(Closed) Migraines…the worst headaches EVER!

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I’m sorry =( I know what its like. I’ve been getting migraines since I was 6 and nobody has ever been able to figure out why. I get at least one a week, but they usually last for 2 days. I cant take any pills for mine. They always make me puke. The only thing that works for me is lots of water, a dark room and an ice pack.

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I’ve had headaches my whole life, but I started getting debilitating migraines when I was 20 and started taking birth control pills. I went into a severe depression because they interfered so much with my daily life – at that time, I was having 3-4 migraines a week. After my second migraine, I went to a neurologist and he prescribed me a nightly preventative called Nortriptylin along with Imitrex shots that I administer to myself for on the spot migraines. Ice packs placed right on top of the painful spots work like a charm as well! The preventative has worked wonders for me and now I only have a migraine once every 2 or 3 months. The Imitrex shot works but recently it has given me high blood pressure every time I use one. I don’t ever worry about getting one on my wedding day because I get them so seldom now.

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I get them almost every month, sometimes more, sometimes less.

They last anywhere from 24 hours to 7 days. And thats the constant pain. Movement hurts my head and I start to lose my vision. Vomiting can be included sometimes but I hardly ever vomit at all so it’s not that common. But if you ever have to cough sneeze or anything of the sort when you have a migraine, it’s HORRIBLE.

I had one on Wednesday and it’s rough. I didn’t get out of bed at all Wednesday or Thursday and 1/2 of Friday.

I don’t take anything for it though, I don’t like medicine. So I just wait it out in bed TV turned really low and a blanket over the window. I also do my best to not move at all unless it’s to use the restroom. Luckily my fiance or daughter will bring me food or drinks when I’ve got them so I don’t have to get out of bed

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@Stargaze31:  There is something awfully unhealthy about those shots 🙁 I have about 30 of them sitting in my room and I don’t plan to use them again! Being 23 with high blood pressure is not normal!

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Mine are not nearly that severe, but I take Topamax daily and it’s really helped with lessening the frequency and severity.  I find that on it, Excedrin Migraine usually does the trick, unless it’s a full blown and then I have Imitrex.  

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That is so weird.  I was sitting at my computer working on invitations, and started having a migraine aura so bad that I couldn’t see what I was doing, so I got frustrated and stopped.  I opened up my wedding bee tab (not sure why I figured reading would be a good alternative, considering I can barely see), and the first thing I saw was your post. lol.

Anyway, I find that simple asprin works just as good as any prescription drug.  The problem is, you have to catch it early, which is usually before you realize what’s happening to you, and I never do.  If you’re really worried on your wedding day, a pre-emptive dose of asprin (or your drug of choice that isn’t contraindicated with alcohol!) wouldn’t hurt.

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I get migraines too.  I take Zonigran daily, its like Topamax but side effects are far less severe. I also take Imitrex shots when I need them.  I use vials and syringes so I can choose my dose because the pens were too much and knocked me out. I see the premier neurologist in Pittsburgh and we have changed so many things in my daily life that have lessened my migraines.  No caffeine, no sugar substitutes except Splenda, monophasic BC.  When I need Imitrex it is usually only 2mg shots now. But I also get Ice Pick migraines and those are hard to treat since they come on so quickly and then are gone so quickly. Ugg.

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I have three triggers for migraines – stress, hormones, and chocolate. When I wasn’t on birth control, I used to get them around my period every single month. Now, I get them whenever I am REALLY stressed or if I eat a ton of chocolate. 

I’ve vomited on occasion from a migraine, but I’ve only had an aura once. It was insane – crazy pulsing arrows of silver light with a rainbow shimmer behind them that went in waves across my vision. I actually ended up going to the ER for that one as my family thought I was having a retinal detachment or a stroke. The ER staff was like….ummmmmmmm…..what is wrong with you? This is clearly a migraine with aura. 

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I used to get horrible migraines. My vision would get blurry, letters would transpose if I tried to read anything (even 1-word, or the time on the clock), I would throw up, and even lose the ability to form coherant sentences.

I haven’t had a a migraine in about 2 years. What changed? I started eating mostly paleo/primal!

Same thing for my sister, she would get migraines so bad she’d end up in the ER. She would get them at least once a week. Since going primal, she’s down to less than one a month, and when she does get one, it’s not landing her in the ER anymore.

And apparently we aren’t the only ones! http://www.marksdailyapple.com/no-grains-equals-no-migraines/

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I get them when I have my period or when a strange weather front comes through or when sun hits the snow. They usually knock me out for an entire day. Sometimes from the pain and nausea and sometimes the medicine makes me so loopy I’m scared of driving. My neuro says I should be fine but it makes my arms feel heavy and I feel like I’m in a fog. She suggested I take a magnesium supplement but I haven’t gotten around to it…I should. I was taking Maxalt but I don’t think it’s working as well as it used to…I see bouncing balls on it and it doesn’t get rid of the pain. She gave me samples of Relapax and Frova. I tried the Relapax and it worked really well. I took it and then slept for 2 hours. I woke up and most of the pain was gone but still the weird fog feeling. My FI said I sounded drugged up.


Would love to find something to take that works and doesn’t make me feel foggy. Being out of it for a day to day and a half is annoying.

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I’ve dealt with migrains for years and Zomig is what my dr prescribed. It’s amazing and I’m good to go after 20 minutes

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i get migraines but i’ve never had the really bad ones that last for days. when i feel one coming on, i take excedrin migraine and if i’m able, i go lie down for awhile. last summer, DH and i went to the state fair. it was really hot and i thought i was keeping hydrated pretty well but i started getting a headache. i let it go but by the time we left, it was full blown. it was a 3 hour drive home and i have no idea why we didn’t stop somewhere and get excedrin (i usually have some with me but i brought a different purse that day). by the time we got home, i was nauseous and couldn’t see well. i took 3 excedrin and went to bed. after about an hour, i felt much better. in the past, i had an rx for one of the dissolving pills (i thought it was imitrex but i don’t remember) but excedrin works just as well for me.

my triggers are dehydration and strong perfumes like floral scents. also, star gazer lillies.

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