MIL Posting Drama on Social Media

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Block or delete her on Facebook if she’s going to be that childish. 

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Stop thinking about this and wrecking your brains. To put it simply, “they stoopid”. Remember that always. And don’t let them take up any of your head space.

As a side benefit, they won’t be over much! wink

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smalltownbigworld :  It’s good that someone checked her, and that they did it publicly. Her behavior (and that of her husband) is ridiculous and childish.

I do agree with the poster who said to either block her or delete her from your FB. I’m a big fan of muting people’s posts so I don’t see them anymore (but I can take some time to decide if I still want to be friends with them).

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It is worth out-thinking your in-laws. They are absolutely in the wrong here but there may come a time when you want to extend an olive branch that isn’t really an olive branch but a way of outwitting them.

Disposable shoe covers, the blue booties mentioned by a previous poster complete with Amazon link, are a great idea. Buy a few pairs. Either your in-laws take off their shoes or wear the booties over their shoes.

Why are they a great idea? Because they provide stubborn people who refuse to be told what to do with a choice. And people (even those stubborn to the point of idiocy) respond better to choices than to ultimatums. The booties also save the embarassment of exposing holey socks or smelly/dirty feet, if that is the real issue.

Calmly give your in-laws that choice. If they refuse both choices they will look even more churlish and petty. If they accept then you maintain the relationship with them and have the pleasure of seeing them look undignified in blue plastic footwear.

Make a point of towelling your dog’s feet when they visit. It will emphasise that the dog isn’t getting special treatment but has to behave itself too.

(If blue plastic booties are too extreme buy slipper socks instead.)

Good luck.

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What? Lol. This is beyond and very childish.

Even if they are “offended”, it’s your house and they should respect your wishes without making a big deal out of it. Honestly, WHY is it such a big deal. 

Next they will be offended if you ask them to use coasters on your table. 

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Yes, let’s invest in pointless plastic shoe covers to appease grown adults acting like children. Oh wait…

They know their house rules if they showed up and did the same thing again, I’d tell them they can stay outside again. OP is not being unreasonable and she doesn’t need to put on a show of cleaning her dogs feet to prove it gets done.

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Supersleuth :  

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Wow. They would NOT do well in Asia. I’m not even allowed to wear outside shoes at work; I have to keep slippers in a special cubby in the lobby and change every morning. I once made a joke about being so tired I might crawl into bed with shoes on. I got multiple distressed phone calls from people who just needed to know I didn’t actually do that.

Send them over here. We’ll straighten them out.

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MancBee :  Hello there. As I said there may come a time when the OP wishes to extend an “olive branch”. But then again perhaps she won’t wish to do such a thing.

What I do know is that the in-laws were in the wrong. I am merely looking at options to solve the situation in a way that might be amenable to all parties concerned.

(This does, of course, assume that the refusal to take off shoes is a one-off incident of impolite behaviour on the part of the in-laws rather.than a repetitive pattern of behaviour. With a pattern of behaviour I might very well suggest that the OP stands her ground.)

Apart from the stand-off approach, do you have any better ideas?

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KKJohnson :  
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smalltownbigworld :  

I have this sign hangin on my entry hall. so whoever comes they HAVE  to take off their shoes period ! 

One day, I had a friend came over with their wild kids -she refused to take off their shoes, I told them are you gonna help me to clean up the floor before you leave ( with jokes ) her reason it takes lot of time to take off and put back on shoes of 3 childs. 

then she had to post it on socmed that someone who has no kids don’t know the struggle to put kids shoes and dress them.

I felt the post was for me, so I approach them and said, it’s my house my rules, I’ll follow your rules when I come to your house. 

What I want to say, tell them about their post directly and asked what they want and mean instead put conclusion by ourselve so you can tell them what you feel to.

Yes I dont like people wear shoes in my house too 😀 

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Your in-laws reactions are WAY over the top and I am in agreement with them – I hate taking my shoes off and I practically beg people to leave theirs on when they come to my house. I vacuum daily and unless it’s really wet outside I just prefer shoes on. But when I encounter a shoes-off house I suck it up the first time and do one of two things (1) bring slippers with me next time or (2) stop going to that house. Easy peasy. 

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I unfortunately locked heads with my Mother-In-Law and SIL one time and my husband, rightfully so, took my side and at one point in the argument had to ask his mother to “not speak to his wife like that.” Anyway a day later she re-posted something like that to facebook about how “children shouldn’t speak to or hurt their mothers in such as way as their mother was there first.” I was so upset when I saw it, and when my husband asked his mother about it she tried to feign innocence saying she “just re-posted it coz it was a good saying.” 

The argument was just that, an argument, but that move left a sour taste in my mouth, it really shocked me that she could stoop that low.. but hey. 


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