Missed period – Not pregnant. Am I exercising too much?

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Busy bee

Honestly, you should really consult your doctor. It sounds like female athlete triad may be a possibility. Which if it is, can be very detrimental to your health. I’d also look into working with a nutritionist and exercise physiologist who can offer you guidance on how to take care of your body properly while exercising. 

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Buzzing bee

You’re looking at this in extremes. The only options aren’t hours and hours of exercise on 1,200 calories per day or stop everything and gain it all back.

Eat more calories and cut down on some of your exercises. You’re going overboard. 

You may feel good now, but it definitely won’t last if you keep going like this. You’re body simply can’t function under these conditions. It could cause permanent damage.

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Helper bee
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You may have some problems in your thyroid which is causing abnormal hormone levels. I would consult with your doctor and get some blood tests done to insure your hormone levels are normal. 

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Busy bee

saccarabird :  no problem!  Again, I’m no medical doctor, but if it the chance that it is female athlete triad, it can be resolved and a menstrual cycle will return once you start taking better care of your body! It’s just dangerous in the long run because of the risk of osteoporosis. It could also be tons of other things, such as hormones, medications, etc. To which I know very little to nothing about 😉 Totally worth looking into a nutritionist or sports nutritionist, though! Be well, bee! 

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I’d consult with your doctor to make sure you are okay healthwise, but I’ve heard stress can also lead to missed periods. I still remember missing a period when I was in college and it was due around finals.  Nothing else was different and I wasn’t having sex and my period returned the next month.  I never did talk to a doctor,  but google and stress was the only reason that fit my life. It never happened again for me.  

Id still go see a doctor with the exercise Vs calories and someone who knows you commenting on your weight loss. Eating disorders can sneak up on you and really damage your health.  If you’re starting to suffer from one,  it would be best to start working on it now instead of waiting.

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It’s happened to me before. At first I thought it’s great! I lost weight! For the first time in my life I was no longer overweight! Everyone complimented me! My period got lighter and eventually vanished — no more hassle! Until I realised the damage I was doing to my body…

You’re eating way too little for your activity level and lost weight too quickly, shocking the body into thinking it’s famine and to shut down your fertility. I would bump the calorie back up to at least 1800 kcal (preferably higher!) with nutrient-dense food. You’ll still be at a deficit, but your body will healthily adapt instead of fight against you.

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saccarabird : I’m not a dietitian or doctor but I read peer-reviewed journals on the topic extensively for my personal health and interest. Obviously you should listen to the medical professional who eventually work with you, but you already realise what you’re currently doing is not right for your body, otherwise you wouldn’t have started this topic.

1800 kcal is nothing! I exercise far less than you do (weight training 2x/w, HIIT 1x/w, hatha yoga 2x/w, brisk walking the dog daily), but I eat on average 2000-2200 kcal! I’m only average height at 163 cm (~5’4), too. And no, I wasn’t “born lucky”; I’ve been overfat all childhood.

I didn’t talk to a doctor to figure it out; I knew what I was doing to myself when I overexercised and underate. I did it out of hatred and disgust because I was called fat and ugly by my mother through adolescence. Once I started to approach weight loss (and now weight maintenance) from love for my body, my body learnt to love me back.

What is your goal here? How “slim and fit” do you intend to be?

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Stress can also be something that can impact your period. For me though it makes it come earlier by a few days but everyone is different.

You could wait one more cycle or consult your doctor. Your period should not be affected by weightloss unless your BMI has gone into the female athlete numbers range, which it doesn’t sound like you have.

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Bumble bee
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Yes, I think you are overtraining and not getting enough calories. 

(current student of NASM)

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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i used to be a sort of ultra athlete.  i was into triathlons.  did a half ironman, and LOTS of training (swim, bike, run) and strength training. if i wasn’t at work, i was working out. (this of course was before kids and tapered off as i got more serious with my now husband)

and let me tell you, i couldn’t eat enough food.  i felt i was constantly eating and i was still losing weight. 

so yes, with all the physical activity, 1200 calories is far too few.  1200 calories is about what a sedentary person needs to survive day to day.

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Blushing bee

1200 is in no way enough for you. I don’t think you should go more than about 20-25%% below your maintenance calories (see this page for info on picking the right calorie deficit), especially since you’re not obese and you are trying to increase/maintain performance and strength. You can find out what your maintenance calories are in two ways:

1. Look up a total daily energy expenditure calculator. I just typed your stats in (127 pounds, 5’7″, 6 days exercise) and got a suggestion of roughly 2200.
2. Buy a scale, increase daily calories by 100 every couple of weeks until you stop losing weight.

So yeah, even if the tdee is wrong and your daily need is more like 2000 or even 1800, you’re probably eating at a very aggressive deficit. 

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