Miscarriage … did you get pregnant again :(

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Busy Beekeeper

I got pregnant on our second cycle trying and had a miscarriage at 7 weeks. It was pretty early so it wasn’t that bad in terms of the bleeding…just like a bad period really. I then had two chemical pregnancies in a row after that, and then on our third cycle after the MC, conceived my daughter, who is now four months old.

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Busy bee
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I had a CP, a MC at 12 weeks (I had a D&E and bleeding stopped/I got my period after about 6 weeks), a CP, and then got pregnant and am about 21 weeks. Basically each cycle we got pregnant, but just had a run of bad luck. We didn’t have any issues with my son, although it did take a bit longer to get pregnant.

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Bumble bee

I am so sorry. *hugs* 

I miscarried and then was able to get pregnant 2 cycles later with what I pray is our rainbow baby. My bleeding lasted several days. I ended up in the ER with a fever but luckily passed all of it on my own.

Take care of yourself. This is a club that no1 wants to be a part of and the grief rears its ugly head at random times even months/yeats later.

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enjoy :  I’m so sorry Bee. 

I’m actually my parent’s rainbow baby. My mom miscarried and within maybe 6 months got pregnant with me. 

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enjoy :  No problem 🙂 

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Blushing bee

enjoy :  I am so sorry for your loss.

I had 3 pregnancies end. First was an unplanned pregnancy that was an ectopic. Fortunately, I am paranoid and after reading about symptoms on Google i went to the hospital and it was treated with meds at 6 weeks (no operation, I kept my tube). After that, my period became extremely irregular. I normally had 32-34 day cycles, but jumped to 60 day, sometimes 80 day cycles.

Shortly after diagnosed with PCOS I had an early miscarriage, about 6 months after the ectopic. Again, had more irregular cycles after that. About 9 months after I did a course of clomid, which resulted in a chemical pregnancy. I was pretty upset at this point. My doctor told me to wait two months so we could do tests. I guess the clomid kick-started something though, because I ovulated 2 weeks after the MC and got pregnant with my son who is now 22months  From ectopic to baby in my arms was about 2 years.

*Hugs* bee, hoping you your journey has much less haertache going forward

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enjoy :  I’m so sorry for your loss Bee. I had a chemical pg in January 2019 at around 5 weeks. The bleeding didn’t last too long, just super heavy for 4 days with lots of cramping. Then minimal spotting for 2-3 days after that.

Darling Husband and I are just starting the 2nd cycle after the chemical. I had read a couple of things during the mc…that either women can be super fertile in the 1-2 months following a chemical pg OR that your cycle can get pretty wonky and it takes a while afterwards.

My last cycle was pretty wonky – I’m not sure when I O’d and I also had the flu for the 2-3 days right after my fertile window ended. I didn’t have any EWCM or other O symptoms. Luckily AF showed up 1 day late on Feb 27th.

This cycle AF was super, super heavy to the point where I called my doctor to ask if I should come back in. I’m on day 7 of bleeding and it’s just now starting to lighten up a bit. Usually I bleed for 4 days and then it tapers off pretty quickly.

My doc said it’s fairly common to have a super heavy period in the month right after a miscarriage so I just wanted to share that in case you experience the same thing.

Lots of hugs!

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Sorry for your loss. I have multiple family members and friends who get pregnant within a month or two of an MC. I had a D&C end of January and trying again for the first time after that this month. I am not sure if there is science to back up being more fertile after a miscarriage but there is a lot of anecdotal evidence at least. Who knows what the exact reasons are but it certainly seems to be true among my friends and family.

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Bumble bee

enjoy :  So sorry for your loss. I had a miscarriage around 5w4d in January. We started trying right away because I ovulated normally (just a few days late), and on the 2nd cycle I had a very early CP. We’re going to keep trying right away, and we’re still hoping for our rainbow.

Reading the stories on this thread has been helpful for me. I’m so happy that so many of you got your rainbow babies, and best of luck to those who are still trying <3


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I’m so sorry for your loss. I miscarried last year at 12 weeks (5th cycle trying). I passed most everything without intervention, after which I had very little bleeding, but I had some retained placenta. I waited a week, did an unsuccessful round of misoprostol, and then had a D&C. I had no bleeding after the D&C, and I got my period six weeks later. We started trying right away and had a chemical pregnancy the next cycle. I got pregnant again on the third cycle after the chemical and am now 28 weeks. I hope everything is resolved for you soon and you get your rainbow baby. Miscarriage sucks. 

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Busy bee

After 9 cycles I got pregnant only to miscarry at 8 weeks. I bleed for 2 weeks. We didn’t try for 2 cycles. One as the doctor said to leave it a month and the next cause I got fell ill with strep. 

We got pregnant on our 3 cycle and I now have a 10’week old son. 

My best friend miscarried on the same day as me (she was 10 weeks) and we were due our rainbow babies on the same day. Hers was a better time keeper so arrived on time and he’s 11 weeks. 

Good luck bee 

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