(Closed) Midwife vs OB…how did you choose?

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Also, congrats!!!! glad to see you’ve got a sticky bean cooking! 

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I did consider going with a midwife, but I’m one of those women that wants ALL the info – all the research, numbers, every piece of data about my pregnancy – and like you, OP, I don’t like the phrase, “everything looks good”, with no other accompanying information. So, I felt I would be better suited to an OB. A friend of mine is giving birth soon and has gone with a midwife, but will be delivering in a hospital.

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We decided on going with a midwife group within a hospital. The hospital also has OB’s on staff. I will continue with them unless I have issues, then I would be moved to an OB. We decided on a midwife because I prefer the bedside manner and more personal care of a midwife. My husband and I feel comfortable especially knowing that if issues arise, there are OB’s available.

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Andthepupmakes3:  choosing a mid-wife doesn’t mean you aren’t getting the very best medical care. 


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whitums:  the office i go to has both midwives and OBs and I like them all. When its confirmed you are pregnant they make sure you have met everyone. They are great

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For me it wasn’t really a decesion. I went with an Obgyn. Mid wives are great but they are not doctors. I wanted a doctor who were trained in delivering a baby wheither it be vaginally or by a c-section. I had an emergency c-section and was happy that I went with an obgyn. 

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I don’t really know if I can help, but where I am then you don’t get a choice. Low risk patients get a midwife, and high risk get a midwife, an OB, and possibly a specialist midwife as well.

If you decide to deliver in a hospital anyway, then I don’t see how there are any additional risks going for midwife care. After all, if there are problems then emergency care is only seconds away anyway, plus a midwife spends more time with you during delivery and can catch problems early. I think it only becomes more risky if you choose a home birth or a birth centre delivery, where they don’t have emergency care or anaesthesia.

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With your history I would want to see an OB.

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whitums:  I can only give my reasons for choosing a midwife, but these are them: 

– I’m low risk, this doesn’t have to be a big medical procedure 

– There are lots of women who are/end up high risk, who are better suited to an OB.  I don’t really need to be there taking up space unless it’s medically required for me to be with an OB

– I am aiming for as natural a birth as possible on the big day.   That’s not to say I’m a no for the epidural (and at my hospital, you can get your epi and go back with your midwife), I’m also not going to fight medical interventions if deemed neccessary, bring on whatever baby or I need to get him here safely.  I just want to avoid jumping right to interventions (that often lead to further interventions).  The midwives have a similar philosophy, so we’re a good match. 

– I will be more likely to labour and deliver in a position of my choosing.  If I want to be on all fours, I can, providing its not a risk to myself or baby.  

– I want to go home as soon as possible.  I don’t want to be in a hospital.  I want to be in my own home, with my family.  I have lots of support, I don’t need a hospital bed.  A midwife allows this to happen in my province, sometimes going home within hours of an uncomplicated vaginal birth. 

– The midwife comes to me.  When I’m in early labour, she comes to my house.  When I’m home with the baby she comes on day 1, 3, and 7 for appointments.  The only time I have to go to her with baby is day 14 (unless something else crops up.) 

– There is an on-call midwife available to me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  They are just a phone call (routed through a live person answering service) away.  They call back in very short order.  I’m 21 weeks and I’ve already used the service twice.  Once just to get a refill on my diclectin, on a Thursday before a long weekend.  Another time was to talk me down and just reassure me that everything was going to be ok when I was in some pretty awful pain with a kidney infection (and my Darling Husband was out of the country.)  

– Also, I have had appointments with all 3 of these midwives.  I *know* them, its not a faceless nameless person giving advice.  It’s the person I laughed with the other day in the office.  

– Appointments are much longer.  I typically spend a half hour in the office with them each visit.  No question is brushed off.  I feel like I know what to expect next when I leave after each appointment.

– I am in charge of my care.  This was hard to get used to at first.  Shouldn’t someone who went to school for this be in charge?  But why?  It’s my pregnancy, my body, my baby.  My midwives are very good at giving me information, risks, options, and then letting me digest the info, talk to my husband, do my own research before making a decision.  I’m sure there will be more urgent decisions, but I don’t doubt they will take the time to ensure I fully understand before I consent to any procedures.  And I haven’t felt pressured thus far in any decision (I did opt for the IPS testing, I opted to go straight to the 3 hour glucose test, despite having zero risk factors for GD, etc.)  This has actually been pretty empowering, actually.  They order all the same tests an OB would.  

– It feels like they take the time to talk to me and understand me.  We joke around and laugh during appointments.  

– They will be with me for the duration of my labour.  They won’t be in and out leaving my husband and I with nurses I’ve never met.   They definitely don’t show up just to catch. 

– They will advocate for me, even if my labour requires my transfer to an OB.  I won’t be left.  They will still be there to support me. 

– I have rotating appointments with all 3 on my team, meaning that when the labour starts, one of the 3 of them will attend.  I am garaunteed to know who is attending the birth of my baby – not 1 of 8 on call doctors, potentially someone I’ve never met.

– They provide after birth care for myself and the baby for the first 6 weeks.  That includes the 24/7 on call line.  

I am very happy with the choice.  I will be sad if I have to transfer to an OB at a later date (at the first meeting we were given a long sheet of the reasons for transfer – some don’t require you transfer fully, you can be transferred back once the issue is resolved, others require you stay with an OB.  I shouldn’t be blindsided.  Twice we’ve had things come up that would require a transfer if they turned out to be positive.  Neither time did the tests come back positive, but I was informed right away that it would be a possibility.)  

I am really happy with the care I’ve received so far.  


Our midwifery clinic is a partner at the hospital.  I could elect for a home birth.  But they all work at the hospital as well.  We aren’t comfortable delivering our first at home (not knowing what to expect.)  So I will be in the maternity ward, in a birthing suite, with OBs working available for transfer of care, if an emergency arises at any point.  

I like numbers, stats, studies, and I’m given all that with the midwives.  I can understand wanting the reassurance of ultrasounds and measurements.  But the problem is, they don’t really stop things from happening.  And I’ve had 4 ultrasounds this pregnancy, its definitely not just one and done.  But I’m low risk with a healthy baby and healthy looking placenta, so medically there is no reason at this point to have another.  If that changes somehow, I have no doubt that I’ll be sent to the hospital for an ultrasound.  We have a 10 week wait to book US at our hospital.  When the anatomy scan didn’t provide a clear enough photo for the heart the midwives called and I was squeezed in a week after they received the report from the original ultrasound.  The first scan was done on a Friday at 230.  At 11am on Monday I received a call that we needed the 2nd scan, and that if I was comfortable going to the hospital they would call and book me in.  A day later my appointment for 8 days from then was confirmed (the wait was neccessary.  They wanted to give him a little more time to grow.) 

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I absolutely love my midwife and trust her completely. Given the choice between one of 20 doctors on call or one of two midwives on call, it’s a no brainer. Esp considering they do in home follow up visits for the first 6 weeks. My midwife makes me feel valued and important, though they have 90 other women on their list. 

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In your situation I feel I’d want an OB. I know a midwife and I know she is very well trained, knowledgeable etc, and for low risk I see no reason that you couldn’t be perfectly happy with one. But medical needs aside, are you paying for the cost of your ob? if so, I’d expect to see them. With private health in Aus, if you go with an OB, there is a team of midwives they work with which you also see but they are the ones you see for your appt and for your birth. I’d be pissed to pay for a doctor but not be guaranteed to see a doc. If this was going to happen, I’d rather go publiC. 

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OP, go with whoever youre most comfortable with.  If you dont trust your care provider your care will not be optimal.  Good luck with your pregnancy and birth, bee 🙂

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Up until 24 weeks I was seeing the OBs at my practice and now my. Last two appts have been with midwives at my practice and I feel they stay with me much longer and chat longer.  I have two MFM friends, one who saw the same midwives and both will check on me during my delivery so it made sense to me.  

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I chose to use midwives and I could not be happier, for a lot of the same reasons already mentioned on here. They are extremely knowledgeable and I don’t feel that they know any less than a doctor. Many of the midwives in my practice have doctorate degress in nursing. My appointments last as long as I want them too. I never feel rushed. They make me feel like they would sit there all day with me if I wanted, and they are able to provide me with a ton of information. When I am laboring, a midwife will be there the entire time from beginning to end, which you do not get with an OB. 

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