(Closed) Miley Cyrus is 108 lbs. Sigh…

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@nikkidrew90:  Body shaming really isn’t the way to go when trying to make yourself or others feel better about themselves.  If someone said “X celebrity is 140 lbs eww so gross” people would be up in fucking arms.  What a ridiculous double standard.  Pre-pregnancy I weighed less then that and I didn’t look sickly, disgusting, and my husband and plenty of other men throughout the years have found me attractive.


As for @O.My.Heart: your fitness and weight loss goals need to come from within and be set based on how you feel not what a number on a scale says and not by what anyone else weighs.  




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When we watched her on SNL, Darling Husband and I were very troubledt the size of her upper arms and thighs… she looked scary thin and I was actually concerned for her health.

I would rather strive to be someone with more muscle that looks healthier. Of course you can’t help your natural body shape but I have trouble believing that is hers (especially with all of the rumors about drug abuse).

In my opinion, she is not a healthy role model for nutrition or fitness.

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See probably works out like crazy. She’s young. Her career is based on her looking good- she makes $ if she looks good. Most of us have to make a living other ways and hope to have time to exercise at the end of the day. 

Side note: 

I am thin: 5’6″ and 120 pound, I used to be 105 pounds though when I was around her age (18/19). I could not gain weight, no matter how hard I tried. I still can’t gain weight, my body decided that it would let me gain some but now I am stuck at 120 for who knows how long, probably until I have a baby. 

Anyways, I hope when I was 105 pound people didn’t think I was super disgusting. Based on what some people are saying on here it’s impressive that I some how managed to have a boyfriend and friends.  

It’s rude to call someone fat and it’s also rude to call someone gross and thin. 

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@Artificial-Sweetener:  I sooo agree! Some people just don’t get it. I honestly hope to keep the baby weight so I wont have to hear hurtful things like what some of these bees aresaying again. I’m 125ishnow and people are already telling me my 5 month old is going to be bigger than me really so, Andlikebe back down to 1oo and nothingpounds. People are rude!

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@O.My.Heart:  I don’t think she looks too thin either, but she’s also a mere 20 years old. I know my metabolism liked me A LOT more 7 years ago!! 


As a side note.. it’s kind of offensive to any woman with a naturally thin body type to say that she’s disgusting. That’s a stretch.. Sure her lifestyle choices are not amazing, but bashing thin people is just as harmful as bashing overweight people. She’s 20 years old, practically still a child, how is it ok to say such nasty things about her body?

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I’m 5’4 and ~120 – and I’m quite thin. Not skinny, thin with boobs and an ass. I also work out some so that helps. Seriously- I’m 120 and a size 2. It’s still tiny- I just got more going on in some places. 

When I weighed 108, I was an athlete training 30 hours a week in a sport with weight categories, dieting frequently and honestly it wasn’t all that great. It’s not technically underweight (barely). But now I look like a healthy and petite woman. My frame simply does not pull off that kind of weight, the width of my hip/pelvic bones mean that I look too-thin a bit faster than some people. 

I saw Miley Cirus recently and yeah she’s a bit on the too-skinny looking side- maybe it’s more noticeable because she’s mostly naked all the time though. It’s not quite as feminine as I like for myself. 

I’d start by aiming for right smack in the middle of your BMI range, get a bit stronger physically, and slowly figure out what’s most flattering for YOU. You’re not going to magically look like Miley when you hit 108lbs… I know I wouldn’t. hah. 

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ok, im done with this thread.. ill end it off by saying..that based on her height, she is considered underweight..which is not healthy..the lowest someone her height should be healthy is 114 pounds..so when someone creates a thread saying they wish they were like that blah blah blah..yes, i find it completely discusting…sorry for hurting all your feelings, but im done, that is all

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@O.My.Heart:  I’m  5’5″ and about 145… how did you get to 127?! I’ve been trying forever… granted I ought to eat better but I already eat pretty well and excersice regularly.  I think I would look amazing if I could get down to the 130’s or 120’s, I just don’t know how :/

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Some people can be healthy at that height and weight, depending on build and metabolism, but for a lot of people that would be too low.  I’m pretty small, not overweight in the least, and I’d probably have to undergo some form of amputation to achieve that weight.  I think Miley’s got a naturally slim builld, but IMO she’s too skinny right now.  If she’d always been this weight, I’d give her the benefit of the doubt more, but she’s been pretty open about her drug use and unhealthy lifestyle, so I think it’s safe to say her current weight is not healthy.

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@Diamondgurl:  +1 looked fine at iHeart Radio Music Festival to me!


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Seriously? I am 5’4 and weight almost 160! While I want to lose about 20-ish lbs I don’t feel like I am very big… if I was Miley’s weight I would look STRANGE! Everyone’s body carries weight differently. I am REALLY muscley (my dad used to be a body builder) so I would have to astrophy to get to that weight… 

People need to remember weight is a LOT more than just a number on a scale. BMI isn’t good either. 

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That weight seems bizarrely low to me, but then again, I’m 5’9.

All I can say is that she probably needs to maintain that weight to look slender in pap photos/unedited video like the VMAs (since the camera adds 10 lbs) which would mean that if you wanted to look the way she looks on those mediums, in person, and you had her exact body type, you’d be looking at something closer to 118…

…and, you could be lucky not to have her body type, as, in order for her to make the rest of her look thin enough for celebrity standards, she has had to forgo having a butt. Being butt-less is a big loss for a woman, believe me, I would never want to be without mine, and my Fiance would howl in disappointment if it were to Miley itself into oblivion. This is what makes Miley’s twerking so ironic to me. “Hey everyone, please focus on one of the few features of female beauty I am completely lacking!” …but she seems to be making money with it.

Nobody is paying me to keep my weight artificially low, and unless we’re talking Miley-sized pay, I wouldn’t be interested in that deal, anyway. I strongly suggest you do not compare your body and your life to hers, because I’m sure they’re very different in many ways, and I certainly don’t mean that as a put-down to you.

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