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I do! Unfortunately I don’t have any suggestions. I hate all the medicine I’ve ever tried (even the ones that worked have terrible side effects). 

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Three things: hormonal birth control to balance your hormones. Look into something like Seasonique so you minimize the number of periods you get a year.

Botox. Seriously. If you have 15 or more headache days a month, your insurance should cover it.

and essential oils, peppermint esp., should ease symptoms when you get one.


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Hi! This used to be me!! I was on meds and the meds only helped if I took it before I got a migraine, and even then it just put me to sleep it didn’t actually help the migraine. They were literally debilitating, I couldn’t drive couldn’t talk without slurring, etc. It was awful.

Two things helped me dramatically: 1, I started logging my food and my migraines, to see if there were any common denominators. As it turned out, sugar and high-salt foods are triggers for me. They are also my favorite, which was why I was long suffering. I’d eat the food I craved but then get a migraine. So now I heavily monitor what I eat, and how much sugar/salt I consme. 2, I started seeing a Certified Functional Manual Therapist. Basically, a physical therapist who uses their hands to physically manipulate your body (the spots that are causing the trouble), as opposed to giving you some exercises etc. My CFMT found that I had a slightly “off” alignment on my neck, and after 2 months of us working both in his office to adjust it, and me working on correcting my posture to keep it that way, we saw huge results.

I can honestly say that it has been 9 months and I have only had 1 migraine (which I brought on myself, too much sugar. Ugh). 1 migraine in 9 months from 10-20/month is a HUGE improvement, especially since the 1 I did have could have been avoided with a little more self control.

Try looking into CFMT’s / physiotherapy in your area. Best thing I ever did. Also, if there’s anywhere near you that does floating/sensory deprivation, that’s one thing that helped me a lot before I’d been ‘fixed,’ if I felt a migraine coming on. Good luck bee, I know it’s the WORST 🙁

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I am lucky that I get about 1 every other week and Imitrex works. A lot of my friends swear by acupuncture. I would encourage that. 

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jldavivc :  I was on Topamax for a long time too. Caused numbness in my fingers and serious lack of appetite. and I don’t even think it helped at all! I’m not on a preventative anymore because I’ve found they literally do nothing for me. 

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I can’t be super helpful because I still haven’t found relief for mine, but I highly recommend the Migraine Buddy app to track your triggers. It made me realize that I had more triggers than I thought I did, so I’m starting to avoid those. It also tracks what time of day you get them and the weather at that time. It doesn’t track food though so you may want to keep a separate journal for that. 

One trick I use is downing a ton of water- not because it helps with the migraine, but it fills me up and makes me really tired. I’d rather be sleeping with one than suffering awake.

My my other little trick is a heating pad on my neck. It doesn’t help get rid of it but it helps me stay a bit more comfortable when I’m laying down. 

Not it crazy helpful, I know, but I really recommend that app or any similar that you may find. It’s actually pretty interesting to see your trends. 

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jldavivc :  the only medicine that I’ve found works for me is over the counter which is odd but it’s Tylenol migraine +caffeine. I take 2 with a coffee or pop and it really helps. 

Sometimes I use tiger balm and it helps a little. Have you looked into a chiro?

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Migraines run in the women of my family on my mum’s side. I used to get them a few times a week as well as have a continuous dull headache. I ended up going to a chiropractor on an unrelated reason and have only had a handful of migraines in the past few months! Amazing 😀 although I have a feeling that mine are also triggered by the high fat, sugar, salt foods that I love so km going to have to clamp down on them. 

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jldavivc :  You need to look into your birthcontrol. Talk with your doctor. 

Depending on what is causing it, botox can help. 

Otherwise, I take excedrine migrain when I feel one coming on. Its too late once it already happens. 

For relief, I really like using ice packs on my head and eyes. 

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Be very careful taking hormonal birth control when you suffer from migraines. Migraines do increase your risk of stroke, and hormonal birth control does the same thing. When I started seeing a neurologist for my migraines, he was very blunt about the risks.

The one treatment that he gave me and no one else had offered was occipital nerve blocks. Basically, they use a local anesthetic to free the nerves where they run up the back of your head (it’s 2-4 needles in the scalp – not pleasant but not the worst). It works pretty much automatically and lasts about a week. Very low risk of side effects, and it can be done repeatedly.

I also do acupunture when I’m in pain, and chiropractic care helps as well. 


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jldavivc :  migraine prescription medicine never worked for me. Ironically some of them have migraines listed on them as  possible side effects!!????

I’ve had success with laser acupuncture. Its a commitment for the first few months and a cost but now I only go when I feel one coming on. It stops it in its tracks.

Are your migraines stress triggered….or food, drink etc 

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I have tried just about everything, and was waiting to on a drug trial. Have tried anti-depressants, anti-convolsants, beta-blockers, every triptan on the market, massage, chiro, and lots of ice packs  

Botox worked for about a year(cut them back by about 50%), then stopped working. Occipital nerve block worked for a day maybe. Was at the point of having 2-4 migraines a week. In March I got Daith piercings in both ears ( because my migraines bounced around a lot). Since then, I have had 6 full on migraines. I still get headaches every so often, but nothing like before. I definitely recommend trying it.  

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