(Closed) Miscarriage? I Feel So Worried

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You cannot prevent a miscarriage if it is going to happen.  If the pregnancy was viable, sex would not make you miscarry.  I am sorry, OP.  I get it,  I really truly do.  I have had multiple miscarriages.  I know the pain, and I know the fear.  Bt whatever happens here is not your fault.  Really, there is nothing you can do right now either way, so just cuddle up with your dh and try to not worry.  

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Having sex it not going to cause a miscarriage.   A pregnacy causes blood vessels to dialate more in the area to bring more blood to support the pregnancy,  and your cervix could just be a bit sensitive at the moment and irritated from sex.   

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Take a deep breath.


If it’s meant to be, it will be. I know that doesn’t help but sex doesn’t cause miscarriages. Don’t put that on yourself.

Call your Dr again if you’re worried.

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My doctor told me that is completely nervous to see some blood after intercourse.  Apparently your cervix has increased blood flow and is more fragile, so any “bumping” could cause some veins to start bleeding. 

If you continue to bleed I would definitely worry, but a small amount is normal.  Like others said, you can’t cause or stop a miscarriage, so keep that in mind and try to just relax (I know it’s hard, especially when you are so early on!).

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After an ultrasound like that, and having sex, you will have spotting. I was told that you shoudln’t worry unless you start to clot, or if it doesn’t go away by the next day. A lot of women spot throughout the whole pregnancy (my mom didn’t even know she was pregnant with me until 4 months because she thought she was getting her period)

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I had what they think was a subchorionic hemorrhage at about 5 weeks.  Lots of blood everywhere.  General consensus was to do pelvic rest for a while to give it a chance to clear up.  Mine fixed itself and i am now 27 weeks pregnant.  So you might want to take a break from sex, heavy exercise, baths, etc for a little while just to make sure.  I have also heard that many people bleed after sex due to the cervix being extra sensitive.  Which is scary but really not a big deal.  Either case, things will likely be fine.  But personally I would take it easy for a while to give your body time to heal so it doesnt keep happening.

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I had spotting at week five and twelve. Now I’m almost 24 weeks pregnant. Spotting can freak you out but it’s also normal For some women. Unfortunately all you can do is wait and see.

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Keep us posted, But it sounds like this is very common and freaking out won’t help 😘

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I am currenlty pregnant with my third little one, I’ve also had two miscarriages, and bleeding with two of my successful pregnancies. The first time we never found out why, it was just a one off bleed, and I was sure it was a miscarriage but turned out to be fine. With my current pregnancy I had a haematoma, which was picked up on the dating scane. They told me I would probably have bleeding which prepared me, but it was still scary none the less. I bled for about a week I think, and eventually it cleared up on it’s own.

Every pregnancy is truly unique and if something is going to happen there is really nothing you can do. I know this is an extremely scary though but for me I tried to take comfort in the idea that what was meant to happen would happen, that it is out of my hands, and I was lucky enough to have my mc’s early on.

Never feel that anything you have done could have caused this, think about it, if it was so easy to affect a pregnancy, would there be any unwanted pregnancies?

Hoping it work works out for you!!!!

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I got breakthrough bleeding early on, around when my period would have been due at around weeks 4/5, 8/9, 12/13 etc. It’s worrying but the heartbeat is strong so I’m sure it’s nothing. 🙂 

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carrolltobee:  i could have almost written your post. well i have posted a similar issue for me. i know that having sex cannot cause miscarriage.

i’m about 8 wks pregnant, i’ve been to the dr twice and they still havent seen a baby but have see ges sack and yolk sac. i understand how you feel!! i have spotted a few times…it is so scary even if it is normal!! the cervix area can swell from hormones, or grwoing baby and anything irritating can make you spot. as long as it isn’t bright red or have any tissue i think it’s normal but always follow up with your dr.

good luck! i know how you feel and i hope for the best!


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I had light spotting after sex up until 10 weeks. It was directly after. It freaked me out too. But I’m now 15 weeks and have had two great ultrasounds. So try not to worry too much! 

Like others have said, if you’re going to miscarry there is nothing you can really do about it, unfortunately. 

Hope you have a healthy pregnacy!

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