(Closed) MIL threatening to sue DH and myself

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I wouldn’t budge on this.  She has no legal rights to the money, she can sue whoever she wants.  Funny how she can afford a lawyer, but it just so poor and pitiful.  She’s being manipulative and absolutely ridiculous.  

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lilsistam:  ummmm FUCK ALL THAT NOISE.

Put everything in writing and respond to both the Mother-In-Law and her lawyer and don’t give her another red cent. What a horrible woman. At this point I would say good riddance and never speak to her again. She is a lazy, money hungry, abusive slag. Instead of being grateful for everything that has already been done for her she wants more? ummm no. Enough is enough.

I’m sorry that your Darling Husband is upset. I’m sure it’s a horrible situation to be in but this is NOT his fault. It is HERS. He cannot allow her to keep doing this. What if she killed someone in your car and on your insurance? You would be getting sued. You have already stuck your necks out for her more than she ever deserved and she appreciated none of it. How dare she.

He needs to cut the cord and let her go be miserable on her own.

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lilsistam:  I agree with PP DO NOT BUDGE. She is using it as a weapon to get some money. Just tell her to save the money she would use from the lawyer lol.

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I’m glad that you won’t budge on this issue. Your Mother-In-Law is being totally irrational. Unfortunately, it looks like this situation is just going to have to play out. She does seem irrational enough to go through with the process from what you’ve expressed here. 

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lilsistam:  She needs money to get by, but she has money for a lawyer? Either she has FAR more than she’s letting on, or she’s playing a hardball bluff game. Either way, I agree with the PPs. Document everything, get your own lawyer, and minimize contact with her. After this plays out, personally, I’d completely cut her off from my life.

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She can’t afford monthly car insurance payments but she can afford a lawyer? Yeah right.

The fact the attorney encouraged your Darling Husband to work things out without him smells like he knows there’s no case here. If she wants to threaten to throw an expensive public tantrum through the courts, let her. Anyone can sue anyone for anything, doesn’t mean they’re going to get a payout. Your Darling Husband has all the documents verifying that he was the owner of the vehicle, named on the insurance, etc that clearly shows that he is entitled to the money. His mother crying “But I neeeeeed it!” is not an actual legal leg to stand on.

She sounds like a toxic elder and I think you and your husband should go minimum contact with her at the very least. Your Darling Husband should speak to a counselor or therapist about how his mother’s behavior is hurting him.

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lilsistam:  So aggravating! She’s being a big pain in the ass, but she doesn’t have a leg to stand on. The only thing you realistically need to be worried about is the rental car that she’s currently in possession of. You say the insurance company “gave her a rental car to use” — surely someone had to sign for this — was that her or your husband? I would find out from the insurance company who’s on the hook if she doesn’t return it. If she is, then let her keep it and deal with the consequences. I suspect it’s your husband though, and if that’s the case, I’d go over there with the cops to get that rental car back before she crashes that (by accident or on purpose, sounds like she’s capable of either). Good luck, sorry she’s being so unreasonable.

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I wouldn’t even entertain any of her shenanigans. Hopefully her lawyer is smart enough to tell her that she has no case and that he won’t waste his time taking this to court. However, if she wants to pursue this, let her. It will be a waste of her time and money and I am willing to bet after some time, she’ll realize this and you’ll never hear about it again. 

In regards to the rental car, I agree with pp. If it is in your husband’s name,. I would call the police and have them go over there with him to retrieve the vehicle. Yes, it sucks that he has to call the police on his mom, but it’s better than dealing with the rental company or a possibility of another accident. 

Lastly, if you haven’t done so already, remove her from your insurance policy!

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How convenient that your Mother-In-Law couldn’t afford or deal with insurance until they paid your husband for the car value.  She has no leg to stand on, so let her continue her antics.  You’ll only need to concern yourselves if she serves you with papers.  And even then I’m sure the judge would appreciate the laugh when the court date comes around.

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I’m so sorry you are going through this. She should be ashamed of herself. I wonder though if she is really going to go through with sueing you. Seems she has no money, and I don’t think many lawyers are going to help her for free. She will need some sort of retainer. Hopefully it will all blow over so you don’t have to go to court.

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Im like the only one buy I say out of kindness, the fact that’s she’s his widowed mother, I’d say to maybe offer to go in a small amount of money to pat for a cheap used car.

Your husband has been generous and that is great but his mother needs help and is being treated like a beggar. 

Maybe I have a soft spot for someone who has l9st their spouse, maybe I just really respect my elders, but I couldn’t imagine completely snubbing my mom if she was in honest need of something.

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lilsistam:  So sorry you’re going through this. Sticking to your guns, limiting contact, and taking her off of your insurance (which I’m sure she’s been informed of), is definitely the right call. And with 3 at-fault accidents in 1 year, it sounds like she shouldn’t really be driving anyways. Your mental health, public safety in her area, and your insurance rates are all better off this way.

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