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@K610- Thank you for your kind words

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Im also an "almost sorta" military bride. My fiance is gearing up to take the Bar & has been commissioned (about 2 weeks ago) as a Navy JAG officer. We are waiting to hear word on his request for a 1 year deferrment so that he can complete a judicial clerkship. If he gets denied he will be heading out for training in Aug and by Dec we should know where he is stationed. If he gets it then it will be Aug next year for training and Dec 2010 we should find out our location. My wedding planning is kinda on hold until we figure out where we’re going to be! It sure is exciting though! It took about a year for him to go through the JAG application process and I am so proud of him!

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I am also marrying a man in the Navy ๐Ÿ™‚ We both come from military families so it was important to include that in our wedding.

I love the idea of the sword arch. His decision to join the Navy influenced my color choices- all of his best men will either be Marines or Naval officers in time for our wedding. Meaning wearing either white or black uniforms- the colors of my wedding ๐Ÿ™‚

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Military bride here: my fiance was just promoted to 1st Lieutenant in the Marine Corps!

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I was a military bride, my husband is an officer and pilot in the Air Force. However, he wasn’t ever really interested in wearing his mess dress at our wedding, so he and all of his groomsmen wore tuxedos. He feels like his life revolves around the military anyhow, so he didn’t want our wedding day to be dictated by it.

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Both me and my Fiance are military, but we will not be having a military wedding due to the fact that he does NOT want to wear his dress whites to the wedding (but dang he looks hot in them!).  I am thinking of putting some sort of nautical flare on some part of the wedding them, such as using a Navy blue or anchors, though… oh what to do?!

@mdarrah- beautiful photos!!!

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Helper bee
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Mr. K is in the military, an Army dentist.  He is in basic traning right now–they are keeping him busy!  We didn’t have any military elements in our wedding because it just hasn’t been a big part of our lives yet.  But now that he is active duty I’m sure that will change!

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Thanks, Bean! I’ve seen that before and think it’s really cool, but the part that gets me is that you’re only eligable if you or your Fiance is deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. I know my Fiance and several other people get deployed to other places for long periods of time. It sometimes makes me sad that people only focus on those deployed to Iraq or A-stan.

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im an army officer’s girl!!! he is super modest but i couldnt be more proud so i want to incorporate some military aspects to our wedding!

my fi and some of his groomsmen are wearing their dress uniform (yay so sexy!) and we are doing the sabre arch after the ceremony!

as hard a lifesyle as it is, i am so very proud of him and althought the army controls so many aspects of our lives now, nothing will ever change what we have with each other.

good luck and keep up the faith to other military bees!

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I’m marrying into the military too. ๐Ÿ™‚ The Army to be exact. My fiance is an Airborne Infantry soldier and he is serving his 3rd tour right now in Afghanistan for a year. I am sooo proud of him for serving our country and doing the things he does even though I worry sometime.

Planning a wedding though while he is in Afghanistan isn’t the easiest thing, especially because if we get married during the summer after he gets back (because he wants to get married ASAP but I really want a summer wedding) it doesn’t leave much wiggly room time wise. Plus because he proposed to me the night before he shipped out, well two nights before technically but the night before he left we didn’t sleep at all because we were having to pack all his things so I don’t count it lol. But anyways, due to the fact that he left right afterwards for Afghanistan we can’t take engagement pictures until his midtour leave in December. ๐Ÿ™ But he is really supportive and keeps saying that he is kind of happy that he is deployed the year before we get married because he has nothing else to spend his money on so it all gets saved for the wedding haha  

I do want to incorperate some military aspects into our wedding for sure. Mr. HoneyBunny says he doesn’t want to wear, or any of his groomsman, to wear their Class A’s during the ceremony (because we will be on the beach which I agree with) but wants to change into their dress uniforms for the reception, which I like because he looks hot in them hehe. I would also love to have the arch of sabors and cut the cake (unless we have cupcakes hehe) with one. I am also trying to research to find out other traditions that might fit in. So any suggestions from you other Military Bees would be great!

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I also am a soon-to be military bride.  My future Fiance is in the Air National Guard.  We have endured one deployment and now are preparing for his second deployment coming this December.  It is certainly difficult but I am also so proud of him.  I highly doubt we will incorporate any of the military aspects into our wedding but I feel as thought we maybe should beings it has been a pretty significant part of our relationship.  I guess it is something to talk about!  I could maybe incorporate it somehow into the grooms cake!

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HoneyBunny,  if th wedding being on the beach is the only reason he doesn’t want to be in uniform, I’d say to check out my wedding because the guys were in their dress whites with toes in the sand and they and the guests thought it was great.

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I’m also a soon to be military wife. I’ve been a navy girlfriend/Fiance for over four and a half years. My Fiance is active duty U.S Navy but, fortunately he is on shore command right now (yay!) so planning the wedding is much easier than if he were to be back at the fleet.

My Fiance will be wearing a kilt but, had he not decided on a kilt then he would have opted for his dress blues probably- I personally am not a fan of tuxes. We won’t be incorporating anything military in the wedding however I have asked our pastor to mention our military heroes in the dinner prayer/blessing of the food. Many of our guests are vetrans or active duty and we are very proud of the military folk in our lives and the ones that we don’t know personally around the world risking everything for our safety. We are a proud military family in general so this is important to us.

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Hi ๐Ÿ™‚ My bf/fiance recently enlisted in the air force. He’ll be going to basic training in January. We’ll hopefully have a small ceremony when he gets back then it’s off to wherever he gets stationed. I’m really excited to be with him but really scared/nervous to enter the military life. I know nothing about the military except from what I’ve read online.

I don’t mind if he wears his uniform or not. The wedding won’t be too formal, so I’m okay with either way, just whatever he’s comfortable with.

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