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  • poll: When I had my Mirena removed:
    Everything was normal within 1 month : (4 votes)
    14 %
    After a few (2-4) months everything was normal : (2 votes)
    7 %
    My body still isn't normal several months later : (4 votes)
    14 %
    I got pregnant right away (less than 3 months) : (2 votes)
    7 %
    I got pregnant in less than 6 months : (2 votes)
    7 %
    I got pregnant within the first year : (2 votes)
    7 %
    I found out about fertility issues after the first year : (3 votes)
    11 %
    I never had Mirena : (5 votes)
    18 %
    I had major issues with Mirena and removed it right away : (4 votes)
    14 %
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    Mirena was the worst decision that ever happened to me! Every side effect/problem, I had.  Got it removed. Took a few months to bounce back to normal.


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    I have had a child, pre mirena days so I don’t really fit in your poll.

    But I had mine removed 1 1/2 years after having it in. It started to cause medical issues so I had to have it taken out. I got it taken out in May and am still having side effects. My period went back to normal a month after the mirena. Actually it never was normal before the mirena. I would skip months and bleed for a month at a time. Not it’s a solid 5 days right on time every month so it helped with that.

    It did however take away my energy for some reason. Along with that I gained quite a bit of weight after having it removed. Other than that everythings been normal

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    I love my Mirena. It sounds like you should have it removed after your Honeymoon, if you want to get pregnant then and not before.  My Dr said that fertility returns to baseline as soon as you have it out.  Baseline = your normal. 

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    I had mine removed in July, and I had it put in back in 2009 before I got married.  I had one period in October, but none since then.  Starting to get worried here, but I guess if things haven’t normalized by July, I’ll go back to my doctor, since you are supposed to wait a year…

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    I can’t really vote accurately because I didn’t start TTC after I got my Mirena removed — instead I went on the pill for a few months before and after my wedding. I had my Mirena for a year and a half and eventually started to have prolonged bleeding (though very light) every 23 days, so I got it removed a few months before my wedding so I could be assured of not having my period on that day. I think I got my Mirena out in January of this year, started on pills right away, and then went off the pill in August and got pregnant in November. No issues whatsoever!

    Your cycle should return to normal right after having the Mirena removed. In fact, fertility will be greatest in the first few cycles after having it removed.

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    I figured since you didn’t get a ton of responses I would pipe in. I have a 6 year old DS. He was pre Mirena. I actually got pregnant on the Mirena and ended up with a tubal pregnancy about 5 years ago. I got it back in after a few years as my body was having issues with the pill. I got my Mirena removed the end of July and got my period with in a few days. Seemed totally normal. I got pregnant in Septemper, which was the 2nd month trying. I MC though. I hope this gives you some information. GL TTC.

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    I’ve been researching the same thing. From what I read you should definitely wait until after your Honeymoon as you can bleed for a long period of time after having it removed. 

    Ive had my mirena for about 4 years and have never been pregos before. I’ll be taking mine out after the Honeymoon because the risk of my period ruining my wedding day is too great. 

    From what I’ve read you can begin TTC 3 months after removal since it takes a period of time for your uterus lining to become thick enough to safely hold an embryo. 

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    I had Mirena in for 9 years (two Mirenas back-to-back). I had no period on it. I got married at the beginning of June and took it out at the end of June to start TTC. I had regular but really really light short perios in July, August and September. I had a real period in October and got pregnant with out first child. I am 10 weeks  and have had no problems with the pregnancy whatsoever. I have heard it’s good to give it a few months after you get it taken out before you start trying because your LP is a bit screwed up, but my body just did that for me against my will! Good luck! I read a lot of alarmist stuff about getting pregnant after it, but it really has ended up fine for me!

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    I had Mirena for 6 years.  I had not been pregnant before Mirena.  My Dr. insisted there was no reason to replace it right at 5 years if we wanted to TTC at 6 years.  (This is by no means any kind of medical advice, I was just petrified of removal so I blindly went along with it.)  However, my doctor warned me that the hormone might wear off and I think it did.  Towards the end of the 6 years, before Mirena was removed, I started getting my period and feeling more of my pre-Mirena period symtoms. 

    I had it taken out in February and removal was fine.  I started charting and TTC in March just to see what was going on and everything appeared normal.  I got pregnant in May. Best of luck to you ladies TTC.

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    I had Mirena. My periods were long and irregular before it and Mirena didn’t help.  However I got pregnant about a year and half of it being removed (4 – 6 months of trying)

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    I took mine out in January after 3.5 years. It took about 30 days to get a period, which was very light. I started charting and the next period came at… day 34?  Since I was charting, it looks like I did ovulate – had a temp shift. 

    We weren’t planning to TTC until around the fall, although we’re kind of NTNT now. Well… our TTA is pretty shoddy with the “Shmeh” attitude. (Would be thrilled with a baby!) I’ve done a TON of reading on this in the last few months, and it seems that a lot of people can get pregnant soon after taking it out, but a lot also have to wait a while to regulate or find its much harder to get pregnant than they expected. It’s hard to quanitfy this, because at least some of those are people who were not pregnant before so one couldn’t say for sure that those people would not have had the same problem with no Mirena.

    My general thought on it now is this: Its probably easier for some to regulate than birth control. However, I think now that it’s been out for longer and more women have had them, I think that claim that “you return to normal” or “You can get KU immediately” should seriously be revisited. Sure, some can, but I think it’s probably actually a minority. 

    Here’s another thread where I asked the other Ex-Mirena ladies some questions, just in case you’re interested: 


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