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Ask all the questions you need to, my dear! I know I did (and still do)!

I was really “crampy” from the very beginning until about 12 weeks. I get cramps on and off now at almost 19 weeks. My midwives (and all the ladies here on WB) assured me that as long as it wasn’t accompanied by any bleeding that everything was ok and that my uterus was growing to accommodate baby!

I put the word ‘crampy’ in quotes because like you mentioned, it wasn’t exactly AF cramps. I felt more tugging/discomfort in my lower abdomen.

Also, one preggo lady that I know had some lower abdominal discomfort that was slightly worse than her typical cramping during the first trimester that had been a UTI, so just be mindful of any burning/discomfort with urination, changes in odor, etc. that might point you in that direction instead. I don’t mean to worry you – it’s very common and easily treated – just another possibility to keep an eye out for. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Ask away! I had af like cramps for quite a few weeks and even before I got my bfp. Like @shimmerofheaven:  said, as long as you’re not bleeding I wouldn’t freak out TOO much…but I know it’s hard not to!

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I never had cramps with my periods, but I definitely had some in the early weeks of my pregnancy. It was just as you described in that it was more of a “pulling”, uncomfortable feeling in my abdomen rather than what I would imagine period cramps feel like. I even had some bleeding/spotting throughout the first trimester and went on to give birth to a perfectly healthy baby girl.

I’m much more of a reader of the boards than a contributor, but I’ve been following your story and wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy. You more than deserve it after all you’ve been through!

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Busy bee

Don’t worry.  What you’re explaining is totally normal – I had this too, throughout my pregnancy.  Even if you spot a tiny bit, don’t stress.  I know many pregnant ladies who have had this happen. ๐Ÿ™‚

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It is very normal I had period like cramps (even some painful ones) alot during the first tri I am 13w tomorrow and they have just started letting up within the last few weeks.

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@jholler25:  I’m happy you posted this because I have gotten some of those cramps too exactly as you described -I’ll be 10 weeks tomorrow – and I was a bit worried, not too worried since there has been no bleeding or extreme pain or anything like that, but I’m happy to see from these responses that it’s normal.

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As far as I understand, the “cramping” is usually just your uterus growing and stretching to accommodate it’s new guest ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m 14 weeks and still get the occasional “cramp” / ache evey now and then.

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Yes, I had quite a few mild cramps in the two months or so.  Hang in there, I know everything is scary at this point, just keep in a positive frame of mind.  We’re all rooting for a happy and healthy baby! 

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poor baby. you have been through so much and even those of us who didn’t suffer as you did had paranoia with every ache or crampy pain. I felt em, and so did most i know. I wouldnt worry if you arent bleeding or doubling over. BIG HUG! i know the first trimester can be such a precarious time. sending you tons of sticky happy prayers and hoping the weeks breeze by. 

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I got cramps, especially in the first few weeks. I don’t get them as often now but have been told it’s totally normal. I know you’re bound to worry but I’m so excited for you, I really feel like this is your sticky baby : )

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Ugh, the cramps at the beginning are the worst as they not only hurt, but they bring an onslaught of worry and anxiety!  Fear not though, it’s all perfectly normal.   I had horrible cramps (way worse than AF cramps) for the first 8 weeks.  They were relatively mild throughout the day but at least once per day, usually more than that, I’d have an episode where they were excruciating and had me doubled over in pain, breaking out in a cold sweat, gasping for breath.   I’m not telling you that to make you worry, I’m just saying that even if they do get more intense, it’s not necessarily a bad sign.   I’m now 29.5 weeks and everything is looking great, so it’s just one of those things that some of us get and some of us don’t.

On a similar note, drinking lots of water seems to help.  I was up to 4 litres per day and that would keep the cramps somewhat manageable; if I had a day where I drank significantly less than that, I was in for a rough for 24 hours.  

Also on a similar note, I’ve found in real life and on the boards that those of us who have a lot of issues with cramping, tend to not get morning sickness.  Not saying that’s always the case of course, but that has just been my personal experience and my observations from other pregnant women.   So touch wood, maybe you’ll get lucky and dodge MS altogether!

All just things to reassure you that everything is just fine and it’s all going to continue to be just fine!!!   ๐Ÿ™‚  Wishing you nothing but a happy and healthy nine months!

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I had similar feelings too and it was very nerve wracking.  I don’t blame you for being paranoid either – you’ve been through so much!  I think it’s normal uterus expansion cramps, and hope I’m right.  ๐Ÿ˜‰  Hang in there!

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I had a lot of cramps up until about 7-8 weeks. Now at 11 weeks I get occasional “pulling” feelings. Make sure you drink lots of water. It’s perfectly normal! Happy and healthy 9 months to you!

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