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    I have a Mirena and I LOVE it. I got it put in at 6 weeks pp and my period still hasn’t come 2 months later. Insertion was really not painful, just a little pinch. I had mild cramping the first day and sporadically since but nothing more than just uncomfortable. I really haven’t had many side effects that I’ve noticed. I’m a pretty happy camper so far.

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    I have the copper (paragard).  I LOVE IT!!!!  If you’re worried about missing a pill, this is definitely the best route to go.  I am thankful every single day that I have it, and it’s has totally changed sex for me, since I literally never worry about getting pregnant, never count down the days until my period, never freak out when it’s a day late.  There’s really very little that you can do wrong once you have it.  I basically check for the string every so often (it’s basically like fishing line), and we’re good to go.

    A couple things to keep in mind- Be careful about cutting the strings. I left mine their original length, and my fiance can’t feel it. But some people have problems with them becoming kind of “spikey” when the string is too short, and doing damage to their partner!  It will soften up after a few months, and probably will settle in around your cervix, so consider leaving it long if you’re unsure.  You can always cut it, but once you get it too short, you have no choice but to start over if it’s bothering your partner.

    Don’t worry about the insertion. You’ll read horror stories, everyone has them… We’re just bragging!  You’ll be fine.  It’s basically like a menstrual cramp and then it’s over.

    With the copper one, I did have crampy heavy periods for a couple months after, but now it’s no problem at all. My period does last a lot longer though!!!  We’re talking 5-6 days.  It’s not really that heavy anymore though, so whatever.  I’ve learned to deal.

    I’ve had mine 2 years, btw.  I’ve had no problems with it, whatsoever.

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    While I’m not familiar with any of the listed options personally (I’ve never used them), I know my SIL got pregnant with the IUD.  It was their 3rd child. After that my brother got snipped.


    I was on Depo Provera (the shot) for a few years and LOVED it!  I never had a period and I didn’t have any problem with weight gain.  My gyno told me that at 28 and with no kids I was too old to go back on it though, because it does make it difficult to conceive for a while after you stop (it took me a whole year after I stopped taking it just to get my period back).  I didn’t have any problems with losing my sex drive either.  I really liked it because it meant no period, and you just have to get a shot every 3 months. So much easier than what I take now, micronor, which is a pill and my gyno *said* was similar to the shot.  I guess they call it the “mini pill”.  Gyno said I wouldn’t get a period, but guess what?  I get my period still (sometimes lasting an entire week or more).  Last time I went in and told her I still get my period, like a normal full week period, and all she had to say was “wow, you must be very fertile”.  I’ve definitely had weight gain as well.  I had to set an alarm on my phone to remember to take it.  It seems to be working, but there are still times I’ll dismiss my “no baby pill” alarm and then forget to take the pill (usually only for like 30 minutes though)


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    @Mrs Sarah McK:  I have the paragard. I DO have heavier periods in the beginning, I used to be a fairly light to moderate flow girl and now I am definitely on the heavy end. But not so heavy as to where I have to wear a jumbo and a pad or anything like that :). It’s usually only for 2 days or so and then it lightens up. I do also have long periods, they are around 7 days spotting to spotting, but I think I’ve always had long periods.It’s just something I live with. I have had friends that have mirena with good results, and very bad results due to the hormones so those can go either way.

    While they say you can get pregnant on an IUD, the chances of it happening if it is properly inserted are slim to none, it’s about as close as you can get to 100% besides abstinence i believe. See chart thanks to PP!


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    I had the mirena. Honestly I loved it!. A few cramps after getting it inserted, no issues. I did have some months where I spotted for may a day to a few days but that was after I had it over a year and a half. I started getting cramps and with the spotting and tenderness I asked my obgyn. Well they took an ultrasound and to my horrible luck  it moved. My obgyn tried to remove it in office but couldnt be done, so they had to put me to sleep and then still couldn’t get it without the use of a camra. By the time they used the camra the Mirena was completely upside down. ( We think it was from where he couldnt get it out and was messing with it). I personally wanted another mirena, however my obgyn didn’t think that was a good idea. Wanted me to try the implanon, but I am worried about the weight gain and lower sex drive side effects. So I am stuck on a stupid pill until either one I decide to get the implants or two my obgyn changes his mind about the IUD.

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    I was deciding between those two and my doctor said implanon can cause acne (ugh) which scared me since I already have issues with that. I said I don’t think it will be 5 years before we are TTC but he said not to let that be a deciding factor since it can be taken out. 

    With that being said the pain of it being put in was terrible but I’ve never had kids before. I had spotting and blood for several weeks after as well. Some women lose their period with Mirena (this is my second time with Mirena) and that didn’t happen for me, but my period is lighter. One other bonus is it has less of a chance for interactions with medicine. The meds intake interact with birth control and even if you don’t take something regularly think of if you’re ever on antibiotics. The pharmacist or Doctor may not remind you to take “extra precautions” so with the hormones being circulated higher in your body there’s more of a chance for an “oops”!

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    So, I’m kinda in a different situation. I’ve never had kids, I don’t have mirena or implanon. But I do have the copper IUD, Paragard. I’ve never even attempted regular birth control because I was so scared of all the side effects (family members have had side effects that were life threatening). For me, Paragard is the best money I’ve ever spent.

    I knew there was no way I could remember to take a pill everyday. With this, as long as everything goes according to plan, it needs to be removed every 10-12 years! So you just insert, save the date card, and for the most part, forget it even exists. 

    I also didn’t want to deal with hormones. Paragard is the only IUD that does not release hormones into the body. 

    I will admit, the insertion hurt like a m**********r! But as PP said, that probably was because I have never had children before. 

    My periods didn’t really change but that is because I already have heavy, irregular periods. So I can’t say anything about that.

    I would definitely recommend it.

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    I had the Implanon and it did have its good sides, I was one of those lucky ones whose period consisted of spotting for a couple of days twice a year :). But the weight gain was horrible I gained about 20-25kgs with the Implanon and once i got it out I lost about 15kgs in 3 months without doing anything different I also had some problems with the implant under my skin as I’m a nurse and I had a couple of patients grab me really hard right over the Implanon and was worried it might get broken and it was actually bent out of shape when it was removed

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    I hated the Mirena, and fyi the hormone in Mirena also has the potential side effect of weight gain and hair loss, and can lighten and even eliminate your period.

    In my experience with Mirena, I had almost constant cramping for months, that would start pretty much every time I moved. It reduced me to a couch potato, because even walking would cause horrible cramping. I was convinced there was something wrong, and went back multiple times only to be told it was placed fine and my body was adjusting and to just “give it more time”

    I also had the unfortunate side effect of increased discharge, so I smelled awful. My Fiance claimed he couldnt smell anything, but I could and that was bad enough for me to be reluctant to have any sort of sexy times, and combining that with the cramping it was just not fun all around. After about 7 months I had it removed. 

    I was interested in implanon but was told it was less effective the further you get from about 180lbs, so it wasnt an option for me. I personally went back to Depo (the shot)

    Edit:I didnt realize this thread was 3 years old. Whoops!

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