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  • poll: Can I sue her?

    Yes, you can sue her for the $400

    Yes, you can sue her for more than the $400

    No, legally you can't sue her

    She's family- drop it

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    @2strapscool:  I’m sorry… But to be realistic here, she probably doesn’t have the photos. She probably didn’t lose her laptop, she’s buying time. I bet she lost the camera or lost the memory card, after she uploaded the FB pics, she probably misplaced your photos and os hoping they will magically appear. Ask for your money back, never ever reccommend her, and hope that one day she can tell you what really happened to your photos. 

    I would be infuriated and I think you should keep badgering her to tell you where the F they are, but I have this feeling they are gooooone. 🙁 

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    It will cost you much more than $400 to sue her.
    You won’t be teaching her a lesson – you’ll be looking like a fool.

    No contract, she said she’d do it for free but you gave her some money anyway?
    That sounds like a gift to me.
    You weren’t obligated to pay her and she wasn’t obligated to give you any photos – there was no contract!!

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    @2strapscool:  Wedding came and went. She started uploading the pictures on FB and I told her to stop because at that time we were on our honeymoon, my phone kept ringing (with updates) and I didn’t have a data service plan, so I was unable to see them. FFW to a year later. I only have those pictures that she uploaded on FB.

    May I ask what happened during that interim of a year? Was there a specific reason why there was no contact right after the honeymoon? It feels as though you’re leaving part of the details out for some reason.

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    i’m a bit confused as to why, if she started uploading them to fb when you were on your honeymoon, you a) asked her to stop (since you obviously could have seen them there when you got home) and b) why you then waited a year after your honeymoon to ask for the photos…am i wrong about the timeline?

    there is zero point suing her. she said she’d do it for free, you essentially gifted her 400.00. it will be a waste of time and money to attempt suing her. 

    where is this person located? can you not go to her house and se her face to face? i’d also add that it would be much more persuasive to write

    ‘x, this is really important to me, we trusted you with our day and to take all our photos. the ones you put on facebook are beautiful and we really want the rest. in addition, we generously paid you 400 dollars for your services with the idea that there would be photos of the whole day. i need to know if you have checked your emails, what other ones you may have used, dropbox etc so that we can work toward a solution together. if you know for sure that they are gone, please tell me so i can look into having a reshoot done/whatever. i’m sure you realise how stressful this is for us, so i look forward to hearing from you soon. thank you’

    rather than DID YOU CHECK YOUR GMAIL?

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    Did you give it to her at the wedding like “I know you said you’d do it for free..but here’s $400 because I appreciate you doing this”? If so, I think any court would consider it a gift — you wouldn’t have rights to the money or the pics. 

    Over something like this, most people would usually sue in civil court without a lawyer, so I think all you’d have to pay is a filing fee ($35 where I live). However, it might not be worth it because if you gave her the money as a gift, you won’t get it back and if she doesn’t have the pictures, you can’t get them. Maybe try finding a lawyer with free consultation to find out for sure where you stand?


    So sorry this happened to you :/


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    also – our photographer offers a 3 hour ‘whatever you want’ shoot for 375. he said lots of people use it for a trash the dress shoot, one with their kids/dogs, or just photos they forgot to get on the day. 

    could you get dressed up again and do one of those so you have some photos?

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    I agree that emails like “DID YOU FIGURE THIS OUT” aren’t going to be all that productive at this point. Maybe try phone calls? You need to just have an adult conversation soon. No, you can’t sue her, but you can say (politely), “look, it’s starting to appear to me like you don’t have the pictures anymore. So could you either refund the money I gave you, like you said in the emails you would, or send me the pictures by X date?”

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    @2strapscool:  You might have a case right there with the e-mail where she stated “If he stole it I promise ill give you all your money back.” Now just to get her to admit it was $400…

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    Didn’t it ever dawn on you to go directly to her in person?  Since harping on her via email isn’t working, show up at her place and get the photos from the gmail account. 

    And, doesn’t she have a mother than you can contact for some help with this?  Since it’s your uncle’s kid, what about your parents contacting her or her mom?



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    @Westwood:  no not yet. I really don’t want the money, just the pictures! I don’t understand why she couldn’t have just uploaded them and gave them to me. instead of a year of me asking over and over and over. I really just want to teach her a lesson by suing her. I’ll ask her for the $$ but i’m sure it’s going to be another year of me asking and asking and asking.

    Is she doing this professionally? Or did your cousin just think she was really good at it, and begged you to hire her?

    I don’t think you could sue, since you gifted her the money, she wasn’t asking for payment. You should have given her the money after you received all your photos, as a way to compensate for a job well done.


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