Miscarriage support/ any experience with pain only on one side?

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Oh bee I am so sorry to see this. 😔 I don’t have experience with ectopic, but when I had my D&C I took 3 days off work just to rest and recuperate. And in some ways a D&C is less taxing than a natural MC. So I think you are totally justified in taking time to heal, both physically and emotionally. I told my boss that I had a medical issue to deal with and no one questioned it. I think my exact words were ‘the doctor found something that shouldn’t have been there’. Which was kind of true.

I know you have a follow up in 2 weeks, but if the left side pain intensifies before then, ask to be seen earlier. Not saying it’s an ectopic (and if you passed tissue it probably isn’t), but when it comes to that, it’s absolutely better to be safe than sorry.

so sorry again. 💔

ETA for a loss this early, there’s really no reason you can’t try again right away. Unless you need the time to deal emotionally.

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Firework :  I am so sorry for your loss. I had a suspected ectopic a few years ago. My levels kept going up but slowly and not doubling. We weren’t able to see anything on the ultrasound and the doctor didnt want to risk waiting in case it was ectopic which she strongly suspected it was so they treated me for it bc they were 100% sure it was not a viable pregnancy. I dont recall feeling pain on one side, but I did have a lot of lower back pain.

If you are concerned share with your doctor that you are having one sided pain and they may do additional testing. My guess is if the hcg levels are going down it’s not ectopic but I’m not sure and your doctor would know best. As long as it is not ectopic I would think your would be fine to ttc right away. If it so ectopic the treatment they give you would not be safe to ttc right away. I think I had to wait a cycle or 2.

I think sending flowers into the ocean  is a beautiful way to honor the little life you lost! Do whatever helps you. Early miscarriages are common, so hard but common and majority of women who go through them go on to have healthy pregnancies.Take care of yourself!! 

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I am so sorry bee. I also had an early miscarriage that happened about three weeks after my positive test – I was 6w5d. Throughout the pregnancy, I had this constant dull ache on my left side that made me really nervous about ectopic. But it was just a regular miscarriage. When my miscarriage bleeding began, my betas were in the 300s. I asked my doctor about ectopic. She was totally unconcerned about that given how low my HCG was. I insisted that she do another blood test again a few days later, and by that point my HCG had dropped a bunch more, which indicated my body was miscarrying normally. So if you want peace of mind, you could ask for more betas just to make sure your numbers are going down properly, but I think you’re probably okay.

I think throwing flowers into the ocean will be a beautiful way to commemorate this pregnancy. I miscarried right before xmas, so I bought an ornament to sort of symbolize what I went through. I’m looking forward to hanging it up on the tree this year. 

And yeah I totally recommend taking a couple days off work. I work from home luckily so I didn’t have to be around people when I went through mine, but I absolutely would have taken some time off if I worked in an office. I was a complete wreck for a few days.

As for when to try again, my doctor recommended waiting one full cycle, but we disobeyed and tried right away because my cycle bounced back quickly and I was having tons of EWCM that I didn’t want to waste. I ended up having a really early chemical that cycle, which was frustrating, but I still dont’ regret trying again so soon. Jumping back into TTC was good for me in terms of the healing process. We did wait until my mc follow-up appt which was two weeks after the miscarriage to have sex though at the doctor’s advice. 

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My betas with my ectopic dipped but my first draw I was 2,300 they went down by just under 200 went back up  and I had pain  but let me tell ya it felt like someone was shoving and twisting a knife up my bum sorry for tmi but during this they just thought I was having a miscarriage because I had a fetal pole and visible yollk sack inter uterine..

about a week After my first scan I ened up in the urgent care clinic we had kaiser and they once again said they think I’m having a miscarriage but if I really cant walk go to the emergency room well I did and found out my left tube had ruptured and I had already lost half of my blood so I was rushed in for emergency surgery..

i ended up losing the inter uterus pregnancy about 5 days 😭

I say if you really think something is up go in..

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