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Sugar bee
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most women have a bit of a difference, so you’re definitely not alone.

i can almost guarantee your partner won’t notice. especially with such a small difference (1 cup size is a small difference- i had a 3-4 cup size difference prior to my reduction surgery).

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Worker bee
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Me too! Lefty is somewhere around a D cup while righty is almost a B. Growing up I was super self conscious about it and felt like everyone noticed. After awhile I just accepted it (it wasn’t like they were changing on their own), but was still aware of the difference, especially in pictures. I remember only wanting to be intament with DH earlier in our relationship with the light off, because I didnt want him to think i was some sort of ugly misshapen lady. Then again, after I got comfortable with him, I didn’t try and hid them. I asked him one day if he noticed the size difference and if it bothered him, and he said he noticed, but not in any kind of negative way. It was more of a oh you have freckles, it’s part of what you look like kinda way. So as far as my DH goes, they are fine. And again I’ve accepted them more, especially since I have figured out how to dress to compensate for the mismatchedness. 


Also, sorry for error spelling or grammatical things, the iPad is not being kind to me tonight!


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This is completely normal, most women are lopsided.  I am also a cup bigger on one side than the other. Honestly your man isn’t going to care about the size. 

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Bumble bee
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My whole right half is larger than the left side. Bigger breast, bigger ring size and bigger shoe size. It’s completely normal.

Shame on your doctor for saying that. How unprofessional and unneccesary.

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Bumble bee
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My right boob is at LEAST a cup size bigger than the left.  I have always felt self conscious but to be honest, no guy has ever said anything about it, nor have they cared.  My husband said “the guy doesn’t care, he’s just happy to be having sex – honestly, and you can quote me on that one”.

The most annoying part for me is keeping the bigger one in my effing bra.  Sooooo annoying.  But seriously, you’re not the only one.  Don’t worry about it, almost everyone with natural breasts has the issue, some more or less than others, but there aren’t too many the same.


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I have the exact problem. I’m a D pushing a DD on one side, and a C on the other. I’ve never had anyone comment on it negatively. Your doctor was way out of line with that. I actually looked into getting a reduction/lift in my bigger one years ago, but decided against it. I was embarassed at the doctor when they examined me, and I cried. 🙁 So I really feel your pain there. But I’m pretty sure guys just don’t care, they just love boobs! Try not to be so hard on yourself about it 🙂

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@TattedNYBride:  this is amazing, and thank you for posting it.  I find it really inspiring, seriously.  To have women who love or hate their breasts post them for all to see, so that they can understand that they comein all shapes and sizes and that not one shape or size is normal is really great.  I for one would like a little less boob, though they’re not as big as some – and I would love to have that cup size removed fromthe bigger one so that i could just be a 34DD without one boob falling out constantly.  

To see that others have this issue, or boobs that are totally different from mine but equally as amazing, and to see them on someone else and think they’re great, even though I’ve always disliked my own – fantastic.  Again, thanks for sharing.

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Busy bee
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My left boob is probably nearly 2 cups sizes bigger than my right. I’ve discussed it with friends, and low and behold they all have the same issue as well! I remember when my FI and I first started dating, I either left my bra on during sex or we would have sex with the lights off because I was so embarrassed. He actually doesn’t care at all and claims that he gets the best of both worlds because he can have one big boob and one small boob to play with hahaha. Honestly though, I used to cry about it and wanted surgery SO badly but I’m going to wait and see how my boobs look after I’m done having kids and breastfeeding and if I’m still unhappy then who knows, maybe I will get surgery to fix it.

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Bumble bee
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My right is quite a bit bigger, and I’m always wondering if people can tell when I wear a cleavage showing top or a swimsuit!

Once during a stupid phase following breaking up with a longterm boyfriend and before I started dating my husband, I played a few games of strip poker with some guy friends. They didn’t even notice until I pointed it out, because they were just focused on BOOBS! Lol.

I’ve never had any boyfriend, even my husband, notice unless I point it out, so I think you should be fine! You are not alone!

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My left is a slightly bigger than my right and they are both pretty small. No one can tell when I am wearing a bra, but I was very self conscious about it until I got to my late 20’s. Then I starting to think “who cares!” about a lot of my body issues. It’s sad because women look at themselves and notice all the little flaws and pick themselves apart. Men just look at women and think HOT! 

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Sugar bee

@jackie02:  You’re not alone. I have a left D cup and a right C cup. So either I have one boob almost overflowing or the other barely filling out my bra. And to top it off the smaller boob has a bigger nipple and the bigger boob has a smaller one! Just to make it even more obvious (Thanks a lot mother nature!) It bothers me a lot, but my FI never even noticed. I was complaining about it about two months ago and he had no idea what the hell I was talking about. He’d seen them PLENTY of times prior to my saying something, like maybe 500 times. So like everything else in relationships, when you’re in love you only see the good parts. 🙂

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I’ve been lurking on the Bee for years but had to join up to comment on this.

As many PPs have said, you are not alone with your boobs being different sizes. I do know exactly how you feel though. By the time I was 14 my left breast was a E cup, my right was not even a cup size, it was flat- prepubescent flat. My teenage years were spent trying to be invisible so noone would notice that I was a ‘freak’- which didn’t work as a close ‘friend’ of mine decided to tell our whole school but that’s a different story!

I had surgery at 18 (twice), 21, and 25 to sort it. I had an implant in the right which was gradually inflated to a D cup. I had three reductions on my left which also included moving the nipple twice.

And you know what? They still don’t match. My left is still bigger than the right. And now I have the addition of some pretty hefty scarring (which does get better)- But boys don’t care. I really don’t think they even see it, all they see is BOOB!.

My husband met me shortly after the last operation so knew about it fairly early in our relationship and is not in slightest bit bothered. He does see the size difference but it makes no difference to him because I’m still letting him touch my boobs!

Please try to ignore what the doctor said to you- and maybe think about getting a different doctor! And if anyone does judge you, cut them out of your life- you are completely normal and beautiful exactly as you are.

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