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Sugar bee

I’ve had two different copper IUDs before and this time ’round decided to start Mirena as the thought of having little/no period sounded great and my Doc ASSURED me that since the hormone was transmitted via: uterus, that it wouldn’t have any of the negative side effects that the pill or other hormals BC choices have. 

First, it hurt so much to have in I threw up. Right then and there, in the garbage pail in the exam room. (sorry tmi). Within a week I started feeling very down and overwhelmed, my sex drive went to 0, and I looked like I was 3 months preggers.  My abdomen was hard and wouldn’t go down at all. 

I had it taken out after 6 weeks and had a copper one put in a week later.

Everyone is different, but I think the Mirena is the devil 🙁

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Busy bee
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I had my Mirena inserted in September of 2010 and I have one period since then. I have not had any break outs, but sometimes i do have a little cramping (its more annoying than anything). The worst part for me was having it inserted, i dont have any kids so thats prolly why. I would recommend it to anyone!! 

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Oh and my sex drive hasnt changed at all!!

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I have had the Mirena for 6 months now. At first it was a little rough with the pain of insertion and the pain I was in for a week after. I had a some problems with the strings. I couldn’t do some sexual positions because my partner could feel them poking him. I made another appointment with my gyno and she cliped the stings. My partner can’t feel it now.

The only down side I’ve discovered is acne. I’ve never had it in my life and now I’m developing cyst like zits. Thankfully it only flares up when I’m about to have my period.

Condoms just didn’t work for us and the pill made me feel like I was pmsing all the time. To buy the mirena was a little expensive, around $400. Thankfully my partner paid for half.

I’m a ‘lets do it now’ person and this has made our sex life amazing. We don’t have to worry about putting a condom on or if I missed a pill. Plus the ever so popular pull out method was just too scary to deal with with it came to getting pregnant. Now we can have sex and not worry about anything other then having a great time.

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As you can see there are good and bad with every thing.  I’ve had my iud for 5 years now and the first few months to year was great.  But now I get bad cramps,  horrible mods swings and Im not even sure what a sex drive is anymore.  This all progressed over time and I actually just got it taken out and trying a different form of birth control now.  Good luck! 

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Blushing bee

I’ve had my Mirena for almost 2 years. 

I’ve never been pregnant, and getting it in wasn’t a walk in the park.. I had a Doctor (who I later found out to be a trainee) poking around down there for 15 mins before she went and got another Doctor to put it in. He came in and it was 30 seconds of pain and it was done. Basically they made me have contractions, from what I can gather. So if he had done it from the start, it would have been unpleasant, but not the traumatic event it turned into.

But that said, it’s still been well worth it for me. It has had no side effects, other than what feels like the occasional jab in the uterus.

No change in skin, weight, sex drive.. and the best bit is, no real periods! For the first 4-5 months I was spotting on and off, now I just have the occassional light spot, maybe once a month for a day or so. But nothing like what my periods once were.

Only thing is for me at this rate 5 years will come around too quickly!    

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The benifits outweigh the costs for me.


-NO PERIOD! With the exeption of light spotting once in the past year

-Hassle free- I don’t have to remember to take a pill, no condoms, it’s super easy

-effectiveness- it’s pretty much the most effective thing out there

-I personally didn’t experience (or maybe just didn’t notice) any change in sex drive



-painful insertation- it was quick, bearable, but painful

-weight gain- I gained 25 lbs in the months after I got it without a change in diet or habits

-Contstant flow for first month

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Worker bee

I’ve had my mirena for over a year. I bled for 96 days straight when I first got it, and I still get super heavy cramping and periods. My bloating is way worse than it was before I got it. That being said, I love the ease of mind it gives me. It hasn’t had any effect (good or bad) on my acne or weight. My sex drive is as high as it always was. After the first couple of months, my strings wrapped up and my boyfriend rarely feels them. I’m overall happy.

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jjilyeah:  I had the Mirena for 11 months exactly and I would never recommend it to anyone. the part of it that was the worst was that I had HORRENDOUS migraines. I never had a migraine in my life until this thing. they were so bad that I was missing a ton of work, at the doctor all the time and then finally at a neurologist and getting MRIs go try to figure out what was wrong. no one could find anything. During this time I had regular pain and discomfort from it, my periods never decreased in length or heaviness. They were slightly worse Than normal. And the weight gain. I gained 50 pounds in that time and struggled to lose it. when I got it I had never been above 135 pounds, except when I was pregnant, in my entire life. No dieting or exercise helped slow or stop the weight gain. My sex drive drastically decreased, not that it mattered because I felt sick so often. I had a lot of pain at insertion, along with bleeding- way more than the doctor said I would have, I had a lot of issues with depression, mood swings…it was similar to being pregnant For me. the list goes on but those were the more major ones for me. When I had it removed the headaches stopped, my periods got back to normal, but the weight was way more stubborn. The doctor had a difficult time removing it also. It was very painful and he had to get an ultrasound machine to find it. It hadnt migrated but had shifted and the string was short and was also curled up apparently. Anyway, it was extremely painful and my doctor even admitted it’s not usually that difficult for him to find IUDs but that the Mirena Liked to move. 

also, do a lot of research on it because two OB/GYNs that I saw during this time, I moved that year, RAVED about the Mirena. But my PCP was a bit more levelheaded about it. She talked about known side effects and potential positives, along with what I was experiencing that could be caused by it. Where the OBs were just “it’s a great form of bc and it has almost no serious side effects. You can look them up if you want. I think it’s just amazing. Blah blah” I felt like they were pushing it too hard even when I inquired about the negative side effect Possibilities. And I’ve known several women who habe used it and some have had no issues other than drastic weight gain, my sister is a dance teacher in a school- she is physically active 6 days a week and even she has gained 70 pounds and can’t lose it. Other women I’ve known have gained 30-70 pounds and some had more serious side effects and had theirs removed as a result. Everyone will have a different experience and some so strongly stand behind it becaise they had a positive experience. Just know everything you can before you make a decision. Look at the fb pages on it and the lawsuits. Talk to your OB and a PCP. And If you get it I hope you have a positive experience on it! 🙂

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