(Closed) Mirena vs Implanon?

posted 6 years ago in Intimacy
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    I’m interested in this as well. I have my annual exam tomorrow, and assuming I’m not pregnant with an oopsie baby right now (super faint line) birth control will be the number one topic of conversation and I will be starting to pop pills the moment I leave the office.

    On my current insurance I only have coverage for the pill, but at the end of the summer I’m switching back to my health insurance and am planning to get either the Implanon or Mirena.

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    I don’t have either, I have the copper iud because I didn’t want to risk the side effects of the mirena and I can’t handle the emotions of bc personally, but just wanted to tell you that as far as iuds go I love mine, best thing I ever did bc wise!

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    As a former pill taker I really can’t give solid advice based on personal experience with either methods you’re curious about, but I can say that Implanon freaks me out! Something about sticking it under your arm skin just gives me the heeby jeebies. I heard that the IUD insertion after childbirth is less painful than if you get it placed before you have kids, so if I was in your shoes, I’d pick the IUD. 

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    I’ve just taken Implanon out and i couldn’t wait..my period became completely irregular and sometimes it lasted 6 weeks!! I was soooooo tired of it!!!! Also, i feel it increased my anxiety levels, which nobody needs!

    Sure, Implanon is safe but for me, no thanks. I am figuring what to do next..now i am trying a skin patch which i have to replace every week. DIU doesn’t feel right for me..i know it demands a closer medical attention and i’ve heard the bledding is heavier..sigh..we do not want any more kids..wish he would decide to spare me..

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    My midwife asked me to think about this too – I would love to hear other Bees’ experiences with IUD, especially copper, and Implanon. We’re also not sure about a 2nd baby either, so I’d like something more foolproof than the pill.

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    I have Implanon and I LOVE it.  I’ve had it for about 4 years now (I’m on my second) and the only side effect I’ve had is an irregular period.  This was a biggie, but it doesn’t have to be.  I basically spotted nonstop (occasionally a “normal” period but never as heavy a flow as it was before), and after 2 years it led to anemia.  I got a prescription for iron pills from my pcp to get my blood back to normal and after that took One-a-Days every day.  However, I recently talked to my gyne and he prescribed some kind of estrogen pill which so far has stopped the spotting completely (and I don’t have to keep taking the pill after its stopped).  So if you go the Implanon route and have nonstop bleeding, DON’T be lazy and wait like I did, talk to your doctor about it and s/he can probably do something about it.  Someone in another thread also said they took the pill alongside Implanon to regulate their period.  A LOT of times I have read people say they love Implanon and that it stopped their period completely.

    It is super convenient, and for all the trouble it gave me before I still stuck with it because it was so darn convenient, and now it is perfect for me.

    eta the insertion process is very quick and simple.  Taking it out can be more of a toll; my doctor had a decent amount of trouble getting my first Implanon out with a small slit, in the end he had to cut a slit about 1cm long which left a scar, but it’s on the inside of the arm and unlikely for anyone to see normally.  It’s important that you are able to feel the Implanon underneath your skin; if you can’t, it may have migrated deeper.  There have been stories of needing ultrasounds to find it if that’s the case… I personally haven’t had any problems, though.  Yeah, I guess the removal process is the worst thing about Implanon… but it only happens once every 3 years?

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    I couldn’t vote because I don’t know if Mirena is better than the Implanon. 

    I had the Implanon and the insertion hurts but nothing that a Tylenol/Advil can’t take care of.  I had some brusing but it went away.  The only problem I had with the insertion/removal was some scarring. My period was irregular at the begining and at the end of the implanon which was very annoying.  And, I couldn’t plan for when I’d spot or not spot either. 

    In the end, I think it was pretty convenient. 

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    I have the mirena and I LOVEEEE it.  After insertion I’ve had no problems!  5 years baby free as well as period free, could it get any better???  The only  side effects I had were immediately following it’s placement. I had some spotting and some very minor cramping.  After about 12 hours I had no more issues.  After about 2 months I had no period.  It did take a little while to stop freaking out and thinking I was preggo but I quickly got used to it and overall my mirena experience has been great.  I would def recommend it.

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    ive had implanon since last Dec., the first two months i spotted almost everyday but after that i havent had a period and im perfectly fine, i even forget i have it in my arm. I found out about it because one of my friends reccommended it to me. and i love it.

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    I’m on mirena and i have been on it for 8 months. So far i really like it, my doctor told me there is so very little to no hormones in it. I thought i wanted the copper but too much going on with that specially heavy periods or prolonged periods, not good on my book. No changes with the mirena, i feel good, and i think it’s the best choice out there as far as birth control and you should definitely go for it. Also to answer your question NO WAY i have loss my sex drive, like i said  you feel 100% the same.

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    If you’re breastfeeding, DO NOT get anything hormonal. Despite what they say, even Mirena can interfere with breastfeeding.

    I personally have a Copper IUD and I love it. I had it before I had my daughter and got another one right after she was born at my 6 week PP checkup.

    The only side effect the first time was that after 2.5 years my periods started getting heavier.

    I’ve only had it 7 months this time, and at 9 months PP, I still don’t have a period, so I won’t know for a while if I’ll have the same issue with heavy periods until AF returns!

    Good luck!

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    I’d say implanon! It lasts a long time and you don’t have to worry about the complications that can come with an IUD ( improper insertion, falling out etc).

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