(Closed) Migraines – what symptoms do you have?

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Honey bee
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Got the aura – a weird shiny disturbance on one side of my vision… then the creepy headache where it starts so small and then grows so horrible over time… then the urge to be lying down somewhere dark and quiet… then nausea. If I can manage to fall asleep I might not puke, if I do, I always fall asleep after. 

However, if I take something EARLY, like ibuprofen, it’s enough to interrupt it and I can stop it, but if I’m already at “really bad headache” or photophobia, I probably just have to wait it out. 

This has led to me using ibuprofen more than maybe I need to, but it also means I worry less about it. Fortunately it’s not so frequent that I think I’m overdoing it on the meds, it’s just a once-in-a-blue-moon thing.

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Busy bee
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My migraines sometimes cause auras. Sometimes it’s a high pitched “squealing” noise that only I can hear, sometimes it’s really bad sensitivity to light and weird spots right before it starts. Migraines are different for everyone. Once my migraine hits, to me it feels like someone blew up a balloon too big inside my skull and the pressure is too intense for words. I suffer from chronic migraines. I get that pain behind my eyes sometimes too, that you described and occasionally nausea. I haven’t really found meds that work to get rid of my migraines once they hit. I have a couple prescriptions that can sometimes dull the pain a bit, but I’m pretty much stuck with it once it’s there and they are around quite often, in different degrees of severity.

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Buzzing bee
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Usually the first sign of an impending migraine for me is seeing black spots over my entire field of vision.. the spots gradually get larger until I can’t see very well at all. I also get nausea well before the actually headache sets in, which is a little annoying. If I take something (strong, I’m well beyond over the counter meds at this point unfortunately) during the aura phase, I can sometimes bypass the worst of the headache, but if not, meds don’t really help – sleep does. I get extremely light and sound sensitive, so I usually end up locking myself up in a bedroom with a cool cloth on my head so I can sleep it off. If I do throw up, it generally makes me feel slightly better, and I can sleep a little more easily. I get them all the time, related to changes in the weather. Not fun! I wouldn’t wish them on anyone.

Unfortunately, a lot of people overuse the word migraine when really, there are many types of headaches that you can suffer from. A migraine is vascular and neurological in nature, so they feel throbbing, and usually the pain is felt more on one side. Tension headaches usually occur in a “hat band” pattern, around the eyes, back above the ears and all the way to the back of the head. These are generally caused by trigger points in the upper back and neck, which are totally treatable to prevent the headaches from returning. There are also cluster headaches, which are usually felt right behind the eye, on one side. These are thought to be the most excruciating headaches (actually nicknamed “suicide headaches”), they happen frequently and tend to follow a pattern as to when they occur. Or, there are your more run-of-the-mill headaches that can be caused by stress, food allergies, loud noise, head trauma, etc.



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For me the first sign of the migraine is the neausea that I get, then the rest of it tends to hit at once like a train. Lights become unbearable, and sounds become both muffled and yet sharp/painful. Depending on the migraine, sometimes I will get the aura, other times not.

Thankfully my migraines no longer last up to three weeks without stop any more. I missed about half of my senior year of high school because of how bad they were. They just tend to come out of nowhere and bam! I’m out for the day. Unfortunately, nothing we’ve tried actually work so I’m stuck either spending the day curled up in bed with the world dark, or living my life and trudging thru it.

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Honey bee
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I get the aura, the distubances in peripheral vision, the headache sets in (usually on the right side), sensitivity to light and sound, I get extremely tired and I feel weak all day. 

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Busy bee
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My teeth feel sore before I get a migraine, my eyes feel out of focus. When it builds up my teeth feel loose and I get an aura like hazy binocular vision, mine are light triggered caused by a genetic serotonin uptake problem. I once forgot my massive sunglasses one bright summers day, I went blind in my left eye for three days, ouch! 

I take propanolol and rizatriptan to manage them,that reduces it to about 1 problematic episode a week. Without medication it’s almost daily. 

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Helper bee
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I mostly get aura, mine is my vision getting bright and seeing rainbow like floaters. I also go numb, my tongue, nose, gums, hands all can go numb, sometimes I vomit. The first time I ever got one I thought my retina detached and then the numbness really freaked me out, but when I got to the eye doctor she knew right away that I was having an ocular migraine with aura. The headache usually isn’t that bad, the aura is worse.

Luckily I only get a few a year. I have never really figured out my trigger, besides stress. I used to take maxalt but imitrex works better for me.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I get the auras more often than not and primarily ocular pain. It occurs equally on either side.

I get intense nausea and while I do get some sound pain (Mostly high pitched sounds like tires screeching or children yelling), I get very sensitive to light. My headaches start off as a dull annoyance (But I can tell they are progressing into migraines by the nausea and/or the ocular pain) but they slowly progress into demons.

Taking medicine as early as possible is vital for me. I need darkness and cold. Sometimes heat on the back of my neck helps, but it really tends to vary headache to headache, but cold consistently helps. Vomiting also helps, not sure why but it really does. Sometimes it’s an immediate sort of relief.

I’ve found that drinking freezing water very slowly helps. It invokes brain freeze in me and dulls the pain (I’ve read up that it can release pain killing hormones, but I’m not 100% on this) so I pack a ton of ice into a cup, fill it full of water and leave it in the fridge or for a short while in the freezer. I drink it very slowly (tiny sips at a time) through a straw to get my mouth and head as cold and as numb as possible.


My migraines do not seem to be hormonal or stress related, they just sorta.. happen. I’ve had varying diets and a particular intake of one food/mineral/vitamin over the other doesn’t seem to trigger them.

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Honey bee
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I have hemiplegic migraines. Usually the symptoms of these mimic a stroke!! SUPER scary. I went to the ER thinking I was having a stroke – my hands were numb, my tongue and mouth get numb, I can’t speak – its all gibberish, its like I can’t even think to put words together. Sometimes my eyes will hurt too and I usually have a weird headache. It doesn’t really hurt that badly, its just a strange type of headache that is more uncomfortable than anything else. Sometimes I can feel it coming on if it seems like I have to think extra hard just to find a simple word or sentence. Doesn’t happen often – maybe once a year or every couple of years, but it is truly terrifying.

I refuse to take crazy migraine medication that usually brings on terrible side effects, so instead I usually pop an aspirin or two if I feel it coming on and believe it or not it works! Even in the middle of one of these episodes if I take aspirin it seems to solve the problem faster than just letting the migraine go away on its own. From what I’ve learned this type of headache is caused by the pressure of a vein or artery pressing too firmly on part of the brain which affects my speech, thinking, etc. The aspirin thinning the blood brings the pressure down in the area.

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Busy bee
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I get chronic migraines – so, a headache almost every day if I’m not on preventative medication.  Luckily, my doctor and I found that a small dose (25 mg) of nortriptyline (a tri-cyclic antidepressant) every day stops 95% of my migraines from happening.  If one does break through, I take 4 ibuprofen and 50 mg of sumatriptan (Imitrex).

My triggers are bright light (I never go anywhere without sunglasses), being overheated (I basically can’t spend time outside in the summer), crying, and general overstimulus by my surroundings.  However, before I started going on medication, regardless of my environment, I was pretty much guaranteed to get a migraine starting around 1 p.m. and lasting several hours.  When I have a migraine, noise usually isn’t an issue, but light is excruciating.  I consider myself extremely lucky to not ever experience nausea.

Every once in a while my migraines are preceded by an aura, during which “colors behave strangely” (only way I can describe it).  It’s almost like I’m seeing colors in negative at the corners of my vision.  I also behave kinda loopy – my fiancé can actually tell I’m in an aura before I can, because I repeat myself for no reason, use the wrong words, and have zero short-term memory.

As far as how my headaches feel, it’s textbook pulsating on the right side of my head, my eyes feel like they’re going to explode, and the pain is concentrated on a line going from my eye back to the knob on the back right side of my skull.  My doctor actually recommended getting a shot of Botox to the muscles on the back of my head if the medication didn’t work.

The medication has really been a life-saver.  The only “side effect” is a very brief period of rapid heart beat when I take Imitrex.  Totally worth it, because it knocks out a migraine in less than an hour. 

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Worker bee
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I’ve only had the aura once, but never again after that. I get a pain around my eye/eyebrow area on either side of my head, more often my left side; the pain occasionaly spreads down the side of my neck that the migraine is on. The pain is bearable at first, but if I don’t take something for it, it will get way worse. I get intense nauseau, and the pain is debilitating. I have to have a dark, soundless room and it has to be cold. My longest lasting migraine was nearly four days, but with some medicine, I was able to control the pain so I could eat, maybe leave the tv on for company. I’m now on prescription because the over the counter stuff just doesn’t do it.

Since I started taking Fioricet, my migraines have been better, with only one occurance of the medicine not working at all. Even though it has caffeine, I get super tired after it. I consider myself to be very lucky to have a medicine that I need to take only when I have a migraine, not everyday.

Some of my triggers are stress, that time of the month, some alcoholic drinks (mainly beers and hard ciders), heat, and certain foods (but not chocolate!). I sleep with my window open when it’s cold out since my roommates like the apartment to be 74 or higher. I like my room to be 67 or cooler since it helps my head a lot.

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