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@UnionFlare:  somewhat, but my older brother didn’t really get anything different from me, but our younger sister got a lot handed to her that we never did. Currently, I am the only one who lives on my own and is married. So I’m not really sure how visitation would go or anything like that. I don’t talk to our parents as much as they do, but that’s because I don’t live with them.


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Definitely right here. My only saving grace was that I was the only girl. But on certain days, that also makes it worse. My mom constantly relies on me to be the one to help her with everything, but treats me like total crap constantly. It really is a shame, but both of my brothers are like golden children to her. 

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My family is somewhat the opposite. I’m the oldest and I ended up being the trailblazer, the one everyone expected to be self sufficient and pull myself up by my bootstraps. I bought my own car, paid for school while working, you know the drill. My sister, the older of the two middle children was given my dad’s luxury car when she turned 16, my parents paid for her to go to school, etc. She didn’t do as well in school as I did and I think my parents knew that I could handle it myself but worried about my sister’s sucess.

My brothers, one the younger middle child, the other the youngest have it even easier than she did, so I’m not sure if that holds true for us.

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I’m a middle child (all girls!) and I did feel it growing up. Never really got new clothes or things like that. My older sister is pretty spoilt and it shows, and now my parents are regretting it. My little sister was definitly treated like the baby growing up and got her way. But now shes doing well on her own, even though my parents are helping her alot too. I moved very far away with my bf (now my FI) and have done everything on my own. I just wanted too/needed too. Now I’m the first in the family to get married. My parents are telling me they are definitly going to help out (but im not sure how much) so its hard to compare with the weddings. But I’m sure when one of them gets engaged its going to be huge!!

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Aw, that kinda really sucks. 🙁  Now I’m thinking it might be wise to set some money aside for the later siblings.

Once I have a job…

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I always Liked being the middle as I’m naturally more introverted and very non-fussy. I love my family but I’d rather have my mom gush about my bro or sis more so than more (or visit me too often).

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My Fiance is a middle child of four and as the “other” middle child is the only girl she get preferential treatment regardless.  I definitely see the difference in the way his other siblings are treated and sometimes it bothers me. I have mentioned it to him a few times and he doesn’t seem to care so I don’t make an issue out of it.

The only time I did really push the issue is recently. I found out last month that his parents gave his older brother and SIL a significant amount of money for their wedding and was a bit annoyed they weren’t doing the same for us. He discussed the option with his parents (not bringing up their previous gift to his sibling) and they in the end agreed to help a small bit…but they are not giving us the same amount. Oh well.

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I have middle child syndrome, and I feel for him. I was ignored because I was in the middle and also because I had two very disturbed siblings. My oldest brother got attention because of his drug problems. My younger sister got attention because she was a star athlete growing up, but also had mental health issues.

Man, being in the middle sucks!

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I think my parents spoiled us all equally. I’m the middle child but I’ve never felt like it. I never really thought about it but I guess I’m very lucky I never experience that! My parents helped to make my wedding amazing and I feel like they would do the same for my siblings. Sucks for your friend 🙁

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While I am actually the oldest, I always got the short end of the stick growing up. My sisters are much more vocal than I am and would fight for what they wanted while I am more quiet and easy going so my parents learned that they could get away with it. My one sister especially is really high maintenance and was an absolute terror in her teenage years and still has issues now. She would scream horrible things at me, throw things at me, steal my stuff ectect and my parents never did anything about it because I wasn’t making enough of a fuss and they knew my sister would if they tried to discipline her. 

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I’m a middle child – I have 2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers. I’ve been lucky in the fact i’ve never felt the middle child sydrome before though i think my mother had favorites at times. I think I dont fall into that category because my oldest sister is 10 years older than me, my other sister is 6 years old than me and mentally challanged then my mom  had me and my brothers back to back. By the time i was 8 my oldest sister had already moved out so much of my life was spent with 4 children at home leaving no middle child haha. Knowing my mother she would never put us in this situation. we would all be treated equally. i highly doubt they would help financially with my brothers wedding but would do the “traditional” role of hosting the rehearsal and other things the grooms parents do.

my husband is one of 13 children and his father said when it comes to weddings all his girls will get 10k to do what they please. if they want to elope and keep the cash so be it, if they want to spend more than 10k they can cover the extras. i thought that was really generous and a great way to do it. He has 7 sisters.

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It is definitely there. I’m a middle child and i’ve tended to only ever date middle children (weird i know). We’re treated differently. 

I have 2 older siblings and a younger one.  The oldest and the youngest are rather spoiled though they dont think so at all.  They are more alike than they care to admit. The youngest especially is spoiled rotten to the core. My other sibling and i were of course given whatever we asked for, however we both saw the value in earning things ourselves so we have both maintained jobs and became self sufficient where the others did not.  This probably had to do with the fact that we were ignored a bit more by being middle children.

The same with my SO.  His older sister is the only girl and adored by his parents.  She is the shining student and cant do wrong (though they dont care for her spouse). The younger brother is the baby, gets everything he wants and is always celebrated.  Though he is a brat and his letting his gf control him beyond belief. HE’s confessed to ME he’s not happy but his family tends to ignore this. His Girlfriend wanted nothing to do with the family for the first 2 years and woudl text while we were in the middle of conversations, yet she is just the best in their eyes! ANd my SO, has done everything right, got a career and a house right away before anyone else, settled down with me, and yet they barely notice him in my opinion. Whenever we are all together i feel like he gets the short end of the stick. They dont visit us nearly as much as the others. 


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