(Closed) Miley Cyrus is 108 lbs. Sigh…

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@eeniebeans:  Because someone saying, “that body type does not appeal to me” is much much different than someone saying “she looks like a nasty crack whore, no man would ever want anyone that looks like that”.

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Hey all! So while I think the original intention here wasn’t to “shame skinny people” but really to just vent about Miley in particular, the thread’s taken a lot of twists and turns over the last six pages, and it looks like there’s a consensus that this one’s not headed in a good direction. I’m going to close this thread now. Thanks!

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I’m 5’4″ and 135 lbs. I’m heavier than I’d like to be, BUT only by a little, and, I’ve been thin enough to know that there’s too thin, for me, and it’s not 108. It’s 117. Every girl wears her weight differently. Ultra-slim girls, like Miley is now, don’t have the same kind of sex appeal that a healthy girl has, with a little bit of curve. In My Humble Opinion, focus on healthy. be happy, work out in a way that you enjoy, even if its dancing in your undies.

Also remember that a large part of her “job” is to be whatever the new “attractive” is. Just like a part of your job is probably walking a dog, or paying bills, or getting kids to school, making dinner, etc… she’s paid to look a certain way and perform and sing… you’re not paid to look the same way. it’s not part of your job unless you are a model, so don’t blame yourself for not being able to commit the same time, money, and effort into what the Hollywood set can.


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I could be tiny if my whole job meant I had to. She has time to work out and a trainer because her career depends on it. im a healthy body sIze and pretty happy with my weight. Also, I’m 5’3- BMI says I should be no less than 104 with 104-141 being healthy… She is probably below her healthy range

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O.My.Heart:  holy crap! yuck!  thats so skinny and unhealthy. no wonder she looks like she has the body of a teenage boy. im 135 and 5’2. even when i was 15 i was 135. i rarly change cuz when i work out it turns into muscle. the skinniest ive ever looked was when i wieghted 140 cuz i was so muscular but i didnt look like some overly pumped chick. she has to have no muscle. wow! for me i could never weigh 108 lbs. im just not build like that and have too much T and A. try to stay in a healthy BMI.you can weigh more than that, look way better than her, still be healthy and kick ass! and yeah if you start doing drugs and have a cook and personal trainer, you can end up like her… but why?


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first of all only you and your doctor are able to tell if your weight is healthy for your body. I’m 5’7” and If I weight less than 135 lbs I start to look too thin, that’s just me. does that mean that no woman who is 5’7” should weigh less than 135? hell no! everyone needs to just stop with the body snark. women have it hard enough as it is without everyone being bitches. people aren’t saying they don’t like her body because they are jealous and fat, and not all women who are thin are unhealthy! everyone has certian body types that they find attractive and that is just fine, but just remember opinions are just that, opinions. 

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Miley looks too thin. Everyone carries weight differenty too. I’m 5’5 and 130 looks toooooo skinny on me! 140 looks best on me, IMO!

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whoa_its_ash:  +1

Being famous with lots of money allows her the personal trainers/nutritionists/etc that us common folk don’t usually have the luxury of being able to afford. She also probably doesn’t sit for more than a minute at a time, so she’s literally always on the go.

I was 5’6″ and 112 when I was her age. Then metabolism set in. She’ll get there soon enough, and then she’ll actually NEED those trainers and nutritionists.

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Huh, this thread is supposed to be closed…

I’m all about “love the skin you’re in.” I’m about 5″4, 23, and as of today, for the first time since I was like 15, I weigh 135 pounds. For the last year or two I’ve weighed 137-140, and I remember at one point when I was 19 a nurse told me that I really didn’t look like I weighed 150 pounds, but I did. This was back when I drank a can of soda every day. I exercised consistently for two months, gradually started to eat healthier, lost 10 pounds, stopped exercising but the weight stayed off. Now, since I’m getting married in June, a couple weeks ago I started jogging a few times ac week in our hilly neighborhood, and I’ve already lost 2 pounds. But my pants don’t feel looser yet. My goal is to get to, and maintain, 127, but I’m going to see what my body does naturally. I have a feeling that I’ll never go below 118.

I live in LA, and I act a little bit, so for that reason, I feel pressure to get as thin as I can, but I want to be healthy, and I love food. The camera really does add weight. But people wear their weight differently. I just want to get as healthy and toned as I can and get my measurements to a nice number. And then I can do what essentially everyone else in the industry does and  lie and say my weight is 8-10 lbs less than what it actually is. Weight is just a number people get hung up on. I think measurements are more telling, gotta love an hour glass figure 🙂

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Just would like to chime into this against the “ew, that’s so gross!” posts:

My sister is 20, 5’6″, and 110 lbs.  So to all those who are saying that a 5 and a half foot woman should really be over x lbs because other wise she looks disgusting… [self edited for telling people where to go].

I don’t care if you don’t find it attractive, or that you think your SO doesn’t find it attractive.  It’s your opinion, and you’re entitled to it.  But don’t act like it’s the only opinion.  Don’t act like anyone else who disagrees with you is wrong.  Don’t give me any of that crap about “real men like meat” or “real women have curves.”  It’s absolute BS.  SURPRISE- men will like whoever they like- tall, short, bigger, smaller, whatever gender, whatever look, whatever personality.  Same goes for women.

I mean really, it’s about the same as going up to a brunette and saying “Oh, sweetie, brown hair is so gross on you.  You know all men prefer blondes.”  It’s not true.  Stop acting like it is.

I’m sorry.  I know this thread is supposed to be closed.  But so much of this is hateful.

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Yeah, I too was 108 once.  Actually it was when I was 19 and 5’5, I weighed 98lbs, right before I went into the hospital and found out I had crohn’s and my body was extremely malnourished and they didn’t know for three or four days if I was going to survive. <br /><br />I’m now 5’5 and 140-145lbs and pretty okay with that.  I would like to get down to 120-125, but that ain’t happening in four weeks!  Besides, I’d have to alter my dress again, and nobody got time fo’ ‘dat!

I never want to be in the double digits again.  I looked terrible, seriously.  Like a sheet was thrown over a science class skeleton.  Awful.  Miley needs to eat a few double cheezeburgers if you ask me!  And her ass looks like a raw chicken wiggling around – gross!

P.S. – Just for the record, I am not thin-hating.  I’m hating on Miley effing Cyrus.  I think she is a terrible example for tweens and teens, and I am pretty sure most of you lovely thin ladies wouldn’t be caught dead wearing some of her horrifyingly shocking outfits.

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108 at 5′ 5” is unhealthy. 

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