(Closed) Migraines when the weather changes?

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I do. I’m pretty prone to them anyway, but they get way worse in the winter and when the weather changes drastically. I’m not sure if it’s genetic or also a head injury thing (I got a slight concussion when I fell off of a horse a long time ago) but I just treat it like a normal migraine: I drink lots of water and try to sleep it off if possible.

When real life gets in the way, though, it can be really tough. Migraine medicine/Excedrin just don’t help me. I get pret-ty darn grumpy. 

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My doctor has told me that any change in pattern or behavior (from picking up the occasional cup of coffee to getting less sleep to having more than one drink) can trigger one.  I think a change in weather definitely counts!  Excedrin Migraine in large quantities whenever you feel like you might have one coming on does help a lot.  I also swear by my Zomig!  All that works for me is to take a pill and go to sleep for a couple of hours.  I am lucky enough that my job allows me to do that when I need to.

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Yes!!! In fact, I had one yesterday. I used to have really bad headaches when I grew up and through college. I took Maxalt and would try to wait it out with a dark room and a cold compress or bean bag on my face. When I graduated and moved, I got headaches but none of the serious migraines I got before. Now that I have returned to where I grew up, I get these terrible headaches again, especially when the weather or pressure changes. I really need to get a new prescription because teaching boistrous elementary school children with a migraine is not fun!

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Doesn’t happen to me but it afflicts my sister. There really isn’t anything that she is able to do to prevent it. Migraine medication and the caffiene in Coke helps her when it does happen.

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I get migraines and the weather changing is definitely a big trigger. I take Maxalt-MLT at the first sign of a migraine and for the most part it helps a lot– either killing the migraine or lessening it so that it is bearable.

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I get pain that feels like migraines but they aren’t (I have been tested at the doctors by trying migraine medicines).  I feel like good old Advil works wonders, especially taken on a strict schedule even if you feel okay at the time.  I had a few concussions growing up (one serious enough that I wasn’t in school for the second half of senior year) so it might be a head injury thing.

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Oh this happens to me too!!  Fluctuations in weather, hormonal changes, dehydration, excessive heat can all be triggers for me.  I think a big thing for me is the change in barometric pressure.  Mine come every couple of months and I hate them.  Excedrin just doesn’t do the trick with my migraine – I have to just let them run their course.  Not fun. 🙁

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Uh, yeah, I get them too.  Mainly when the weather involves pressure changes that mess with my sinuses.  I used Excedrin Migraine for awhile and now have prescription meds for when they are really bad.  And I got a great blackout eye mask because any light makes it so much worse.  Now I can pretty much get rid of them in an hour or two with the meds/mask/nap combo.

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My Fiance always gets migranes & headaches when the weather changes, & especially when it rains! I hate it for him, because he always has to sleep when he gets these, which means less time with me!! But I’m taking care of him!!

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Yes, I get them too which is really frustrating because here it will be 75 one day, 32 the next, and then back in the low-70s the day after!

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Absolutely!  Mr T gets them too, and we’re both so regular that we’ve been known to predict rain correctly even on days where the weatherman mistakenly called for sun.

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I get headaches when the seasons change (or there’s a big switch in barometric pressure) – I always associated it with my allergies. But yeah, I’m pretty miserable for about a week or so. During that time, Excedrin Tension Headache is my friend, and I probably have an extra glass of wine or extra can of Diet Coke to “help”.

And I feel bad when it happens – it’s so hard to convince people that you’re in misery when you look/sound okay, your head just feels like it’s going to explode.

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I get headaches when the pressure gets really low, and they make me just want to go to sleep in a dark, quiet room.

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I was in a car accident a few years ago and wound up with whiplash which was bad enough for my migraines then last winter I slipped and fell on the ice not once but twice-within a 24hr period-and ended up with a “severe” concussion. So the cold weather usually makes them worse but I started seeing a chiropractor a while ago and he has helped immensely! I still get headaches but not anywhere near as bad probably going from a 10 to now they’re usually a 4 or 5 and that’s only if and when I get them. I used to get a migraine at least every other week if not every week, now maybe once a month. I highly reccommend chiropractic care for people suffering from migraines.

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