(Closed) miscarriage?

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I had a friend who went through this exact same thing, and unfortunately, the only thing you can do is wait and see. I know that’s not helpful advice, but it could be anything.

To try to make you feel better, the friend who had the spotting and the decrease in pregnancy symptoms had to go through this through almost her entire first trimester. At one point, she had so much blood that she was sure she miscarried. They never could pinpoint exactly why she bled so much, but she just gave birth to a healthy baby boy on 11/24. So it is still possible to have a healthy pregnancy with all of this going on, but unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing anything until time goes by and your test results come back.

I’m saying a little prayer for you that you and the baby are ok and everything turns out fine in the end. So sorry you’re going through this stress right now!

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I have never been through what you are right now, but I am praying for you and baby that everything will be okay and this is just a small hiccup in your pregnancy. Keep us updated.

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I’m so sorry. I know what it feels like to be so worried and scared.

My situation is totally different so don’t panic. I miscarried last summer, but MY HCG levels went DOWN during the 48 hr tests. The fact that yours are going up, albeit not doubling, sounds more promising. Also, from what I’ve heard, seeing/hearing the heartbeat is a GREAT sign!! I was never far along to get that far, as I was supposed to see the doctor for my first visit the next week.

Try not to worry as I’ve read that the hormones don’t always double. I hope your next blood test tomorrow gives great results!! Hang in there. 🙂

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You could buy/rent a fetal doppler – I don’t know anyone who’s done this and you might be a little earlier for it to detect the heartbeat  right now but I think you can find some that are fairly affordable and they might help to alleviate some worries for the rest of pregnancy.  Hope your baby is doing well.

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@troubled: I wouldn’t try the doppler- my doctor didn’t even try using the doppler on me till the end of the first trimester, and it’s very easy to do it wrong at home and just make yourself more worried!

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I agree with Jenn23..it sounds promising.  I know every situation is different.  When I had mine (I didn’t know I was pregnant) I had really intense cramps  for 2 days and I never ever ever cramp. I thought because of my PCOS and my cycle being messed up that it was just the uterus clearing out extra build up.  But Too Much Information coming up: one time I went to the bathroom and feel this intense pressure and cramp and passed a huge clot..or what I thought was a clot. 

Hopefully tomorrows test will show the levels going up.  


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I had a MC in August/September.  The sypmtoms are hard to rationalize away.  My boobs didn’t go back to normal until 2 weeks afterwards.  Accompanying the spotting should be MAJOR double you over sick to your stomach cramps and the spotting is HEAVY (more like clots and this is WAY Too Much Information but they will be bigger than a golf ball). I know everyone is different but I spent hours and hours a day trying to figure what was wrong with me, and trying to talk myself out of what was happening but you can’t. 

I took a test every morning and evening and they got lighter and lighter and lighter until it finally showed negative.  You could try that?

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I am just throwing this out there but I had my period (very light, like spotting) 3 months into being pregnant but still, going to the doctor is always the best thing to do, I hope all is well.

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I think everything sounds promising but I will keep you and your baby in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us updated! I’m sorry I don’t have any information to make you feel better other than knowing a lot of people are caring for you and hoping that everything will be just fine.

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@troubled: Dopplers can’t really be used until around 12 weeks. I had one for a few months and while it took me a while to find the heartbeat the first time I was able to find it easily after I knew where to look (it was at the top of my pubic bone and I thought it would be too low but I was able to find the horse galloping sound the doc had).

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@MzMarzipan: I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I know it’s hard, but all you can do is wait. It’s what I’m doing with Wombat throughout my entire pregnancy. It’s scary and I’m here if you want to talk.

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I don’t have anything constructive to add regarding pregnancy itself, but I just wanted to wish you all the best and say that I’m praying everything turns out all right for you and the baby. 🙂

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@StbHisMrs: That’s a horrible experience, i’m so sorry :-(. But, it should be said that not everyone’s symptoms are that severe. Like with everything medical, there is a range, and one data point does not a conclusion make. Only her doctor can decide what is happening!

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