Miscarriage experiences?

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I had two miscarriages, both quite a bit earlier than you and I am so sorry to hear that you’re going through this right now. It is so difficult and nothing really prepares you for it. My first was less than 5 weeks and it was just like a really really heavy period. My second was at 7 weeks and I had terrible cramps, chills and bled so much until a ‘blob’ came out. It was the worst feeling to know that was my embryo and I freaked out and just flushed it down the loo. I was not expecting that to happen as I thought it would just be like a period like last time.

I’m from the U.K. as well and when I first started bleeding the GP referred me to the early pregnancy unit right away and the EPU scheduled me for a scan in two days. When the bleeding got a lot heavier on the second day, I rang the EPU and whilst they were sympathetic, they just said there’s nothing they could do and I should take some pain killers. I had a scan the day after the miscarriage which confirmed everything has gone. I’m glad to hear that your hospital is looking after you, I do hope your scan on Monday goes ok.

I was absolutely exhausted the week after and as I had some scheduled leave already, it was great to just have a few days off and just stay in bed and cry. My breasts took about two weeks to go back to normal and I’m surprised how my body shaped has changed (bigger booty and belly) even though I was only 7 weeks. Christmas this year was tough though as I had hoped to tell my parents over Christmas 🙁

I’m now two weeks after my miscarriage and just waiting for a negative pregnancy test to confirm everything has gone back to normal (yesterday I still had a faint positive line). I’m really sorry you’re going through this and not that it will make it better but please just know that you’re not alone, we are all thinking of you on this board xx

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I’m so sorry bee. I had a miscarriage right before Christmas last year – it’s such a horrible time to go through that. Obviously going through mc is terrible at any time but at the holidays it’s just like a double punch in the gut. I was earlier than you – about 7 weeks when I miscarried – and for me it was like a bad period. Lots of cramping and spotting for about 12 hours, and then full on bleeding and passing clots for about 24 hrs, and then it tapered off after that. I think the general rule of thumb with this type of bleeding is that if you’re soaking through a pad in under an hour, call your doctor, but otherwise it’s probably okay. 

FWIW, I got pregnant agian three months later with a healthy baby, who was born last month. Being pregnant after a loss was super stressful, esp in the first trimester, but it got easier with each passing week. FX you are pregnant again asap with your rainbow baby!

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MancBee :  I am so sorry for your loss! Especially around this time of year.  I had a missed miscarrage around 7 weeks. They ended up having to give me medicine to help me miscarry since my body didnt recognize I had a loss. It wasn’t too bad…..but it took me 3 months for my hcg levels to drop to 0 and when it finally did I got my first period. It was more painful then the miscarrage and similar to labor but maybe not quit as bad bc the contractions were further apart. I had huge clots. The size of my fists!!  Apparenly since my hcg levels were so high my lining kept getting thick so once they dropped it was painful shedding the lining. I dont know of that is common…..but from the pain your describing it sounds normal. Like you no one told me what to expect and it was quit a shock getting my first period and having that kind of pain. Like I said I dont think that’s common. My hcg levels were 90000 when I miscarried so it just took a long time for it all to end.  I couldn’t find much info about it online and my doctors didnt prepare me for it at all. I complelty agree with you that women need to be more open about their experiences and doctors should prepare us better. Please take care of yourself and I would check with your doctor and describe what you went through just to make sure all is ok. I wish you the best of luck in your ttc journey!! Again I am so sorry for your loss.

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MancBee :  Sorry you’re going through this. My MC sounds similar to yours — measured at 6 weeks at an 8 week ultrasound, confirmed fetal demise at 9 weeks (still measured 6+2) and then miscarried the following week. The pain was really bad, definitely worse than a period, and I had bleeding and pain for about a week. I started bleeding extremely heavily in the evening and eventually passed the full sac later that night. Once I had passed the sac, the cramps subsided, but I bled quite a lot for a few more days.

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MancBee :  I had a very similar experience to yours at first, but I’m sorry that your pain continued on longer. I could not believe how physically painful it was. I had also heard it should be like a bad period, but that was so far from the truth. I knew at 7w that we had cause to be concerned—that the fetus was measuring a week too small. We knew for sure because we had gotten pregnant under medical care. So we spent the week hoping that the fetus would catch up, but at the 8w appointment, there was no growth and no more heart beat. Five days later, I got was seemed like a heavy period. The next morning, I had the horrendous bleeding, cramping, and pain like you described. I passed some large clots, and most of the bleeding was finished within 2-3 hours, but I was exhausted from the blood loss (and being so sad and upset!) and I was sore and tender for the next few days. That was last May.

What I can tell you is that I am in my next chapter. In August, I moved forward with IVF (not saying this what you should do, just that this is what I did) and I am 19w today. The reason why I’m commenting here is to respond to what you said about always worrying about future pregnancies. At first, once you get pregnant again, you will worry. You will not be able to help it. That’s just what happens when you get pregnant after a loss. But with each week that goes by, I worry less about the pregnancy and worry more about parenthood, which I think is a win. After worrying for so long, I was quickly aware of how, when leaving my 14w OB appointment, I realized I wasn’t worried AT ALL about what would come of the appointment. This was after I was aware of my anxiety decreasing even before that, starting at about 11w. I am not saying I am in the clear, or that there are any guarantees from this point on, but that the same stress and worry that was with me for so long has let up. I hope this was helpful. Good luck to you. 

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I tried reading through a few of these but its so hard hearing everyone’s stories. I will share mine I hope it might help someone else.

I became pregnant on our first month trying, everything was going fine and I went into my 8 week appointment. We saw the heartbeat and everything was normal.

After that appointment I started spotting so I read everything on the internet and called my Dr, they told me to keep an eye on it and come in if it got worse. It did get worse so I went in on 8wk 3d for blood work to check what blood type I was, as that might make a difference?

The next day, 8w4d it was worse so I went in for another ultra sound.

I was diagnosed with a subchorionic clot and was told a lot of women get these and it will bleed until the clot passes, but nothing to worry about.

9wk 3d I woke up to the most painful cramping I have ever experienced, it felt like I might have to go to the bathroom so I sat there until I felt that I was going to pass out. I laid in bed, that didn’t help so I went back into the bathroom where I passed what I thought was the clot.

I was so sure the first day that I saw bleeding that I was miscarrying, when I went back and they told me it was a clot and statistically there was like a “3%” chance people miscarry in their ninth week I thought I was in the clear. I just really thought that it would never happen to me.

The next day I called my doctor and said I think I passed the clot but wasn’t sure if I should come in. When they did the ultrasound and nothing was on the screen I just went numb. Looking back, I woke up that day feeling great, no pregnancy sympotms and no cramping, no bleeding.

My husband didn’t come with me to the appt, I was like it’s just the clot everything is fine and then I was there alone and it was just the worst.

We just started trying again this month, about 4 cycles after and I can’t help but worry constantly. I actually think boards like these and others on facebook that I joined did more harm than good for my anxiety so I am going to try to take it easy this time.

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