(Closed) [Mild rant] Does your SO constantly ruin your sleep?

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Sugar bee
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That is one of the top reasons we will never have a TV in the bedroom. It’s easier for us to have to choose between TV and bedtime snuggles than to try to do both- I am with you, I would never fall asleep with the TV on. 


Maybe it’s time to remove the TV from the bedroom. Then, when you want to go to bed, he can either stay up and watch his shows in the living room without you, or he can join you and spend some quality time before you go to sleep.


ETA: Sleep twitches- Fiance used to do this when we first started dating/sharing a bed. That, and he would make a noise and wake himself. If it doesn’t pass (after 6 months or so), time to talk to someone.

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Fiance kicks and twitches constantly. i’ve taken to sleeping with a body pillow between us, cause i was ending up with bruises from being kicked. he also stretches out, and on a nightly basis, ends up elbowing me in the back of the head or neck. and he’s ALWAYS hot. so we sleep with the air conditioner on high and the fan on high year-round. or if the air’s off, the window is open and the fan is on.

i can’t wait to have a queen size bed again. we’ve been in a double for a year. it’s hard. we’re both large people. it doesn’t work out very well.


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@KhaleesiStormborn:  Ha that’s ok. And I understand the him being snappy while sleepy thing.. cos I do that too. My poor poor partner.

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If I have to go to sleep and he doesn’t, I get PISSED if he tries to watch television (although he rarely does it). He can fall asleep with the TV going and lights on, but it takes me a dark, quiet room for an hour plus to fall asleep.

Now, the one thing he DOES do to me is wake me up in the morning, usually to cuddle, before I’ve even had a full night’s sleep. Then, when I don’t respond how he wants me to, he gets offended for the rest of the day. If there’s one thing I’ve told him time and time again, it’s DO NOT WAKE ME UP. I am NOT a morning person, at all. Not to mention, he has no idea how long it takes me to get to sleep (he falls asleep in 10 minutes or less), so I get shorted a few hours of sleep because he assumed I fell asleep at the same time.

It would be perfectly fine if he just left me alone, let me wake up, and then joined me on the couch (my back hurts in the morning sometimes and I can’t lay down anymore). Half the time, I don’t even realize he tried to wake me up until I wake up later on and he’s storming about in a huff. “What’s wrong with you?” “I tried to be nice to you this morning and you just kicked me off!” … Well don’t wake me up, and we won’t have this problem!!

Sleep is one thing you don’t want to mess with in a relationship. I think I read somewhere that sleep deprivation takes a HUGE toll on relationships. Plus, it’s only respectful.

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Helper bee
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We’ve always subscribed to the policy of “the bedroom is for sleeping and sex only.” No TV, laptop, etc.

That being said, if he has to watch TV in bed, have him put it on a sleep timer! That way at least it will only disrupt you for an hour or two.

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@KhaleesiStormborn:  Omg, I totally hear ya. I’m a very very sensitive sleeper and so it doesn’t help that my SO can fall asleep like it’s nothing. But the problem is that he likes to stay up late and gets childish in wanting to not go to bed. I need my sleep!!! I can’t wait until we have a 2 bdroom where I can banish him to the other bedroom when he wants to stay up. Though I would get disturbed when he comes to bed and wake up. Argg.

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Bumble bee

My bf snores like a monster. He didn’t know it until we got together and it drove me bonkers so he went and got treated for Apnea and now he wears a CPAP machine and that’s pretty much fixed the problem-EXCEPT when he doesn’t wear it. Sometimes that’s my fault, we’ll stay up in bed cuddling and he doesn’t want to put the mask on because he can’t talk with it and we’ll fall asleep with me laying on him. That’s all fine until his snoring wakes me up and I can’t get him to put the mask on because he’s knocked out. I dieeeeee and stare at him all night. Of course he doesn’t give a shit because he’s asleep.

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Sugar bee
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Oh gosh, yes. He takes the whole bed and then rolls over back and forth, making our very creaky bed go crazy and forcing me to sleep on the edge. If he can’t sleep it is almost worse, he is the most inconsiderate person when hes lying in bed awake…slamming his feet down and such. I am a very light sleeper, so basically anything gets me. Sucks for him, too, I guess.

3 of my cats share my little square of bed with me, too, which doesn’t help. I love the bastards.

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Do you have a sleep mask???  BEST $5 I’VE EVER SPENT!!!  My guy has fairly frequent insomnia and reads at night, but always falls asleep with the lamp on.  The sleep mask is the bombdiggity for sleeping right through that stupid light.

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Fiance is similar to your SO that he falls a sleep easily.

Fiance sometimes doesn’t understand that I’m a light sleeper, and have a hard time falling back asleep after being woken up. I usually end up going to sleep earlier than Fiance, and sometimes he’ll start talking to me as I’m in the process of drifting off and completely wakes me up!

Also, when Fiance gets up earlier in the morning, he sleeps through his alarm. It wakes me up and then I have to nudge him to wake me up. I try to fall back asleep, and sometimes he tries to make conversation……I’m like “I’M SLEEPING!!!!”

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Busy bee
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Are your Boyfriend or Best Friend and my Darling Husband long lost twins? My Darling Husband does the exact same thing and he wakes me up from a dead sleep with his snoring and twitching and ROLLING OVER AND LAYING ON TOP OF ME more times than I can count. Luckily we have a guest bedroom ;-p

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@KhaleesiStormborn:  LOL thankfully we have the tv in the living room (I will NEVER let him put one in the bedroom) but he’s the same way with the tv vortex at night.  He always has running dreams though and he’ll start running in his sleep  so I usually get kicked throughout the night.  He’s a really light sleeper and I sleep like a log and every few days he’ll wake up in the middle of the night and wake me up to ask super random questions, used to really annoy me but now I think it’s kind of funny.  Get the tv out of your bedroom and buy some good earplugs:)

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