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My ering will have a lab created diamond.  And I don’t see anything wrong with that.  Instead of spending all that $$$ on my ring, we’ll have a downpayment on our house.  Instead of the ethical dilemma of where that 3 carat diamond came from (slaves working for 2 pennies a day in some mine in Africa owned by DeBeers…) I know that it was a hunk of coal in a lab in Minnesota.  And will anyone else besides my Fiance, myself, and the devoted throngs of WB readers looking at this post ever know???  Nope.  Plus my diamond will be FLAWLESS.  Perfect in every way.

 As a side note, I should also mention that I have pirated DVDs, purse knockoffs like Frada, and sunglass knockoffs like ORKLEYS.  I guess I don’t see the point in spending $25000 for something I can get for $300.  It seems like only people who are worried about social status would care, and I have no social status anyway, so ::shrug::

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I’m all for lab created gems.  In addition to Sapphire’s points- it’s also seems like a lot less environmental impact.  Instead of sifting through a mountain, the gem is created in a lab.

I got engaged in 2007- and back then when I was researching the only drawback to lab created diamonds was that they weren’t very large (the technology to make large gems didn’t exist)- I don’t know if that’s the case today.

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I don’t have a problem wih tit either.  If no one else is going to know, go for it.  If someone asked, would you tell them the truth?  Just wondering.  I’m not sure if  I would, or just say something like, "Well aren’t we curious?"’ and brush it off.

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I have no fundamental issue with lab-created. As long as it’s just as pretty, what do I care? But at the same time, I just really love the idea that I have something so gorgeous and it was created by Nature! It’s just amazing that something so pretty is natural, and it’s probably pretty freakin old too. So neat!

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okay… after typing up a LONG LONG message that was so well worded and then got deleted cause it wouldn’t post… here goes….


There is no such thing as a "lab created" white diamond. Only blue, pink, and yellow can be lab created. ALL of those companies (Including Diamond Nexus Labs) advertising lab created white diamonds are running a really expensive scam selling very well cut CZ’s, a step up from what you’d get at Claire’s. They’re also selling them at a 1,000x markup!

 If you want to conserve costs, go with a smaller diamond, or be eco-friendly and go with a white sapphire. You can get those lab grown, and they really are sapphire, just white. 

I originally wanted a lab grown diamond, but after literally over a month of research (I’m nothing if not an informed consumer) I found enough proof that no such thing exists. like unicorns, they are wonderful, but mythilogical. 

 If you’re okay with CZ, then save yourself a lot of $$ and just buy a CZ. Don’t buy a "lab grown" diamond, when it’s the exact same CZ for $300-$500 instead of $5-$10. 

 These websites helped me out, you should deff. check what they have to say before you spend that much money on a Cubic Zirconium!:

Scroll down a little ways on this one for the good info

This one has VERY good scientific info on "lab grown" diamonds


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 Oh! A few more…


 This one is GREAT, be sure to read the comments.

 Another describing their shady business practices, and again confirming them to be CZ.

 In a quote from that site:

"Can someone tell me <span style=”font-weight: bold”>why Justin C. Lockridge, listed as Customer Service Manager with Diamond Nexus Labs would be posing as a reverend and wedding planner writing articles and giving advice about buying rings and then recommending Diamond Nexus Labs as an alternative to "blood diamonds" but without indicating he works for the company?

 Sorry to burst your bubble and be a joy-kill… I wish they were real too!! I wanted a 2 carat stunner in a fancy setting, but now will be relegated to a 1/2 carat real diamond, with real flaws, in a simple setting. But you know what? I love it. I know it’s real, it’s vintage (was my great-grandmothers!) so it’s conflict free, and who REALLY needs 2 carats?!?

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 Here’s another…

"Update: The above was found on Google advertisement on 16 Feb 2008. Having tested the Diamond Nexus Labs product, and talking to a former employee of Diamond Nexus Labs, I can tell you all the following:

  • Diamond Nexus Labs gemstones are not synthetic diamonds as they claim. This is a lie and a total misrepresentation of their product.
  • Diamond Nexus Labs has no labs. They do not have a product laboratory, and they do not manufacture any products.
  • Diamond Nexus Labs sells cubic zirconia that they purchase from a company called Signity, which is the main cubic zirconia supplier for every jewelry company in the world.
  • The same cubic zirconia that Diamond Nexus Labs sells for over $100.00 can be purchased on eBay for about $5.00.

    In short, the Google ad above, copied direct from the Google page, is false and misleading.

    I was disappointed to see this ad. I don’t know why Diamond Nexus Labs has to lie about their product."



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I have a Moissanite Gem, so I guess it is what could be considered a ‘lab created’ diamond…I love it.  It is flawless, and its beautiful, and it cost a fraction of a ‘real’ diamond.  Plus none of that blood diamond stuff…

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I think the stuff on lab-created diamonds being fake is interesting, but those sites don’t seem like the best sources. Blogs and such? Do you have any links to more accredited sources? I can’t find anything like what you’re saying through searching myself. Definitely not saying I don’t believe you, I just want more info. It’s interesting! Gotta love catching a scam.

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 This website is great, it has photos of the experiments done by a certified gemologist proving Diamond Nexus to be Cubic Zirconium with a 1,000x markup!!

 If anyone is DEAD SET on a Diamond Nexus CZ… go on eBay and buy a "Signity" by Swarvoski stone. That’s what they sell, they just buy and resell them at a markup. You can get one for $2-$5. There is also speculation that their gold may not be real, apparently none of the rings are stamped "14K", although they claim to be. (I think they’re REQUIRED by law to stamp REAL gold!!)


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As a person that owns a pair own Diamond Nexus Labs earrings and another diamond simulant, ASHA, I can honestly say that I would go with the ASHA (betterthandiamond.com).  They are completely upfront with their product, and it looks so real!!.  Basically, it has a cz stone at the core, but it is coated with amorphous diamonds (crushed diamonds), which gives the stone it’s diamond look.  It’s absolutely amazing.  I lurked on the site and the boards for a few months before we made the purchase for the center stone for my e-ring, which we had set in a platinum setting with real diamond sidestones.  Please consider ASHA instead.  It’s too late for me to return my DNL earrings, but if I could, I would, that’s how big the difference is.

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Anddddd this one has great info as well.

and The International Diamond Exchange article.

 A few interesting quotes from a International Gemological Society Student board:

"I had a customer come in today with one of these diamond nexus simulants today. We had plenty of time to test and probe to determine what it was, as the customer was told to treat it like a sapphire… so we weren’t taking any chances with a rushed identification.
It was a single refractive stone, 8.5 mm in size, the RI matched that of the RI liquid (no reading) and it was quite bright. When myself and our GG John finished our tests, we concluded that it was in fact CUBIC ZIRCONIA! We went to the web site and learned that the chemical composition was ZrO2…. Zirconia Oxide! with some additional research we reconfirmed that ZrO2 is CZ… Now this would be alright, a well cut CZ is an affordable alternative, and diamond nexus does advertise as a "diamond simulant"….. except that she was charged $190 for a $10 retail CZ!!!:flame: Needless to say, she will be taking them up on their return policy. It’s this kind of almost 2000% markup on a RETAIL value that just steams me up. How can these people sleep at night?"


 As a result of the work of a gemologist trying to make them stop their scam, they changed a lot of their marketing, so now it says "diamond simulant" instead of "simulated diamond"

Here’s that.

End of story is this: If you want fake, go with fake, but KNOW it’s fake. It’s not a "Lab-Grown" diamond unless it’s pink, blue, and yellow, and those only cost like 10% less than a nature-grown colored diamond, still around $3,000+ for a small stone!

 If you are dead set on fake, get a Signity stone off eBay, that is the same stone, same brand, same EVERYTHING as Diamond Nexus, for $2-$5 instead of $300-$500!

 I just feel bad for all the people on those mesage boards trying to return their Nexus’s. Apparently if you wnat to return it you get a customer service runaround. 

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 I have only heard very very good things about ASHA, and they are honest and upfront that IT IS NOT A DIAMOND and I like that. I would deff. consider them as a good choice. The diamond coating is supposed to "dull down" the extra fire or "giddyness" that CZs have which always reveals CZs as fakes from a mile away. I would say though to avoid holding you ASHA next to a frind’s real diamond… it might be obvious as a fake. Unless all your friends know it’s a fake, in that case you can marvel at how close it looks to the real thing!

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