Mirena/Skyla (non-insertion related side effects)

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I had a horrible insertion but very minimal other side effects. I had light spotting for a few days after (some women get up to 6 months), and lost my period entirely for 3 years. It’s come back slightly now, 1 day/month of very light spotting and light cramping. 

I didn’t gain any weight, and my skin did suffer a bit, but I was on a specific brand of BCP for acne. I was also able to lose weight pretty easily, which I couldn’t do as well on BCP. 

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orchidbee :  I like 100x better than bcp. I could never remember to take it properly, even with alarms and shit lol. So irresponsible. So yes, this is safe, secure, gives me peace of mind. 

No loss. BCP made it soo low this is much more balanced. 

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I had the same side effect on BCP. I have a little bit of that on the Mirena but SO MUCH BETTER than the pills

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I used Mirena with no issues. I pretty much stopped having periods. I’d spot every 4 months or so. I had no weight gain. My breasts didn’t shrink. If anything, I think they were a bit tender/swollen. I loved not having to remember the pill everyday. 

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I’ve had a Mirena for four years. I did have some cramping for the first few months, nothing too bad. Now it’s fine. No weight gain, no acne.

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I got the smaller version, Kyleena. It’s like the Skyla but it lasts 5 years vs 3. It has less hormones than Mirena but it’s also smaller so (like Skyla) the insertion might be a little easier for you. I still got a period but it was legit one day and the rest of the time I’ve been spotting old blood. It’s gonna take a few months to regulate. 

I’ve actually lost some weight. My boobs aren’t sore and my sex drive is sort of back(I take Zoloft, that kills it). My hair and skin got a little more greasy but I don’t know if it’s because I go to the gym more and I’m a sweaty slob or if it’s a side effect. The only thing I hate is the god forsaken cramps I get sometimes, but I know it’ll chill out in a few months!

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I have the Skyla IUD and I’m legit obsessed with it. My gyno recommended it over Mirena because I had not been on hormonal birth control before and was nervous about side effects.

It’s hard to say if my sex drive has gone down from that or just the result of getting older/being in a relationship longer! I certainly wouldn’t say it was drastic or killed it entirely. The insertion and the next couple days wasn’t great, but it was manageable. No weight gain or skin issues for me. My periods got steadily lighter over time to the point that I just use a panty liner if anything. That part is awesome. My periods were never that bad but now I’m dreading when I’ll eventually go off the IUD to try and conceive and deal with normal periods again! My PMS symptoms are the same as before, and my boobs have (sadly, I’m only 32A haha) remained the same size except for a little bit of PMS-related swelling once a month. 

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I got terrible, painful acne. I ultimately had my IUD removed after eight months for this reason. My gynecologist said most women do not get such bad acne from it, but that it definitely happens and he sees it in his practice. After getting it removed my skin went back to normal. 

I have many friends with IUDs. Most have dealt with some extra oiliness and minor acne, but not enough to have them removed. So while it did not work for me, it has worked well for many people I know. 

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I had awful acne for about 6 months, but it was so bad that it felt like longer. I thought it would never end. Cant comment on breast size because I’m still breastfeeding, but low sex drive for sure (but again, maybe that’s from breastfeeding).

I’ve been pretty happy with Mirena now that it’s been almost a year, but I have noticed some new health issues, like unexplained body aches pretty regularly. 

I still get a “period” but it’s so awesome that it only lasts a day or so, and it’s very light. I have endometriosis so this is a huge thing for me. 

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I have the copper iud (no hormones) so the only side effects are my periods got very heavy and I have terrible cramps, both symptoms only lasting a day or two during my cycle. For me it is worth it though, this lasts 10 years and I don’t have to worry about the side effects of hormones. 

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I have the Skyla. I had a lot of spotting afterwards; it went on for months. It was annoying but not a deal breaker for me.

I didn’t get any acne, and had pretty much no period after 6 months or so.

I had a just-turned one year old when I got it and I would say my sex drive did go up, but I’m guessing that has more to do with not having to worry about condoms and dd sleeping through the night finally. I was legit terrified of getting pregnant again right away lol.

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Had Mirena. Wanted to love it, had it removed around the 3 month mark. No insertion issues, no acne or weight gain. Random spotting for a few weeks, was prepared to deal with it. Progressed to daily bleeding that over a month, couldn’t handle this and it was causing depression. Went from sex at least every other day to feeling gross, unhappy with my body and life in general so sex drive took a dive. Mirena was worth a try but for me the daily annoyance of a pill is a heluva lot better than daily bleeding.

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No acne, no weight gain, no breast changes here. Sex drive for me is the same when I was on the pill. I’m a big fan of mirena, getting it out next week to TTC, after our children I plan to return to Mirena.

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