MIL Posting Drama on Social Media

posted 2 years ago in Married Life
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Bumble Beekeeper

Petty, childish, control and attention-seeking behavior should never be rewarded with a response. Ignore! 

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Honestly I don’t get how keeping your shoes on in people’s homes is a thing. I know people who wear ‘indoor’ sandals etc because they get sore feet without support. But wouldn’t the general population be more comfortable without shoes? Not to mention outdoor shoes on carpets? On couches? But anyway. I’m in Canada, for reference. It seems like a perfectly reasonable request. They sound very childish. Sounds like your husband is on board though, and you’re fine to just ignore!

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Oh man that is good.  I hate passive aggressiveness lol.  I’m from a culture where EVERYONE takes shoes off in the house, so yeah they’re the rude ones. 

You should do the Facebook poll orrrrrrr make your own neon-background large-text post that goes:

“Sad when some people value their dirty gross-ass shoes over their children!”

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smalltownbigworld :  Act like that and you wouldn’t be invited to my house again. I’m Canadian, and no one I know wears shoes in the house (personally I think it’s extremely gross). It’s simple, your house, your rules. We also have a dog, and we have never had to ask people to remove their shoes in our home, they just do. Our dog also has her paws wiped before coming in the house. If your in-laws are this upset, then do not invite them over again, this is a slippery slope of emotional guilt and abuse. 

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Helper bee

Another Canadian here, everyone takes their shoes off in people’s homes unless someone asks you to leave them on for some reason (during renovations, etc). It’s not an unreasonable request at all, I don’t see what the big deal is to them?

This kinda of petty FB drama is such a pet peeve of mine. My mom used to do this kind of thing all the time, fortunately she finally stopped doing it. I’d be tempted to unfriend her.

The poll idea cracks me up!

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Honey bee

Completely ignoring her childish FB post and ignoring your father-in-law like you did while he pouted were the perfect responses.

Nothing pisses these people off more than not being able to get a rise out of you or get you to come groveling to them with apologies.

Carry on!

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Good grief, were your in-laws raised in a barn? It’s common practice to remove shoes before entering the house, unless you’re hosting a big party. That’s the way my house is run and the same is true in many Asian and Indian homes I’ve entered. Your in-laws sound like a real pain in the ass.

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Bumble bee

Perfectly reasonable request on your part.

Perfectly ridiculous response on theirs.

Stick to your guns bee and ignore. If you don’t then who knows what other lovely little asinine tantrums will be on the horizon?

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smalltownbigworld :  

You’re not wrong. Most people remove their shoes before entering their homes or other’s homes as guests. I also believe that guests should respect the rules of homes they visit. 

Your in-laws are being ill mannered and unreasonable. They sound immature as well. 

I’m sorry that you have in laws like that. Enjoy your gorgeous home and ignore their nonsense. 

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This is so batshit! Refusing to come in?! Showing up to other relatives places of work in hysterics? NOT OKAY.

My fiance is West Indian and although I didn’t grow up in a shoes-off house, he has fully converted me (it wasn’t too hard as I’m a clean freak anyway lol). A couple of my family members grumble a little when I make them take off their shoes in our home, but they comply. Your in-laws are a handful, to say the least.

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They sound absolutely batshit crazy. Being pissy enough about not taking shoes off to not even come in is bad enough. But going to a third party to bitch about it? And then the passive aggressive facebooking – good lord! The only good thing is that she looks like a total immature asshole for posting that. Idk anyone who thinks that type of posting is cool or sympathy-worthy. All her friends were probably like omg there she does again, what a jerk. 

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Mother-In-Law is being bitchy.  I firmly believe in unfollowing/ unfriending people whose posts aggravate me.  She may have the right to post passive aggressively but that doesn’t mean you have to see it.

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