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When Fiance and I had only been dating 3 months, she called him up and asked him if we had picked out rings yet. Now she is hounding us about grandkids and we’re not even married nor are we convinced we want to have kids (and if we were convinced, we certainly wouldn’t be having them any time soon).

Also, I posted about this elsewhere, but I’m still offended, lol, so I’ll add it in. Before FI’s grandmother died, she requested Fiance receive her old ring to give to me, and Future Mother-In-Law gave it to him at Christmas and talked about how great it was that grandma wanted us to have it. When Fiance proposed to me, he proposed with both the ring he designed and the ring from his grandmother, stating that mine was for the future and hers was to symbolize the past and me being added to the family.

Fiance had wanted to put it in my wedding band, but it costs too much for us to have one specially made for it. We decided to save $$ and get a really nice ring made for it on our 5 year anni so we could really do it some justice since we just don’t have $4-5k for a custom ring laying around. When Future Mother-In-Law (who, btw, has inherited 3-4 other diamond rings from FI’s grandmother) found out we couldn’t afford it right now she decided she wanted the ring (that FI’s grandmother wanted ME to have) back because it meant more to her anyway (she even offered to give us a “different diamond out of another of Grandma’s rings” WTF?).

Ouch. T__T I’m still feeling the sting from that one. It meant a tremendous amount to Fiance to have it and myself to get it in the manner that I did. *grumble*

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Mine is really sweet, but she’s done a few pita things lol.

Picked out a white dress for my wedding, spent 10 minutes (a month before) trying to convince me it was blue.

Was supposed to help rangle kids for a party (for the family) at 11am.  The party was to start at 4pm.  They showed up at 6pm.

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@edgebee:  and that is absurd because…. ? it’s obviously not that important to her, that’s it not absurd

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Future Mother-In-Law wants to invite a bunch of extended family who doesn’t live anywhere near us to the wedding; Fiance has only seen them twice in his life and is mostly indifferent about them.  We picked a few people off her list that Fiance wanted to see and let her know that’s who we could accommodate.

It’s now been no less than 5 times that I’ve heard (or seen:  email) Fiance explain to her that we just don’t have room for any other guests from her list.

Her response is that she’ll check with a family member to see who might be able to come (no!).

And she’s also suggested multiple times that if there’s not enough room at the venue, due to these extra folks she wants to invite, she will go out to eat on our wedding day instead of eating at our reception.

Apparently she wants all of this family Fiance barely knows to come to our wedding so badly that she’s cool with skipping dinner and all of the toasts, etc…

I’ve been bitching about all of this here.

I have a headache.  Need more ice cream.

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@LadyMoriarty: My Future Mother-In-Law did exactly what you described in your second paragraph!  Only instead of 12 people, it was 19.  About 2-3 months after we’d asked for lists from all of our parents and she had verbally told Fiance “Oh, just these people” and listed off some family members we had planned to invite.

But, your Future Mother-In-Law really sounds awful.  Sorry you have to deal with her.  🙁  Despite the recent frustrations, I think my Future Mother-In-Law is a good person at heart.

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@DomesticDiva:  LOL Future Mother-In-Law did the same thing to us. Literally sent us a list of 40 extra people, most of whom Fiance either didn’t like or hadn’t seen since he was a child. When we told her we couldn’t accomodate them all, she said “Well most of them won’t come anyway, it’s just a way for you to get extra presents!” Who does that???

ETA: We chose like 10 people from the list and invited them. The rest, nope. She’s in California, not much she can do anyway.

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Not the worst story, but relevant. DH called Mother-In-Law to tell her that we were buying a house. She immediately said “well *listed off every holiday left in the year* is at my house.” Um.. it was August when this happened.

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My Future Mother-In-Law, who I haven’t seen in almost 4 years and who FH barely talks to, called today to ask FH if we were still “an item”. 

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My FMILs are both awesome, but this is a winner that came from my mom:

“Don’t you think it’d be cute for me to wear my wedding dress to your wedding?”  Enough said.  In mother’s defense it was a week before she hit rock bottom and ended up in the ICU detoxing.  She’s been my ‘regular’ mom since then and doesn’t even remember most of that time.


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I haven’t read all the Mother-In-Law horror stories, but I am more than certain mine takes the take: 

The evidence I submit before is this: 

  1. She put me in a HEADLOCK at DH’s junior prom 
  2. I told her what kind of car’s I was looking at and saving up for and she went out and bought one, even though she DIDN’T need it and was already making a payment at 12% interest on the LAST car she bought, just so she could rub it in my face. (If I wanted to do what she did I COULD have, but I actually think having a good credit score is something to be cherished) 
  3. DH is terrible at remembering birthdays and I had to pick out his mom’s birthday present last year.. and she SAVED it and gave it to me or Christmas and made sure to point out that she was giving it to me because she didn’t like it. 
  4. She CONSTANTLY says things like “my (DH’s name)” and “I’m so glad that he is ALL MINE”. It really bugs DH.  
  5. DH is a success statistician at a hospital and makes a very good living and she is always BASHING him by saying she “never thought HER son would be a city dweller, and why couldn’t he have been content just chopping wood like his father”. 
  6. She acts like she knows DH better than I do and he hasn’t lived with her since he was 15. And he can barelys stand to be around her. 

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@Kandiss16:  my Future Mother-In-Law is a doll, but I was engaged once before and his mother was a nightmare. she said I had gotten too fat ahad was going to make her son fat. that shamed me enough to join weight watchers. After I told her I joined weighwatchers (my mistake) she had a box of Omaha steaks, double baked potatoes and apple pies shipped to my apartment. I really wish I was making this up.

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I love FMiL, but she once gave me tips on how to conceive, WITH HER SON. We’d been dating a month. The first time I met her, she slapped my ass and said “Yep, you’ll do.” She also sent me a photo of her boobs and asked if mine were bigger…still trying to figure out if that was a joke.

She’s a great lady, just…interesting.

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So, I had originally written a 9-point rant on my Future Mother-In-Law, but then I kicked a cable, and my computer restarted on its own. I’m taking that as a sign that maybe I’m saying too much. Let’s just say if the last 5 weeks had been any indication on the rest of the wedding planning, I would be eloping. Thankfully, Future Father-In-Law is helping us out (they’re divorced), so that doesn’t appear to be the case (still holding it as plan B in case he fails us).

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She sued Fiance, while he was still in college and homeless, after she kicked him out of her house where he paid rent and bills, not once, not twice but THREE times…. the last one ongoing right now. and then she calls me to ask why he doesn’t call her anymore and guilt trip as to why I don’t “help the situation”. Maybe, because I don’t want to you crazy b!+ch?

After Fiance and I went long distance, I travelled to visit him at his home town (he had moved back there to find a job). She calls me to point out how that’s a great place to raise kids and how wonderful the school system is. She doesn’t live there and it’s a different country! She hadn’t spoken to Fiance for about four months at that point, but she calls me.

My mom is a lawyer, she asked her for legal counseling in suing Fiance, whom my mom adores.

We are still over a year away from the wedding, we have started planning though and made the guestlist. Close family and friends only and we’re having 140 people, this is no plus ones and no children. She didn’t know we had made the guest list. We included her best friends, people Fiance has known most of his life since it is only close family and friends. She called to inform him that she had already invited 15 of her close friends, Fiance has never met them, any of them. We told her it was unacceptable (at $100 pp that’s money that isn’t in the budget sorry! We’re close to the top as is now). She proceeded to throw a fit as to how many friends my parents (who are paying) were inviting (a grand total of six, two more that we are inviting for her) and how unfair it wasWe informed her that if they were so important to them she could pay at least for their food and we would accomodate them somehow, she was angry and bitched at us and hasn’t talked to us since May. 

Her and Future Father-In-Law are divorcing, which finalized about a month ago. The judge ruled in FFIL’s favor, she wanted 80% of their assets and half his pension, although he has the debt for the business she ruined out of SPITE. She got 40% debt free, since he has to pay off hundreds of thousands of dollars. Called Fiance to “fix it”. Since he CAN’T, she turned her entire family (including the ten year old cousins) against him and they have all blackmailed him, they are his only family in the country we are going to live in.

She thinks none of this is wrong and everyone is against her. I have never once heard her apologize.

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