for matching items together.  I shop at JCrew, Target, Bananna Republic, Loft, and thrift stores.


What do you think is appropriate for our age? 
Whatever makes you feel like yourself.


Do you think there is a set age a girl should stop buying clothes from forever 21 and move on to Ann Taylor?
 Not a certain age, there is a time to stop dressing like a juvenille and start dressing like a woman.


Are you going to get a “MOM” haircut when the time comes? I have a messy pixie cut now and its so easy.  The occasional blowdry in the winter is the most styling my hair gets, but that kind of sounds like a mom-cut justificiation…eek.


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@s2bmrscook:  Same. I’m petite (5’1″ and 115lbs, and while I have curves, women’s clothing does NOT fit me), so I buy what fits. I’m a 0/2 and women’s xsmall is hit or miss, depending on the brand. I can’t help it. :

For those of you in this age range, has your taste in clothing changed over the past few years?  Yes.

What type of clothing do you like to wear? Dark wash jeans (usually skinny jeans), cute top, cardigan, flats. Sometimes I go a little more trendy. See photos below!

What do you think is appropriate for our age? Whatever you’re comfortable in. Everyone has different levels of appropriateness. I don’t typically do cleavage. I like to balance a loose top with tighter bottoms or vice versa. Layers.

Do you think there is a set age a girl should stop buying clothes from forever 21 and move on to Ann Taylor? Nope.

Mom haircut? Fuck no. I have amazing hair.

Does what your SO likes you in/wears himself have an influence on what you buy? Ehhh not really. He would prefer I showed off my body more, and he prefers/wears plainer stuff. He dresses nicely, though.

(Though I have real shoes now, so I had to sadly bid adieu to my mocs, haha)

I wear outfits like these every day.

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@MlleFabuleux:  OMG!!! How long will it take for your hair to look like that???? And If you ever get it that way promise me you will let me touch it.






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@kmaemu:  I dont  I am in my midtwenties and in the past few months I have had a huge change of wardrobe I still buy in the same stores I just dont like the same sections. I feel silly wearing flats. I used to wear converse sneackers without shoelaces and a ramones tshirt to highschool…and other dress I would wear very very very short skirts and dresses. And t shirts….expensive ones but still t shirts. 


Then in my early twenties I decided I didnt like sneackers anymore and I started wearing cute flats and heels. My look become a little bit more Jcrew Little cardigan with Jeans and flats or cute skirt but longer. More burberry kind.


Now I dont like t shirts anymore and I am madly in love with the Silk tank tops…cute button shirts I still wear very short skirts and dresses but I dont show my top at the same time. I wear ridicously high heels.  


My everyday wear clothes are BCBG, BCBGeneration ( still juniors), French Connection, Zara, Armani and Ann Taylor. 


What I do rarely requieres me to dress up. So most items I have are jeans skirts and tops.


For instance now it is really hot outside I am wearing an American Eagle “ethnic like” blue skirt a gray tshirt and golden sandals. I can easily say I am 20 and no one will doubt it.


yesterday I had a business meeting and I wore an Hugo boss blue dress …( the suit kind) with no jacket and I wore that with Pumps and I looked really “proffesional” I play a lot with my look. I can still do both… looks teen and grown up.


About the hair I had to google Mom hair. I hope I wont have a Mom haircut. For now I have Ombre hair….so we ll see.


BTw the only item I have from Forver 21 is a sequin skirt I bought for a crazy night out….other than that I hate the quality fabric and cut.












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