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Sugar bee
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@Chrysoberyl:  I think it comes from some people representing their clear stone as a diamond and also the fact that more thne 50% of engagement rings are diamonds so people just assume. I agree though that there are more clear stones than just diamonds.

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Busy bee

I agree w/OP. There are so many different gems out there that I’m pretty sure Mother Nature/God/Deity of your choosing didn’t have a master plan of creating “Sim City” by having more than one gemstone in a similar color offering. For some people, they like a gem because it’s their birthstone; others just like the color; others like the physical properties of it (e.g., more sparkle, color change, etc.).

Can’t all these beautiful sparklies just get along & coexist without being ‘labeled’?

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Bumble bee
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You are absolutely correct. As time marches on and non-diamond engagement rings become more common (clear and colored stone alike), people will stop automatically equating clear/sparkly= diamond as a society we become better educated, and a greater number of center stone choices become more available.


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Busy bee
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Each gemstone IS a GEMSTONE… it’s not necessarily a “fake” something else!  And if I love an amethyst or a pink sapphire or whatever else I might love… doesn’t make the other less valuable but it doesn’t make mine a PRETEND one of them!

ETA : How amusing would it be if White Sapphire or White Topaz had been the “go to” Ering stone of choice back when that began… and diamonds were the “pretenders”!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


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Blushing bee
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@Chrysoberyl:  I think we’re on the brink of seeing diamond popularity decline, because the masses are starting to understand the nature of the diamond-marketing beast.  

Also, I think more and more young people are becoming educated on the ethical and conflict issues.  TBH, I think “diamond simulant” as a term was coined from the diamond industry to make other colorless stones look like “imitations” instead of their own stand alone stone.  As a lover of all things jewlery, I say lets coexist!

Buy & wear what you like ๐Ÿ™‚


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Bumble Beekeeper
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It starts to get into murky territory for me when people intentionally pass off their stones as diamonds.

It’s more the man-made simulants that bug me than a naturally occurring colorless stone.

Yes, it bugs me. In the grand scheme of life, sure it’s a fairly trivial thing to be bothered by, but I am sure we all are bothered my something that others would deem to be silly/trivial.


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Bee Keeper
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@Chrysoberyl:  I’m always really confused when a person tries to identify whatever the hell it is thats in the ring on my hand…my wedding band and engagement ring are pretty obviously diamonds and people don’t ask about those…but I have a lot of really lovely gemstones that I wear on my right hand and without fail some broad will come up to me at a party and try to figure out what it is…and if she’s really brave, what the cut is too…..

I equate it to trying to guess someone’s blood type….how could you possibly guess on appearance alone….AND who cares…seriously?

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Until I joined the Bee, I had no idea what a hot topic this was lol. I have a ton of costume jewellery with colourless glass/CZ, which I buy because it’s cheap, but pretty and sparkly. I didn’t buy it because I want it to look like diamonds, and have never thought of the stones as diamond simulants: they just are what they are. Likewise, the notion that someone might think I’m ‘passing off’ this jewellery for diamonds amuses me. 

So in short, I totally agree with you OP. 

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@Chrysoberyl:  …serioulsy, it’s THAT stupid…if you want to know what it is, I’m always happy to tell you…but I don’t wanna play 20 Questions while the canapes get cold..ok?

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Sugar bee
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@Chrysoberyl:  woohoo! spinoff from our conversation!!

I agree that it’s dumb.

“diamond simulants” are generally less expensive than their counterpart. Does that mean that an amethyst is actually a purple sapphire simulant? (although amethysts are more common/well known than purple sapphires)

I’m totally kidding though, because each stone should just be what it is–not a simulant for something else.

mini tangent…I’m so anxious to get my purple sapphire and show you all!

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