(Closed) Migraines anyone?

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Ugh, that’s awful, I’m so sorry! I used to get them with intense frequence. Luckily they’ve slowed down as I’ve gotten older – I still get headaches, but typically don’t get true migraines unless I’ve done something stupid like not eaten in too long.

Have you spoken to your doctor about it? Excedrin migraine is my go-to medicine, but since you’ve already tried that they could get you something stronger – because 5 in 3 days is pretty extreme! But I do know that when I have one taking the medicine alone is not enough – after taking it I need to go lay down in a quiet dark space, sometimes with a cold washcloth on my head/over my eyes. And if I think any of it may be diet-related I make sure to eat something before I do that. And in my case I’ll drink some Mt Dew for some quick caffeine since I have a bit of a problem with that and sometimes going without caffeine for too long triggers them for me and I can’t wait for the caffeine in the excedrin to kick in.

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@joleegirl:  I have really strong migraines at least every other month and headaches at least once a week. I just recently found out that if I mix a very strong, black coffee with the juice of a half lemon plus A LOT of sugar, it at least takes the “eye” pain, which the migraine brings, away. It definitely makes the migraine better, like it’s turns into a normal headache. I dont know about you, but when I get a strong migraine some nerve about my eye starts hurting and I cant see clear anymore. After the coffee I am able to see clear again without any “eye” pain.


I’ve tried many many painkillers. I’ve already had headaches as a kid and have migraines since Im 18/19. Im now 26 and just a few months ago I tried the gross coffee/lemon/sugar mixture and it’s the only thing that helped so far!


You should give it a try 🙂


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I would consider talking to your doctor. I’m truly against taking medicine unless absolutely necessary. My migraines have gotten progressively worse and more frequent in the past 5 years. I finally went to my doctor about them, and was given a prescription to take only when I felt a migraine coming on. It helped! Especially for those days when a migraine came on during work and I had no choice — to either work through it or go home. One time it was so bad I told my boss I had to leave, I got in my car, drove 3 blocks, found a parking spot and had to take a 20 minute nap! I am so glad that I have this prescription now. 

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Are you sure you’ve had 5 migraines in the past 3 days? or is it just one migraine the entire time?  I’ve had my migraines die down a bit with medication then come back full force again later. 

I’ve had migraines since I was a kid (2nd grade or so). For a while I was getting them every week or worse, now they’ve thankfully died down to every few months.  Have you tried any prescription medicine?  I was on Imitrex for 12 years or so (until it stopped working) and now I’m on Relpax.  The Imitrex would knock me out for a while but the Relpax doesn’t.  When my migraines were at their worst, I would go to the doctor’s office and they would just give me a “cocktail”.  Some shot with a bunch of pain killers and I’d be out before I got home (and out for the rest of the day as well) but when I woke up I’d feel much better.  I really like the Relpax so far though, because it doesn’t knock you out for a day.

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I would say to visit your doctor, BUT I do want to ask how your dental hygiene is? It could be your teeth, even if you do brush twice a day and floss and don’t have any pain in your teeth.

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I am a migraine sufferer and they are awful. I currently take a shot when I get a migraine because it is fast effective relief. If I feel one coming on I initially take excederine migraine and drink a mountain dew, if that doesn’t help I do the shot.

ETA: Have you tried accupuncture?


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I could have wrote this thread since I woke up with one at midnight and it persisted till I got up this morning. Anyway, I take a prescription to stop the migraine, works like a charm! its like an intense excedrine. I have tried a few different ones but I finally found one that works. I usually get migraines 4/month but sometimes they can be everyday for like 3-4 weeks. My meds so help me to not have week long migraines! so talk to ur doctor!

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Do you use a ponytail? I found out that if I kept my hair up, it would make my headache worse :S


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Are you on birth control? I was having 3-4 migraines a month for the past few years until I went off of BC. Now I’m down to 1 headache every 6-8 weeks.

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I’ve developed severe migranes caused from Mirena…after removal, the migraines got worse.  My doctor put me on 50mg’s of Topamax  nightly.   I’ve been on it for about 8 months or so?  I’m thinking of getting put on 75mg’s because my migraines are breaking through again.   

He said they are inherited. My mom gets them bad – I’ve noticed my 10 year old daughter is starting to suffer from mild migraines.


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I’ve suffered from migraines for about 12 years.  I don’t get the auras or anything like that, mine consist of horrible pain and vomiting.  My go-to is Excedrin Migraine…if I can keep it down.  I’ve been to the doctor plenty of times before and none of the migraine prescriptions work for me.

I have a prescription for phernergan (anti-nausea med) that I take and force myself to sleep so I don’t throw it up, and that helps some.  As far as the headache goes, I usually just have to sleep it off.

In college, I had migraines so frequently that it was affecting my ability to go to class.  The doctor at the student health center determined that they were most likely caused by stress and put me on a low dosage of Inderal daily to prevent them.  It helped tons!! Inderal is marketed as a blood pressure medicine, but I took such a low dose that it didn’t affect my blood pressure much.  It’s a beta-blocker that affects the dilation of your blood vessels. The only side effect I had was I felt really tired and lethargic for the first week of taking it.  

Unfortunately when I graduated college, I was unable to get refills for that doctor and every primary care physician wants me to through migraine trials, go see a neurologist, and journal my every move to determine what’s causing them.  I have them less frequently now that I’m out of school, so I feel stress is the root cause. 

That same doctor told me to either drink coffee or Mountain Dew first thing in the morning to help prevent them.  Also, drink lots of water and for some reason dark chocolate helps.  It really depends on if you can figure out what’s causing them.  My cousin did the journaling and migraine trials for his and they determined his migraines were being caused by Red Dye #5 that’s in certain foods and caffeine makes his migraines worse.

Definitely ask your doctor about a low dose of inderal taken daily to prevent them! 

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